• I can't play

    I got a question I don't know why I can't play my Call of Duty Black Ops 3 I don't know if it is because my internet or something because when I try to get to a matchmaking it doesn't work and if it works it kick me o...
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  • Ready For Action Calling Card

    Hello,  I've recently bought BO3, and noticed that three emblems were marked as 'New'. One of them being for beta testing the game, and the other being 'True Vet' for playing previous CoD titles. However, the ver...
    created by lLogical
  • Game Crash on startup with a black screen

    after the last update on like 30 Mb my game wouldnt open it just gives me a black screen for 2 or 3 min and then closes down i have tried reinstalling but nothings worked
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  • no more league play?

    Hello, I've gotten on around 6AM, this morning and I've noticed something strange, league play usually says something like  ' Season starts in 1 day 24 hours ' and it didn't say anything like that nor season 38, ...
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  • hola he adquirido el COD para ps4 blacnk ops 3 y no me trae el codigo de nuketown.... AYUDA!!!!

    que alguien me diga como obtenerlo se supone venia con el juego!!!
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  • Black ops 3 pc offline zombies 3 player?

    Can you have 3 people play offline zombies on the same screen? One person using mouse+keyboard and the other 2 using xbox 360 controllers connected into the computer, i can enable 2 player on the zombie menu but there...
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  • Camo not visible

    Hello, I have a problem with my Blackops 3 Multiplayer on the PC. The problem is that I don't see any camo's. When I join a game, I will see my own camo for the first 10 seconds of the match, after the 10 seconds th...
    created by ThijsB_98
  • full refund please

    I want one If at all possible this is the worst COD and I guarantee the last big selling one you Will ever have.... GARBAGE AF CONNECTION. Game stop only gives half the price of this POS or I would be down there right...
    created by LOVEMARANDA
  • M8A7

    Pretty much completely outclasses all assault rifles in this game. Could use some re balancing. It should never have been buffed in the first place
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  • HP easiest mode to catch K/D padders

    HP is the easiest mode to die in so its also the easiest one to find k/d padders because of the high death rate for players that try for it. Happens almost every game win or lose but mostly LOSE I just got out of a ga...
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  • When will Xbox one get updated Dark Matter Camo

    Okay so I've seen Dark Matter camo on Ps4 and it's been updated from the dull look it had its more Pink and Blue and it moves a lot faster I've grinded to get Dark Matter on Xbox One and it's still the original Dark M...
    created by lathanboyle
  • Any Hardcore TDM players?

    Just looking for some people to play hardcore tdm
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  • Help with LOCAL play

    A friend came over with a new PS4, with zombies! Shadows of Evil is fantastic!   Then, at his house, we bought the season pass, to have the Giant and more new maps later on. Downloaded and installed the map...
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  • MESTRE DO MANEJO - help !!!

    Para completar o mestre do Manejo está faltando desbloquear o  - PORTE DUPLO.   Estou utilizando a PISTOLA L-CAR 9   com acessório PORTE DUPLO ja testei com 2 classe. - 1 classe s...
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  • Upgrade failure!

    so I deleted the game (ios) and now tried reinstalling it last night And now I tried again right now, and for some reason it says "network error - upgrade failure". I tired using both wifi and cellular data and both r...
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  • Sniping is kind of off on this game?

    I've never been a sniper buff, but i've always been reasonably good with them. However, on this game, am i the only one who thinks it feels a bit off for some reason?   I must admit, i've not tried all of the s...
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  • The unofficially official lag-thread

    So I stumbled upon this forum trying to figure out why I was experiencing so much lag issues online, and found many topics on the subject. The thing is, if we put our complaints in one thread I do believe we'll get mo...
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  • PS4 tryhard with 2.92 KD and 4.55 W/L looking for an extremely good clan

    My psn is White_Wild_Lion Most of the time I am playing TDM and KC I am from Israel have turtle beach px22 I also enjoy playing csgo my steam is White_Wild_Lion
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  • Improve info on 'Known Issues'

    8 votes
    A newcomer to the COD:H forums will probably arrive via the Call of Duty parent site. When they navigate to the COD:H Forums page, they are greeted with 'Featured Content' of 'List of known/fixed issues' that was last...
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  • VAC Ban

    I have been baned in Black Ops II and i don't know why. I have read the [Call of Duty: Black Ops II Security & Enforcement Policy] and i've found nothing i have done. How can i tell activision that they should unb...
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