• Ping, lag and connectivity issues in Argentina.

    Hello,   I am very dissatisfied with this game. I have spent US$70 on a game that I cannot use properly. I can give you this information:   Your region? Country? South America, Argentina - Connection speed...
    created by Doctore_11
  • Players Cheating?

    I've noticed, along with some friends, that there's the odd player who seems to move much faster than the vast majority of all players. It's my understanding that there aren't perks that will increase movement speed, ...
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  • lag

    anyone else having lag issues?
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  • Lets fix the skill based matchmaking

    I'm tired and sick of this "skill based matchmaking". Every time I join a lobby, i'm put with the shittest players in the lobby. Since I have a high K/D, i'm teamed with people with .3 and .5 k/d ratios VS. A team tha...
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  • Hey trearch, are you ever going to consider adding a language patch?

    IIt's been technically a month now, that means I've been playing cod in Spanish for a f-ing month... I live in Spain but I'm English!! I can't stand it the VO is driving me crazy and the fact that I don't see other pe...
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  • Call of duty heros will not load

    Here is my last resort. Just started today game will load about 50 percent then close. Any ides what I can do?
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  • how to report a clantag in bo3

    i was just curious if you can report a clan tag on bo3? i lost my sister in the france bombings and i find the fact that u can put your clantag as "isis" downright disgusting yet i see 2 - 3 people a lobby with it. is...
    created by Cyrohh
  • Looking for clan

    Looking for a clan to join!!!  Nothing major just something to make some new friends and to have fun. With my job I only get most of my playing time during the weekends.  Shoot me a message or add me on ps4 ...
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  • Stealing peoples tags (grrrr)

    This is a problem for me on kill confirmed . It causes you to die far too often when you are sprinting and sliding around just to beat your OWN teammates to YOUR tags . The amount of times i have been killed 1 tag o...
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  • PS4 Competitive Clan

         I am making a new Black Ops 3 Competitve Clan for the PS4 because of the lack of competitive clans, and I am tired of getting put with people who have no clue what they are doing in arena. The...
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  • SOE Easter egg Xbox one GT: BIG BAD JAM3S

    hi, I've attempted  this egg  so many times yet but I always fell at the last step at this point I just wanna get it done I need three more people are all could you join us for a at the last step at this poi...
    created by SWARMzone
  • Looking for clan/group(xb1)

    looking for a clan that is based around the location of colorado (or around it). I try to play daily also and love going for the win/obj (screw kdr) i mostly play solo or in a party of two. also sick of losing because...
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  • Recruiting NOW/PS4/XB1- G22 Nation

    Hey Guys,   G22 Nation/Glock Gaming has been around for 8 years and have been a dominate HC CoD Clan. We currently expanded into Destiny and will be looking into Rainbow 6 and possibly into Battlefront. CoD will...
    created by G22xRabbit
  • CONSTANT lag/rubberbanding!!!

    The game was good for a week and now it's bad again. I play on PS4 myself, my connection is fine, 100 mb/s connection and every other game works just fine.   Why is it that COD: BO3 is so damn laggy? When you c...
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  • Looking for a clan xb1

    I'm 15 and have a kd of 1.5 I'm on most the time message me my gt is MC leg1tprodigy I'm online right now
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  • Black Ops 3 in Xbox 360 crash  and freeze

    Dear Activision team. My name is Pablo and I wrote from Spain. Black Ops 1 was my motivation to buy a xbox and now Im very sad with your last game due to its impossible to play it. Black Ops 3 in Xbox 360 crash all ...
    created by LegendarioYT
  • 10th doable this early?

    Ok folks somebody do the math.. running into 10th already and i say non doable unless it is a share collage or some smut sitting on his arse all day 24.7..
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  • Player character outcome? (Spoilers)

    What happens to the Player character in the campaign? The wikia states that the player died and the game takes place in the DNI mind. I only recall seeing the player being told by Taylor that he/she is being readied f...
    created by OrangeFr3ak
  • Looking fore good zombie players

    im thired to play with noobs that don't know how to play zombies, im looking fore decent zombie players that can help me do the rituals add me ps4 Mentm4
    created by EUaxel
  • Help

    ggame frozzeeennnn !!!
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