• No Point in SBMM

    Dear 3arch, getting 50.000 kills and around a 1 k/d, give over take minus - plus something is simply put boring, regardless of skill this is 90 % of the times reality for most people. Unless you're playing like an ext...
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  • Why is SBMM still a thing?

    We're almost halfway through Advanced Warfare's life cycle now, and I'm still wondering: Why is SBMM still in effect? Now, I know every CoD (with the exception of the original, which didn't have multiplayer) has had S...
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  • Preorder Hate Available

    I find it funny how people are (and have) been hating this since Noon E.S.T. today. Pit the cart before the horse much? Worst case scenario pay $5, try it and if you don't like it get a refund. Simple.
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  • ***PS4** HC Search and Destroy clan recruiting SKILLED players

    Hey everyone [SiK] SilentKaos is looking for SKILLED and ACTIVE players to join our clan, we are pretty small clan starting back up. we play only HC search and Destroy so if you don't play tht then don't waste my time...
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  • Supply Drops

    Hey i downloaded two $40 supply drop packs and they didnt show up in my inventory been contacting microsoft and theres nothing else they can do went through all troubleshoot options and twitter support wouldnt reply t...
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  • HELP i keep getting kick out of the server !

    i bought a new modem from rogers and now when i play zombies i get kicked out of the match and it says that the call of duty servers are down.... ever since iv upgraded my modem its been doing this.. i need help !!!
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  • Black ops 3 Gameplay discussion  until 5 eastern

    just to let everyone know they are talking about actual gameplay that TMARTN played and discussions with treyarchs  head man they are telling all about the game NO EXOS   YESSSSS!   i dont know ...
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    CodAWNews For those of you without Snapchat, here is the second teaser video from @CallofDuty. #BlackOps3 http://t.co/vuu6aOOf9a 08/04/2015 14:20     let's hope Nuketown doesn't make another appearance....
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  • Looking for a PS4 Clan

    Sorry if this is a duplicate post. First post went to moderation like 5 hours ago and still nothing.   I am a PS4 player in east coast USA. I primarily play hardcore game type modes Classic or Exo suits. And I u...
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  • Black ops 3 for old gen please

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    I know that creating the game with such fantastic graphics is hard to put on all platforms. But me and many of the people I know are still on old gen and barely anyone I know are on Xbox one or PS3. So I urge you to c...
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  • Howitzer: Splash vs AoE

    I think that Splash and AoE (Area of Effect) are typically considered different types of damage. Splash damage has a center, and targets receive proportionally less damage the further they are from the center. Area of...
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  • Kill Confirmed

    I seen someone ranting at another forum about playing KC and the team mate not getting their own tags. The guy was hugely pissed his team wouldn't go after them and felt they were not helping the team win.   Wel...
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  • If I preorder black ops 3 can I upgrade later?

    so I am excited for black ops 3 and I want to play the beta. However it requires a preorder. I want to preorde a special edition that would include a season pass so can I upgrade to a prestige or hardened edition later?
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  • Moderation Suggestion

    What if you made a probationary period for users or just plain made something that requires reputation points before someone can post without being moderated. I appreciate the fact that you have been trying (successfu...
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  • does anyone know how to transfer camos from xbox 360 to xbox one. it doesnt let me redownload it. This is for call of duty ghosts

    I bought like 8 or 9 camos on 360 and they havent transfered over. I have my AW camo and my season pass and maps just not my ghosts preorder mask. and my camos that i bought.
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  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Revealed

    Black Ops is back. On Friday, November 6, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 will thrust players into a dark, gritty future, where cybernetics and biotechnology have given rise to a new breed of soldier. Empowered by Direct Ne...
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  • [PS4] Ev0L Gaming Recruiting for Advanced Warfare!

    Team Ev0LuTi0n     A close fun active decent sized clan with tryhards and casuals. This clan is a group  of friends that isn't tied down to just one game, If you're outgoing and fun feel free to jo...
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  • SBMM for Dummies 105: Parties and MM

    For a complete picture of how "skill" affects Match Making, I cannot stress enough the need to read the threads listed below before diving into this section of the series.   SBMM for Dummies 101: IntroductionSBMM...
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    Defying Logic recently lost our co leader due to many things that i will not go into detail about! But dL is looking for a co leader. someone to keep the clan organized and together while i am offline for school. we a...
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  • MAX LEVEL CLAN! [RED TAG] [ACTIVE]  RECRUITING ACTIVE PLAYERS [PS4] [1.34 CLAN K/D] [Sponsored by NoScopeGlasses] [Family Oriented] [USA Only]

    Hey my name is TehQloo  or Dylan and Defying Logic is recruiting TOP TIER players for our clan. Defying Logic has been a clan since MW3. We like to think of our clan more as a family because of the laid back chil...
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