• I just can't even...

    Hey all, been a while.   Most of you who know me know that I try to keep it positive on here. I have long been a fan of the series, and a big supporter of the games and the developers. So, I apologize in advance...
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  • Ae4 Not unlocked?

    So i recently bought advanced warfare on the xbox one. I bought the gold edition which came with the havoc dlc. But when i go to equip the Ae4 it has the arrow on it and says i have to buy dlc. Anyone know how to fix ...
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  • Can someone help me with an issue on COD AW Xbox 360?

    Hello Community, this is my Problem/ our problem: on the business card of my husbands account in Cod AW on Xbox 360 indicates my emblem, from my own Account . We have two different accounts . First, my husband's chara...
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  • Well I did it again, I tried not to but I did it anyway

    Well I had taken a 1 month break from online gaming like 2 months ago and since that break ended I have been playing advanced warfare. after a while I kept encountering several of the reasons why I had taken a break f...
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  • Server down?

    Xbox 360 call of duty ghost. When wanting to play on line, it states that the server for call of duty is down but I know for a fact that other people are playing. Is there some kind of filtered system that will preven...
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  • Spawn trappers punishment?

    Is exploiting the spawns to spawn trap against the rules? if so is there anything that can be done to the guys who did it? (I got 100 deaths because of it) they made the whole team rage quit except me but i am really ...
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  • PS4 Zero Sum Axis Recruitment

    Zero Sum Axis is a smaller PS4 based gaming clan looking for friendly, helpful and active players (rather than just having high member counts) to help in preparation for the upcoming title "Tom Clancy's The Division"....
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  • XB1 thumbs on a DS4

    Hey OT sorry for this crap post   How are the XB1 thumbsticks compared to the DS4's thumbsticks?   My 3rd controllers sticks are almost completely ripped off now and my 4th controller is getting there. I...
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  • I am looking for a clan (ps4)

    my last clan fell apart for other games, but I have been active and willing to be a team player, I'm not a fan of huge clans
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  • Bring back the COD Ghosts App

    Bring back the clan wars app I have created this Idea so all those that agree with me can vote to say that they feel the same way.   I know that AW is Beachhead's main focus point right now but that doesn't mean...
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  • Launcher camo challenges??? Anyone 100%?

    If so would anyone mind showing me how to do it in private match? Maaws and Mayhem in particular for warbird, paladin and assault drone...Psn: detroh7 leave a message if you can help. thx in advance
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  • Beta code question

    I recently enter my beta code on my account which worked but then i realized i never verified my email so i never received a confirmation for entering the code will i received an email now that my email is verified or...
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  • help!!

    Help I recently purchase a few beta codes online and not realising I was still signed in I redeem my friends code to my account so there is now 2 linked to my account is there any way to resolve this
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  • I need confirmation that MY Beta code worked and I'm in the BO3 Beta.

    Hi, I've been quite paranoid that I may not be in the Black Ops 3 beta. I go onto the store to redeem my code, but it says it's invalid and I should try again. I want to make sure that I've done it already and I am in...
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  • how do i link my playstation account to call of duty black ops 3? its always says failed linking account

    how do i link my playstation account to call of duty black ops 3? its always says failed linking account
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  • Are we able to use the BO3 beta codes yet?

    I tried entering my code and it says its invalid I entered it as soon as I got it a couple weeks ago, is it already entered and I just need the beta to release or can we not enter them yet?
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  • activision survey

    Your customer support surveys are a waste of time. If I answered that I don't remember having a conversation with your CS rep it ended the survey. I don't remember because it never happen, I did not forget, I just got...
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  • i cant download my black ops first strike because of region

    hello, i buyed my black ops and black ops combo pack and it came whit first strike. but when i want do download the dlc, it says sorry we dont recognise the format or this is not available for your region,im on xbox ...
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  • Halo 5 removing splitscreen.

    This news kinda killed the very little excitement I had for halo. Sadly enough, if cod did this I prolly would do the same thing that I'm going to do with halo, keep my money in my wallet. Anyone else play with the...
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  • i buyed call of duty black op 2 whit revolution map pack but when i redeem the map pack code it says invalid what should i do?

    i buyed call of duty black op 2 whit map pack but when i redeem the map pack code it says invalid what should i do?
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