• How to kill a uav with MAHEM????

    Honestly I do must say diamonding all the guns in this game is not that much hard... for somthings you really need to be creative and open mind about using perks and attachments... Like getting bloodthirsties (killing...
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  • [XB1] Spectral Gaming Recruiting!

    Spectral Gaming is a fast growing Xbox gaming clan and community for ages 16+.   We specialize in the Call of Duty series, but as we grow we want to expand into different games and major titles. We accept playe...
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  • Recruiting.

    wMIN   Started this clan a few weeks ago. Black Ops and Black Ops 2 only. Still new to this site so I dunno exactly how all of this works, but I did register my clan in that Elite thing an am accepting applica...
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  • Graphic Designer Looking for Hire

    Hey everyone,   My name is Willow and today I just wanted to bring to your attention that I am a graphics designer currently looking for hire by a serious clan that is either big or close enough to it. Things li...
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  • EDGE GAMING Clan Recruitment (Xbox One)

    EDGE GAMING looking for players that can slay and do objective must have k/d 1.10 and higher must have mic must be prestige 5 and higher   if you meet these requirements please message me gamertag is austin4764...
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  • ps4 max lvl clan diamond div reqruiting

    Keeping this short and sweet. Nightmare Saints clan is looking for about 10 players to join with us. Must have 1.0 kd or better. Add oD2AMAo.
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  • All Girls Clan? :D

    Okay, Ladies!   Yes, it's another one of those attempts at an All Girls Clan!   I've seen a few advertised here and there and I've had offers, but none that really stuck out to me. Most clans that are exc...
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  • combine global and vet chat...give us Cmdr/Capt chat

    We need this chart to communicate within the alliance. To discuss strategies, members, and any other business of the alliance.
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  • Match making and search engine

    this match making is horrible. I was happy when i read  about new search engine.. But if this is it, game is done. i Skipped 42 bases all lower than mine (im7) no one of same level or higher. are u sure that th...
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  • Girl looking for Clan to join :)

    Hi I'm Olivia and I'm looking for a clan to join. I'm semi-new to Call of Duty and don't have a very high prestige yet or anything too fancy. I'm only level 14 on Ghosts and lower on Black Ops 1 and 2. I do and can p...
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  • Looking for clan from the UK/europe! have good kd, and im tired of solo

    im 17 have 1.5kd im looking for a clan located in the UK or atleast europe pls state when u add me with a msg where your region is and that its for clan. i have 2 vicious medals 1 dna bomb 10 unstoppable.
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  • Watch Call of Duty® Championship 2015 On Xbox and Win

    In addition to the Play and Win promotion that’s currently running, Xbox is giving you another opportunity to win a selection of prizes, this time by watching the Call of Duty® Championship 2015 on Xbox Live...
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  • Latest PS4 Patch - Lag Comp

    I have been a call of duty player since COD:4. I have bought every game and would consider myself a hardcore player. Over the years i have done as much as is possible for me to ensure i have the best possible internet...
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  • *****official monumental points thread*****

    I took the tip of JeepChick to my heart so here it is.   To post when you achieve a monumental points point.   The benchmark will be 100 points.   When getting a badge or something you don't need to ...
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  • Help!

    If anybody in the community would be generous enough to subscribe to my clans youtube channel then we would be extremely greatful! If you do subscribe, then you will be entered into a $20 giveaway at 200 subscribers, ...
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  • Havoc_Elite Recruiting Now,Top Elite Diamond Division Clan Ranked Top 10!!(Max LVL 25)(XB1 Clan)(Red Tags)

      HAVOC_ELITE GAMING is now recruiting.  We are currently looking for active members that play on a regular basis, Aged 17+.  We finished #22 in the world out of over 200,000 diamond clans in Ghosts ...
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  • New ability? Or cheating?

    First of all, I've been playing Advanced Warfare on PS4 on and off since the game was released in early November, so I know all about the Exo abilities and scorestreaks in the base game.   Anyway, it's double X...
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  • I purchased a ripper, it's downloaded and installed although I can't use it. I am trying to use it online with no luck. Can anyone help?

    HI   I purchased a ripper. It's downloaded and installed although I can't use it. I am on a PS4. Please help
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  • SHIELD TV series

    It looks to be all, but official.  We're getting a SHIELD TV show and Whedon is said to write and direct the first episode!  I'd love to see Mockingbird appear in the show and she damn well better be a smart...
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  • 토토배팅사이트스마트폰토토  【【 ΜАб1'com 】】스마트폰프로토온라인프로토

    토토배팅사이트스마트폰토토  【【 ΜАб1'com 】】스마트폰프로토온라인프로토토토배팅사이트스마트폰토토  【【 ΜАб1'com 】】스마트폰프로토온라인프로토토토배팅사이트스마트폰토토  【【 ΜАб1'com 】】스마트폰프로토온라인프로토토토배팅사이트스마트폰토토  【【 ΜАб1'com 】】스마트폰프로토온라인프로토토토배팅사이트스마트폰토토&nbs...
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