• nuketown zombies not showing up after downloading and installing it!!

    i have recently purchased nuketown zombies, downloaded it, installed it and when i came to start the game it wasnt there. i tried downloading it again and installing it but to no prevail. ive seen a number of forums w...
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  • Innovative Map Design

    We've only seen 4 maps with the beta and I have to say.... they are very cool. The water element and wall running create an awesome environment and innovative ways to traverse through the map. It's something completel...
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  • AW after BO3 release

    In early November, I plan to permanently uninstall AW to make room for BO3 on my PS4 hard drive.  Does anyone think they will still be hopping back on AW from time to time once BO3 releases?
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  • ICE Gaming XB1

    Hello!! My name is ICE Cyclone V and we are currently recruiting new members for ICE on xbox one. ICE is a newly created, forum based, and a rank structured community for gamers interested in gaming on Battlefield 4 a...
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  • Black Ops 3 Beta is Over. Back to Extinction and the quest for DC!

    im back to grinding 50 teeth a day. I think I have around 428 at last count, 2 more weeks I should have it!
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  • I need someon experienced to train me

    Can anyone help me to reach a good level of skill. I know I'm a high level but I still suck
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  • Persistent score streaks?

    I'll be honest, I'm not very good.  I don't mind that I'm not very good as I have fun playing the game, and having fun is the important thing.  One thing I really liked about Black Ops 2 was the 'defensive s...
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  • Dedicated Servers?

    I hear that dedicated servers are being put into the Black Ops 3 PC version. I think that is amazing and beautiful, but there needs to be some kinda of light region lock. Not a full East, West, Europe, ect., but Ameri...
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  • The truth about Hardpoint.

    Let me start of with this image I created.    I keep suggesting that Hardpoint have a scoring change based on the amount of time you stay on the secured hill.  Halo 4 did this.  Why not Call of...
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  • black ops 2

    need friends on black ops to play with as no friends on playstation not really had it long add my psn Teejay1794
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  • No Games Found Shameful

    You have made millions with this game, and we can not play almost any playlist, with the last dlc even tdm and ground war, now only dlc reckoning works not always, open to all the matchmaking without dlc filters do so...
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  • Stun (Concussion) Overpowered

    I simply think they they slow down your turning sensitivity way too much. It was never this bad if I can remember.
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  • Who's gonna Still Play AW? Lets Talk?

    I dont know if Im so eager to get black ops 3 after playing the beta? I will eventually buy it, but it seems as I like the fast pace of AW! I feel as BLOP3 is slower and the wall run and boost jump seems not all that....
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  • Safeguard was a Jewel I almost missed!

    I got to play a few rounds of safeguard last night.  I thought that game mode was awesome! I got 10,000xp one match because it went back and forth into OT. definitely a fun game if both teams are playing for the ...
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  • Nuketown unfortunately returns

    Looks like we will never be rid of this sh*tty map from Treyarch. I literally just saw an advertisement on this site saying to preorder now and get the Nuketown bonus map.   Looks like the kill whores get their ...
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  • Gideon - The new Atlas Hero

    So this guy is an monster when fully upgraded but like all Atlas units is totally use less.   Lets look at the numbers:   Even at level 10 this guys attack potential is very apparent, problem is that e...
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    North American PS4 Players only please!! This is strictly because of the issue with time zone play...   We are KhaotiK Gaming (KkG), a level 25 PS4 clan that has been around since MW3..   Here is the botto...
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  • i havenot myads become

    Hi, i have purchase today at 2:57 pm the ads 20 2x and the ads 10  1x andi didnt have it in my acc so shortly i now miss 69 ads  . as in germany bekomes we bonus ads tu the purchase: 20 ads +8 ads bonus an...
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  • Party markers on minimap - Suggestion

    I said it in Ghosts, Advanced Warfare and now here for Black Ops 3. Add in an option to set party members minimap arrow to a custom color.   Leader - Dark Blue Member 1 - Magenta Member 2 - Teal Member 3 - G...
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  • What to do with this error "platform_p2pauth_no_license" ?

    I keep getting this error when trying to launch a teamdeath match online. So how to solve this problem please ? By the way, i was playing fine since 5hours but now i keep getting this error !
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