• the new events 11/25

    I have complained before about the events and I have realized that we will have to deal with the current, extremely boring types of events we have seen up till now for quite some time as they have so many other issues...
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  • Four_ clan recruiting Snipers, Trickshotter, Reg gunners, and editors.

    Hello,     We are the Four_ clan. We play on PS3 and the game is Black Ops 2 (BO2)We are looking to add snipers, trickshotters and also editors to our team.     Requirements:     Must ...
    created by JUJHAR_sanghera
  • PS4 Looking for clan.

    My last COD game was MW2 so I'm a bit rusty, but I'm slowly making my way back to that 2kd. I'm looking for a smallish clan that play very often and enjoy pubstomping. Send me a friend request @ JacobPoli. Thanks
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  • Mob of the Dead Reference in Shadows of Evil

    I made a video concerning the paper with Sal DeLuca's name on it. Anyone wanna try to guess what happens next in this easter egg?   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EGPLbhYMdTM
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  • Are u guys ever going to amswer any of our questions. This is ******* rediculous u guys suck. Can i please get some help

    This is rediculous please help
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  • So, are we just ignoring this then?

    Well, I've had Black Ops 3 since the release date. I love the gameplay. It is amazingly balanced, and the overall Gameplay is good. I did not know it was only going to be multiplayer, but I don't care much for the cam...
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  • Can I get some generous players to share base designs?

    hey guys, I'll make this short and sweet. I been playing this game since day 1, and I love it. I'm have command center level 9, but the only problem is I'm awful at making base layouts. Can you guys share some good de...
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  • [PS4] "Timeless Gaming" is seeking skilled and active players

      Timeless Gaming is a North American, semi-hardcore Call of Duty clan seeking skilled and active players. We are a newly formed clan that will have a capacity of 20 members, so things stay organized and not out...
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  • offensive and defensive side of the Wraith and other Killstreaks

    So, I just recently started using the Wraith killstreak. And I would like to say it is INCREDIBLY to easy to shoot down. I wanna complete all the challenges for it, but having a hard time because it takes one missile ...
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  • Why BO3 is an awfully designed game..

    1. Head-Glitch spots- Not one single player if asked about what they would want in the next title would answer 'it's needs head-glitch spots'.. and this game is chock full of them.. horrible design. 2. Flinch- Not one...
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  • Shadows Of Evil Easter Egg XB1

    Im a Prestige 4 looking for players with some experience and the know how to do this easter egg. Mic is a must. Message me if you are one of those people looking to do this easter egg but were unable to because of ...
    created by ravi3829
  • Opinions on Dead Silence vs Awareness

    Hey guys.   How does everyone feel about the current meta where awareness cancels the effects of dead silence?? From testing, Dead silence footsteps heard with Awareness are the same if not very similar volume t...
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  • (PC) Error Server Disconnected - Not Authorized 5

    I've been able to play since release but all of a sudden I got this error "Error Server Disconnected - Not Authorized 5". I've "Verified Integrity of Game Cache" but this doesn't work. Anyone have a solution?
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    Every time i start the game my cpu usage goes up to 100% and the intro is lagging. In-Game every 2-4 (sometimes it doesnt accur at all) mins my fps drop from 60 to 20 for 15s or so, it is very annyoing, also while it ...
    created by PilifXD
  • Upgrade failure

    Cant log in
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  • 10th doable this early?

    Ok folks somebody do the math.. running into 10th already and i say non doable unless it is a share collage or some smut sitting on his arse all day 24.7..
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  • HollowPointCrew Clan (XBOX1)

    HPC HollowPointCrew is recruiting looking for mature fun gamers we are not worried about K/D for the fact some players are objective players while others are the muscle of the clan and its all about the wins.We just a...
    created by strange453
  • When someone thinks they're better than they really are

    Call of Duty has a knack for bringing out the egos, especially of those who are actually fairly decent at the game. Black Ops III is riddled with...uncanniness. I can't quite explain what it is about Treyarch's decisi...
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  • Please read! :o

    so I deleted the game (ios) and now tried reinstalling it about 5 minutes ago, and for some god forsaken reason it says "network error - upgrade failure". I tired using both wifi and cellular data and both rejected th...
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  • Upgrade Failure

    Hello, I'm not able to play it after reinstating the game on my android tablet. I keep getting  Network error " upgrade failure".I'm not able to login to play for a whole day now where I'm losing league points, n...
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