• Reputationm reset

    2 votes
    Everyone complain bout pvp search and defenses. Just because all pvp system we had for one year is a mess. Lvl 100 CC3 bases with 500000 reputation would never be in the same boat with CC9 25 000 rep.   Just g...
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  • Back to AW ugggghhhh

    after playing BOPS 3 and feeling that real COD gaming, going back to AW just taste like dirt in my mouth. yeah i went 34 and 5 with 19 confirms so it isnt that the game is difficult it just SUCKS. lol (my Donald Trump...
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  • I have 182 KD but no Shotguns.

    I have 182 KD and Skull With Knife, When i open Shotguns rank (how much KD i need) pls help me.
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  • Retaliatory Attacks

    5 votes
    Retaliatory attacks should be "IMMUNE" from shields, a LOT of high end players attack at will BUT hide behind either/or on line 24/7 or 24/7 shields, there is not much that can be done about the 24/7 on line issue do ...
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  • Descent Easter Egg PS4

    I'm gunna do this last easter egg once DLC is finished downloading. If you want to do it as well and have done the previous three send me a message my PSN is Joeyjoejoe6723.
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  • Ranglisten Punkte verschwinden

    Hallo, ich habe ein Problem zu melden und zwar meine RanglistenPunkte verschwinden auf ein Mal einmal War das Jetzt am Saisonende und dann nochmal von gestern auf Heute dieses Problem hatten aber nicht nur ich. Ich ha...
  • PS4 Descent Easter Egg

    I want to do the Descent Easter Egg add MHL_16 if you want to do it
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  • Reckoning

    Downloaded the Reckoning dlc and not working. Maps are in private Match but the images are blank. nothing in the game itself. Seems like another cock up on the developers behalf again. One day they might get something...
  • La Team AKFR recherche des joueurs FRANCAIS avec micro

    Bonjour à tous,   Nous recherchons des joueurs Français qui possède un micro afin de construire une team solide de minimum 6 pour pouvoir s'habituer à jouer ensemble et devenir les plus...
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  • why always say "connection interrupted"?

    hi all guys, i dont know why only in this black ops 2 when i'm join a game all people lag, me too and say me " connection interrupted".   My nat is Open, My ping is around 50>78 in game (always) and in all ot...
  • reckoning

    OK got up the dlc wasn't in the in game store waited longer finally went to the ps store and found it dwnlded it and said in new items unavailable that it's been accessed on ps4 already except I don't have a ps4 accou...
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  • Looking for people to play with and also looking for a clan.

    Just looking for a few new people to play Advanced warfare with, I mostly just play at night after work. Feel free to add me Ondre_St   Ps: Also looking for a decent clan. Thanks.
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  • Helicopterpad

    Right now the helicopter arrived all 15 hour. With the new update it was promised to make changes to the timeframe of the arrival in the next days. When will the change take place? Is it with a new update??
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  • Banned

    Me and my friends joined a xp lobby on black op2 and we could not back out know I'm banned for six days what should I do
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  • Air drop gifts

    Since I have NOT seen and can  NOT find a list of the NEW air drop gifts, I thought I would start one, this has what SPECIAL gifts that I have gotten, I am NOT listing the run of the mill gold, oil, diamonds drop...
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  • Banned

    my friend and 1 were playing black ops 2 multiplayer we joined in lobby started playing all of a sudden there's a guy hacking  giving all of use are  score streaks  then my game froze and put me back it...
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    My and lots of friends have frozen league play champ stats/rank, we are unable to re place for this season (33) as our rank is frozen fron previous season(32). Can i do anything  myself? If not please can you res...
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  • Is there a Suppy Drop Strategy

    I want some new weapons. Yesterday, for the second time, I decided to gamble and purchase a group of Advanced Supply Drops. I believe it was 13 drops for $19.99. (on X1) That is 39 items. Here is what I got. 1 P...
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  • I'm loking for a ps3 clan

    I just Likud To play clan wars I'm active Leave your PSN if i can joio to your clan
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  • Ligsspiel

    Es gibt bei manchen im spielmodus Ligaspiel Probleme. Manche können Platzierungsspiele machen und manche nicht.   Und meine frage ist warum ist das so?
    Aveey cZ
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