• nerf smgs

    all i see are smgs now. Practically no one uses anything else they have too much ads movement speed, and too much range nerf the ads movement speed by 1/4 for all smgs and nerf the range by 3/8 for all smgs except t...
  • Sniping is kind of off on this game?

    I've never been a sniper buff, but i've always been reasonably good with them. However, on this game, am i the only one who thinks it feels a bit off for some reason?   I must admit, i've not tried all of the s...
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  • Tired of this game, constantly beeing attacked, each attacker takes almost 50% resoursces

    Hi fellas. I'm so tired of this game... today, I was attacked 3 times, the first one got 1 star, the second one got 2 stars, and the third one got 3 stars... in the last attack, the guy got 350 k oil, which was almos...
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  • Nuketown ps4

    yesterday I opened a post saying that I bought bo3 in the game and enter the code did not give me any map , they told me I had to download the file for the map, but the code does not give me anything to download , ple...
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  • margwas

    why only give us 3 every 3 rounds? Please let's just turn all the zombies into margwas!   I bought this game to kill zombies not 3 headed monsters bugs and meatballs. If I was the game director I'd slap you when...
    created by Video-Game-Hero
  • Opinions on Dead Silence vs Awareness

    Hey guys.   How does everyone feel about the current meta where awareness cancels the effects of dead silence?? From testing, Dead silence footsteps heard with Awareness are the same if not very similar volume t...
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  • Next major Update

    Beowolf, you said the next major update was set to be between thanksgiving day and christmas, So that mean its coming within 2-3 weeks. Is it still planned to occur during that time, or will it be later due to all the...
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  • Shadows of Evil Easter Egg Xbox One, Might need 2 more players! Start in 15min!!!!

    Might need 2 players to complete the shadows of evil easter egg on xbox one. any willing players must be descent at zombies, please no noobs, must be willing to follow instructions and MUST have a mic and communicate ...
  • make the score streaks into kill streaks again like the old COD

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    make the score streaks into kill streaks again like the old COD its will make the old cod fan come back to the game
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  • Activision, Enjoy every last penny of my 50 quid. It's the last you'll ever get from me.

    Black ops 3 is the laggiest piece of **** I have ever played in my life. How can you trust any developer when you spend 50 quid on a game you can't even play due to connection interruptions and major lag issues. It ...
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  • pleaseee help?!?!?

    yes hello new to this whole thing but i got some codes for the x2 points for zombies on bo3 and i entered them all in and it jusst shows how many codes iv put in and how much double xp time i have left but is there a ...
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  • next specialist?

    Just wanted to know who you guys think is a good specialist to use? I have completed the Sparrow and viSion pulse. . .  but I don't who to use on my 1 prestige? 
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  • windows issues again!!!!

    the game will not load. I'm tired of investing in this game just to be shut out..
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  • Server Disconnected...

    Tonight, I just played three matches in a row where a minute into the game the screen goes black and eventually I get "Server Disconnected" popup. Is that because the servers lost connection, or someone didn't like th...
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  • this forum...

    Every post is just people looking for players to do Easter eggs...   Can we not create a sub forum or something so there can be actual discussions on these forums.   Every thread that is a serious discussi...
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  • I love this game

    Just thought id make a positive post since all i see on here is complaints.   I really enjoy this game and will prolly be playing all year. that is all.
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  • Kicked from Black Ops 3 lobbies?

    I keep getting kicked from public lobbies on ps4. It let's me join a match but as soon as I select my class, it says "Disconnected-player has been kicked" wtf? I played the match before just fine. It does this for eve...
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  • Alliance War: suggestion to create a League

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    Hi Players,   I play since Rev 1.0 and enjoy this game and particularly the Alliance War (AW). There is plenty message concerning the lack of information or unfair AW and i have a suggestion to share to make eve...
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  • Freerun

    I've played the freerun a fewtimes, great idea, easy to get use to, but it think it would be cool if there was a custom Freerun. Gives more freedom to learn ad a player, just saying!...
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  • App froze and now won't let me open.  Is this issue widespread for Window users?

    I'm on a Surface Pro 3 and my app froze up during playing this morning.  I now can't open the app.  I tried rebooting my computer but the app still wouldn't open.  I uninstalled, rebooted, then installe...
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