• The Force Awakens: All STAR WARS topics <here>

    Hi Everyone,   I am a huge Start Wars fan have been, since a very long long time ago (buahaha). Well with the coming game Battlefront and release of the Forse Awakens (end of year) lets talk about what to expec...
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  • COD III-Grief Suggestion

    If someone on your team opens the door, everyone from your team can enter a building but a "force field" is put up for the other team that prevents them from entering.  The other team must "also" buy the force fi...
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  • Zombie loadout

    So basically, I've been grinding to try and get the zombie loadout but its just to much effort. So hoping for one of you helpful guys to help me out. Add my psn: huzzy12356789 <- yes I know very creavite username.@ !
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  • Another epic kill/kills!

    OK I got another epic kill! Playing dom on  terrace, coming from up in the place to the far left that is over C, see a guy cappin c, I hop down and slam him. Boom double kill, I've never seen it or done it before...
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  • Exo abilities.... How do YOU use them ?

    Casting my mind back I find it strange that there has not been a discussion about the exo abilities.  Specifically, what do you use, and when,,,,,,, what are your tips ?   Do you find a certain exo ability ...
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  • Looking for Xbox 1 clan

    Gamertag: XGN BK just looking for clan or gb team
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  • it's laging to much

    On the last few days the game is laging to much when I try to play  i can't it's impossible to play like that not even one shot I'm capable of have o now that all games só it but this is to much o have to ...
  • Active Xbox one Clan!

    CoD Nation RIP is still Recruiting We have five members now Looking for more! We are working hard to lvl up the clan if you wanna join a fun hard working clan message me on xbox one for inv but you will have to 1...
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  • RJSC clan now recruiting xbox 360

    Looking for all types of players including females on xbox 360. We have 20+ members atm We have gold clan tag. if you are looking for a clan and want to join send me an message/add me and ill send you an invite my GT ...
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  • Login to IOS and windows

    So issue is trying to get the game to login to either a IOS or windows account.
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  • COD Advanced Warfare PC game crashes after Utopia mission is complete

    I completed Utopia and it starts to load the next level , and it gives a pop-up , that says Fatal Error , Disk Read Error  'Irons_Estate' , i tried to re run the game 3 times ,  , and even restarted my PC , ...
  • [XB1][NA] Divine Crisis is Recruiting!

                Hello, my name is Tyler and my Current gamertag is “Divine Apathy”.  I’m currently in the process of recruiting people for the ...
  • looking for clan war oriented really active clan

    objective gamer looking for easy to get along with folks to play with daily, that arent k/d freaks. i play objectively so k/d is not real good but im a bad ass when i wont to be. disabled and play 15 to 20 hours a day...
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  • New Friends??

    Hey i'm looking for some fun friends to play with, I have played a little but not so much and want to improve and have a blast at the same time. I'm really just looking for some people to enjoy myself with   My...
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  • 1.15 K/D looking for a hardcore clan

    I play just about all game modes in hardcore. Best is KC. My k/d would be higher, just catching up from the start of the games release. Currently in a clan, but always looking. I am a big contributor in any game I play.
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  • How to fix the lag on Advanced warfare?

    I'm having problems with the lag on this game is it justme or is it happening to everyone. I'm considering quitting this game all together unless it gets fixed, otherwise it is no fun because i keep getting shot while...
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  • New AW CLAN, Recruiting everybody!!

    Hello, X-Detonate-X is a newly starting clan that needs people to help it level up. As we are newly starting, we are not a high level, however if you join, along with others, you will help the clan level up, and soon...
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  • Looking to join a Youtube Sniping clan.

    My youtube channel is Omg its Crayden. You can see how good I am there in all my recruitment challenge responses. I have a flexible schedule, and 8 hours a day to play. I'm constantly improving.   Thanks in adv...
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  • network error 401 / login failed (since april 13th)

    ok so i have now been having this issue for the last 6 days i would say.   its getting really annoying .  i have sent all the correct information to a friendly admin that was mentioned to be in another ...
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  • [xbox 360] join RoA clan

    we do quick quickscope and coop games we have clan events to test are skills requirements gamertag age: timezone: active time: and what u do for the clan:   what the clan have - 11-16 per team - Active Forums - ...
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