• Bunker Invisible? Bug en actualizacion 1.8.1

    Aparece como una mancha oscura en el suelo o alguna estructura y lanza cohetes como si de un búnker con rpg dentro se tratara acabando con tus tropas. Les ha pasado? Adjuntara las imágenes pero no se como.
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  • Looking for ps4 uae clan

    A Ps4 UAE/Middle Eastern english speaking clan.
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  • eCg Clan recruiting PS3

    We are a clan that is recruiting anyone That meets our requirements. Requirements- 1.05 KD Mic recommended active have kik New account We mainly play almost every game mode like S&D TDM Domination Etc. ple...
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  • [XB1/California] Fairly new clan, looking for members

    Clan Name: AAAREA 51 Clan Tag: A-51, Gold Tags Level: 14 Members: 18 Active: 10 K/D: 1.03 Current Enrolled Division: Platinum Clan Wars Won: 2 Bronze     I am the leader of this clan and we are looki...
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  • (PLEASE HELP) Digital Deluxe Edition XB1

    Hi I have a few questions about the digital deluxe edition on the Xbox One.   When I bought the game, on the store it says I can download it by going to manage games but the only option there is uninstall and i...
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  • Changing Anti-Aliasing Settings

    Can anyone help me change the AA settings on World at War? I bought it on steam and whenever I change graphical settings it crashes. Is it possible to change it via the config file like the way you can manually change...
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  • 3 Richtofens ???

    so in origins there was richtofen 1 and on the end cutsene of the easter egg there was another one playing with Samantha but we asked ourselves how can this be now in the giant trailer there was a third richtofen tha...
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  • Cannot log into CoD account in game

    Every time I attempt to sign into my CoD account in game, it treks me that there is an issue with my ccount and to try again.   As you can see, I'm logged in perfectly fine here, and every time I "try again" in ...
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  • In Search of Xbox one sniping clan. Read

    My gamertag is BIammy. The L is an uppercase i. add me. I just got back into sniping and my shot is little rusty but im looking for a little squad to go for clips or mess around with.. feel free to add me just shoot m...
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  • $ Supply drops list $ List yours.. Will you buy ever or again?

    This is what I got in my $19.99 Advanced Supply Drop   Elite= 8 items Professional = 15 items Enlisted = 16 items     Elite list first     Whiteout boots – Interesting wont wear &n...
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  • Kryptik Clan (EU/US) (PS4,XB1)

    We are looking for good players to join this clan is new but we will rank up fast when more people joinRequirements:KD above 0.80above the age of 15working micactive in clan warsif you would like to join then reply to...
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  • After a year of not playing Call of Duty this is what I learned

    1) There is no other FPS quite like Call of Duty. Destiny's online multiplayer hasn't hit the spot and there's just as many WTF moments, if not more, because of the lack of balance or complete lack of strategy thanks ...
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  • United Players League is recruiting 14+ mature

    United Players League is a new community that has had a multi console launch [PC, XB1, X360 (PS3/4 soon)] on current and next gen console's. My friend (Krynosius) and I started up UPL after leaving a few other communi...
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  • Xbox 360 bo2 can recruiting

    we will be recruiting for Psycotic stratigy.In the future I will buy us control freeks and jerseys .We are competitive clan must be 15 or older and I will try u out our first clan war is Friday message (getsome5532) f...
  • New Ps3 Trickshotting clan recruiting

    Our name is FainT and we now have 16 members (after kicking 11 members)  including myself. We are look for good trickshotters , feeders, and editors. If you think your good enough then comment in this discussion....
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  • M1 Irons Akimbo - Overpowered?

    I'd argue that they need to be nerfed when Akimbo to a 3 shot kill at close range instead of being able to instantly drop someone. Anyone else feel this way, because I'm sick of getting dump trucked by these things.
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  • Running is buggy.

    I cant run. Every time i press the L3 button to run i run for 1-2 seconds and then im walking again. I have also noticed that if i change my button layout to anything but Tactical and Tactical flipped i cant run at all.
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  • Interview with Mark Lamia

    I stumbled upon this interview with Mark Lamia today while on xboxachievements.com. It looks like it was around the time of E3..... so that's like ancient history in the world we're living in.... but has more good ins...
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  • I downloaded the supremacy dlc i have not recieved exo grapple playlist

    I have downloaded the supremacy dlc and have recieved exo zombies but not the exo grapple playlist i dont no what to do to get the playlist
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  • How do i check if my beta code worked

    i havent got any email saying my beta code worked how do i check
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