Hey, admin why don't you guys add a camping system for those little buzz killers that sits and waits for there next pray, note: I'm talking about the shot gunners, assault users, smgs, light machine gunners, etc, exce...
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  • Stop Re-spawning - Start Re-deploying

    1 vote
    Why in this day and age of technological advancements, do I have to materialize out of thin air?  Why can't I be dropped out of a helicopter (fast rope, or have the aircraft land and cover me with a machine gunne...
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  • No puedo pre-comprar black ops 3 en la tienda de Xbox one

    Alguien sabe cuando sera posible? ya que quiero tener asegurado el mapa de Nuk3town Gracias!
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  • advanced warfare freezesat start on xbox1

    Stopped tha gamw yesterday, and it will not start today.??????????
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  • Attachment Mastery Pants not unlocked

    I'm pretty sure I'm not alone on this. Completed all challenges for the Mastery Pants, and it is not in my inventory. Is there a fix for this yet? Feel I wasted my time. I have the Mastery Helmet, Mastery Exo, and Ma...
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  • Question about Black Ops 2

    Hey Everyone, I was playing online mode on Black Ops 2 last night and with every kill I was getting a kill streak like a Sentry gun, or Wart hog... but then today I dont get that all.... I was playing Hardcore-Domina...
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  • Is the voice actors' strike a good thing for the video game industry?

    Insert questionable business ethics regarding Destiny, micro-transactions, half baked videos games, and so on. Are strikes by those involved with developing video games good for the industry? Does it stimulate attent...
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  • Upgrading

    Want to upgrade my Landing Zone to Lvl 9, does this mean I lose drops for the next 6 days?
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  • Black Ops 2 PS3 Clan ZEKY

    tthis is a clan of quickscoping and clan wars add Gametime618314 to get further istructions on how to join, also check me out on YouTube too !!!
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  • Community Spotlight

    Hi Jim Norris here, designer at FreeStyleGames   Last weekend  I got to visit Australia to meet up with the wonderful dudes and dudettes at EB Expo, while everyone at Freestyle was back home diligently worki...
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  • I'm looking for a level 10 player.

    I'm looking for a level 10 player, preferably with a max 9 base min.  I need someone willing to anchor our alliance or level 8-9 bases.   Contact me on the line app - doom-2015.
    created by DocRak
  • Prepare for the Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare MLG World Finals

    This weekend, from October 16th – 18th, over 100 teams will make their last stand in Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare during the 2015 MLG World Finals in New Orleans. With a $250,000 prize pool, the World Fi...
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  • AW matches, again. this one is for you beowolf

    Just got matched in alliance wars. We are wayyyyyyy off the leaderboards yet get matched with a top 20 alliance. I have the second most developed base in my alliance. I'm not joking, their 25th guys base is more advan...
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  • PS4 Not So Serious Gaming [NSSG]

    Nssg is a English speaking clan, looking for new blood to fill a B team in competitive play,as well as casual players to enjoy and rage at the game. 15+ members mix of old and new male and female.   what we ca...
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  • Lastest update has a major issue

    since the latest update. ive noticed im either almost unkillable to a ridiculous extent, or i cant kill noone . it like the lag comp has been altered and the comp assignments have been tweaked for the worst. (JFYI w...
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    Activision has pulled digital pre orders for x1 from amazon and the x1 store? Oh yeah, more pre orders for x1 than the larger player base on ps4 doesnt bode well for the activision/sony deal.   Lets not fall fo...
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  • Looking for an Xbox 360 clan!

    Hey there!   As the title states, I am a lonewolf player trying to find a group of players (clan) to game with, either competitively or casually. I play mostly Core modes such as Team Deathmatch, Hardpoint and ...
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  • Can we have some Big Boy events please?

    6 votes
    Can we have some Big Boy events please?   This new event calendar thing is cool but sucks at the same time.  Don't get me wrong, the free loot is nice but the challenges are to easy. The last one where you ...
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  • Can anyone explain this? Buildings overlapping with walls and other things

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  • Event Preview: MLG Pro League Season 3 Championship

    This weekend, from September 18th – 20th, twelve top-ranked professional Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare eSports teams compete for a share of $75,000 in the Advanced Warfare MLG Pro League Season 3 Champion...
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