• Open NAT, Finally

    I'll start by saying I'm a netduma user. The duma isn't yet ready for black ops 3 and for whatever reason tonight I had a strict game nat as well as a strict One nat. I decided to disconnect my netduma and just run my...
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  • Pvp match, waste of time

    hi,   why is it that since the update all I see is either high lvl bases with no loot or low lvl bases with no loot? Just done a two hr boost and top loot I found to attack was 300k lvl ten cc with mega defences...
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  • Make Black Ops 3 better in one very simple way...

    Get rid of Kill/Death ratio stat tracking.  Everybody seems to use this as their defining stat and it is very damaging to objective based games.  Think about it, getting rid of K/D would mean fewer people ki...
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  • Has anyone received their Gideon celerium?

    The 1.9 update notes made it seem like it should have been deposited earlier today.
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  • WOW, Thank you Beuwolf78

    Since I am one of the loudest bichers when the updates are a debacle, I should comment when there is a GREAT update, surprise, surprise.   WOW, thank you Beuwolf, I signed on this morning DREADING the 1.9 update...
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  • Bo3 Beta What your pros and cons

    Bo3 Beta What your pros and cons   Pro: Exo suits movement feels really smooth Maps are amazing Sound quality really good Displaying winning team top 3   Cons: Flinch please take this out of game Guns ki...
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  • Update 1.9 will discourage active players

    I would like to draw your kind attention towards negative impact of your recent upgrade 1.9. First of all appreciable features are:- Gideon. Supercharged Helipad Inventory League bonus in every pvp.   But n...
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  • i have not received my beta code for bo3 xbox

    Someone help?
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  • My friend gave me a friend token for bo3 beta code but when I put it in xbox it dosent work

    Please help becuase my friend game me a friend token for bo3 and it isnt working for some reason
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  • Bring Back Mercenary Mode

    I really am hoping Black Ops 3 gets Mercenary Mode. It was absent in Advanced Warfare, but it'd be good to see this mode return.
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  • Foxtrotuniform

    Hello. Foxtrotuniform is about to be down a member today (lost phone).  We are an active and friendly group that stays at war.  Our members race  to meet support requests, and are from around the globe....
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  • Alliance Recruiting

    I see very little activity in the alliances section of the forums. I'll apologize in advance for posting this here.    Our alliance, Foxtrotuniform, is down two members due to device issues. We had finally...
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  • Level 28 hängt/ Level 28 depends

    Hallo . Ich bin Level 28 und bekomme seit heute früh keine Punkte mehr anerkannt bzw. zugeschrieben. Müsste mittlerweile auf Level 30 sein aber nix geht mehr. Habe CoD mehrmals neugestartet und auch Steam. B...
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  • Unable to play Bo3; W10 Compatibility Problem

    Hi activison community,   I'm having a compatibility problem with bo3 in W10.   When I try to launch the game by steam it shows an "unknown error" here's the gyazo with the window popped by steam Gyazo - f...
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  • Call of Duty Heroes - Will Bot Load Account (Base Lvl.8)

    Can you please explain why my account will no longer load and constantly goes into a permanent loop. It prompts me to load my base, but when selected reverts to the same question. If you respond with no and start a ne...
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  • survival mode checkpoint shouldn't use base integrity

    3 votes
    Survival Mode checkpoints should be based on something other than base integrity. Otherwise it discourages people from adding non-defensive buildings, because every one makes it harder to maintain the 75% threshold. &...
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  • serious lag comp issues

    Hi Guys, I downloaded the beta on the XB1 yesterday and have been giving it a go through today. For me in the UK I'm really struggling with what feels like ridiculous lag comp! It feels similar to when AW first came...
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  • Dedicated Servers?

    I hear that dedicated servers are being put into the Black Ops 3 PC version. I think that is amazing and beautiful, but there needs to be some kinda of light region lock. Not a full East, West, Europe, ect., but Ameri...
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  • PS3 call of duty advanced multiplayer no lobbys????

    Issue matter of help lobby not found if I find one 3/4 chance of timing out or lost connection help please
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  • Will COD Black Ops 1 servers be the same as 360 when backwards compatibility comes out?

    Will COD Black Ops 1 servers be the same as 360 when backwards compatibility comes out?
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