• I have a new challenge for you pro's...do you accept?

    In POC. What is the lowest bullets fired count you can get while completing a successful escape. I was surprised how much lower and lower it gets every game when I run pistols only and use the magnum.   I think ...
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  • Rankology - Zombie Ranking System (Updated!)

    Zombie Ranking System Post your stats any time you get to a new rank or if you are new to the thread.  Thanks!  Nom nom nomm... [Most Recent Updates] Lost new calculator in server crash, need to start over.....
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  • The Rude Awakening to come very soon to the Black Ops II Faithful

    Here is how I look at Call of Duty as a whole. It is like a Movie. The first one is great! Then they come out with a sequel, sometimes the sequel is terrible, sometimes the sequel is incredibly better.  Then they...
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  • Hardcore mode not working

    Why  cant i joim a game in hardcore mode COD advanced warfare? Other modes work but hardcoreode wont find any games!
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  • missing clan rewards

    Hello, i have a problem with missing rewards for clan wars. I've tried to send a private message to @AxelSpoonz but i not able to do it due to some kind of error. @AxelSpoonz could you send me PM, please, that I ...
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  • Spawn trappers punishment?

    Is exploiting the spawns to spawn trap against the rules? if so is there anything that can be done to the guys who did it? (I got 100 deaths because of it) they made the whole team rage quit except me but i am really ...
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  • Team VeLoCity Recruiting members (16+) Xbox one and 360

    Are you looking for a casual/clan wars team? Wanting to play at your own time and meet up with clan mates on certain days you have off? Come join Team VeLoCity! We have a variety of skill levels and play all modes of ...
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  • I can't get into any games on Advanced Warfare

    All my friends can get into lobbies easily, but I can't get into any lobbies. I can get into CoD Ghost lobbies easy so this is something done wrong on AW's part I'm guessing. I have a digital copy of AW on my PS4. NAT...
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  • Mode without thrust jumping?

    Im wondering if Treyarch is going to what SH did and do a mode without the movement system. If they, I might just play that but of course, you know Im going to play with thrust jumping a little bit.
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  • CoD: Heroes on Windows 10

    Just posting to see when Call of Duty:Heros 1.8.1 will be available to download from the windows store. Currently the version that downloads is 1.8.0. Attempting to manually update the version doesn't work either. Som...
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  • Wheres the support

    Activision I would like to know why all of your twitter agents deem it necessary to close all of my tickets and the problem is NEVER resolved. I am sick of being told the same stupid line that I have to wait and by th...
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  • Exo Zombies 2nd Easter egg theory

    So if there is a 2nd easter egg here are some theories on what the steps maybe. First lets look back on the first two maps easter eggs and see what they had in commen first they had item in the spawn room.  2nd i...
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  • XB1 Community Looking for active members

    DoAxGaming is recruiting for its growing community we are branched into other games like Gears of war and BO3 just to name a few in CoD AW we are Red Clan tags, we are sponcered and have a GB team to join our CoD bran...
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  • Xbox1 Clan Recruiting (U.S. based clan)

    {RuF} Reapers Under Fire is recruiting.   Were looking for laid back peeps 21 and older to game with.   We don't care what you K/D is as long you just want to have a good time gaming.   We do enjoy p...
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  • Looking for people to join a clan

    I started a clan and need members. The clan is called "keep Lagos clean"   Let me know if interested.
    Clemen Samuels
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  • How to play beta on the release date?

    I have redeemed my BETA Code but how do i play Black Ops 3 on the BETA release date of the 19th Aug? Im surprised this question/answer is not stated anywhere. I'm obviously not going to turn my PS4 on and black ops 3 ...
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  • HUKR Clan is Recruiting | XboxOne | Sponsored! | READ!

        HUKR was established on gaming with mature people, focused on winning. Period. We hold a strong rank structure with well experienced leaders to match, having spent years of time into this clan, devoted ...
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  • HUKR Clan is Recruiting | XboxOne | Sponsored! | READ!

    HUKR was established on gaming with mature people, focused on winning. Period. We hold a strong rank structure with well experienced leaders to match, having spent years of time into this clan, devoted people who get ...
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  • Forum-telethon for teeth

    It has come to my attention that while many of us are complaining about having thousands of teeth that cannot be spent, there are still extinction brothers and sisters playing without the bare necessities such as crip...
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  • Knife rank is impossible to achieve

    I have over 131069 kills 3475 downs and ive been skull rank since 2013 i've gotten to round 40+ over 50 times and still no change in rank im about to give up because i've gone the past 2 weeks round 30+ with 1 down ea...
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