• Black Ops 3 Beta - My Experience

    I put in about 45 hours into the beta, mostly domination, and must say I had an overall good time. I love the movement changes and the direction it's taking the game. I've never seen so many caps across the board for ...
  • Looking for a Clan

    Hello I am here today looking for a clan. I'm a prestige 1 rank 31 with a k/d ratio of 0.73 and I am on often. I prefer competitive game modes like domination. I will be active in clan wars and i have a mic. (ps3 only...
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    At the moment, it feels like 98% of games I play are extremely laggy, with very poor connections. Nothing has changed networking wise my end, so it must be related to the rubbish connections that AW has been dogged wi...
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  • Myrmidons Gaming Now Recruiting (PC Gaming)

    This is a community of loyal and dedicated members that hold each other to the highest standards. Our gameplay is focused on friendship, loyalty, and sportsmanship. Please take a moment to register on our forums an...
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  • Black ops 2

    I recently decided to go onto black ops 2 and all my stats and prestige have been reset, is there anyway I can get them back because I was 10th prestige and had all diamond guns and I don't want to have to redo it all...
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  • [XB1] Hybrid Theory is Recruiting (September 2015)

         ═════════════════ A Little About Us ═════════════════   Our motto is 'Where Talent Meets Teamwork.' We bring a unique combination of competitive play and social interaction to every exper...
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  • [XB1] Hybrid Theory is Recruiting (September 2015)

         ═════════════════ A Little About Us ═════════════════ Our motto is 'Where Talent Meets Teamwork.' We bring a unique combination of competitive play and social interaction to every experienc...
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  • Well you asked for it. So here it is, but how will you deal with the reaction?

    So snipers have been nerfed. I saw almost zero snipers in the beta, so now here comes the sniper community complaining about ARs and subs and how they are able to shoot across the map and kill. It will happen it is al...
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  • Back to AW ugggghhhh

    after playing BOPS 3 and feeling that real COD gaming, going back to AW just taste like dirt in my mouth. yeah i went 34 and 5 with 19 confirms so it isnt that the game is difficult it just SUCKS. lol (my Donald Trump...
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  • BO3 BETA Final Analysis Pro's Con's Neutral's. Can you provide your experience/feedback?

    Pro's: 1. Weapon Balance - The weapons are very different and play well for different people's game style. Some people love the super rapid fire burst SMG's, some love the high damage low firing Assault Rifles, Some ...
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  • The crutchiest perk award goes to...

    The answer may surprise you.   Fast Hands Why you may ask?  Since most of your time is spend running, the ability to ready your weapon quickly after sprinting is the difference between life and death.&nbs...
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  • The promotion has ended?

    Saw the pre-order game in a store and decided to buy,  to play the beta. At home, i have tried to redeem the code and it says; "The promotion has ended"   I feel i was cheated. Thank you for this great ser...
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  • Destitutione - same ol' NT

    Bo3   WHY!   What is the dumb obsession with re-skinned maps being resold to us? WHY   seriously, who asks for this.   They already did it with Bo2, and they are repeating it with Bo3   ...
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  • Can't Activate My Beta Token

    I got my Beta token by mail from callofduty.com but I can't seem to activate it on Steam, Steam says the product is already owned (and Installed). I do see the game in my game list but there is no play button, only Pu...
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  • Call of Duty Ghosts DLC maps won't load on my PS4.

    I have deleted all Ghost related files on my PS4 and reinstalled everything twice but the DLC still doesn't work.  The nature of my problem is that when I pick a DLC map and go to load a local game, I get a black...
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  • Doing a zombies challenge to be recorded for youtube

    I am doing zombies challenge and i am looking for someone or a few people to do a zombies challenge on origins on xbox 360 if intrested message me on xbox my gt on xbox is JakeyBlueEyes and i will message you my skype...
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  • Need a bo2 clan (KD 2.55)

    I'm 16 years old and i love to play bo2, it's my favorite game of all time! My PS3-GT is: ScuaR-EpiiC. Add me and contact me on watsapp, i will send you my number when you added me.       KD: 2.55!
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  • Voucher code

    I bought black opps two online brand new n It came with a vkucher code for nuketown for 2025 but it says tht its already in use what do I do from here.
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  • Unspoken issues of the BO3 Beta

    I am not thrashing COD BO3 I love it, not as much as original BO, but its still great. A few issues that are really an issue and maybe a few fixes for them or you can suggest your own.   Issue   &...
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    Recruiting for Blops lll   Posiedon Gaming (clan tag PDSN) was formed in Feb 2015 by 2 mates who have been gaming since mw3 , we both come from an experienced clan, which decided to go international, this just c...
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