• getting a advance supply drop

    I thought when you hit ranks 10-20-30-40-50 you get an advance supply drop but since prestiging yesterday i havent got one i got one for prestiging which i got the AK RIP from
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  • Confusing Havoc DLC...

    I bought AW for PS4 with the Havoc DLC but it's kinda confusing. I redeemed the code and got 6 different downloads all slighty different is size: 3 downloads around 5.6 GB 3 downloads around 1,2 GB   I can dow...
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  • Lost my account on iOS. Have to restart the game from begining

    Played a second time on Call of Duty: Heroes. Impossible for me to save the game on Game Center, due to the first saving. Each time that i enter the game , a window ask me if I wanna get back on first account saved. Y...
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  • Kill Confirmed

    I seen someone ranting at another forum about playing KC and the team mate not getting their own tags. The guy was hugely pissed his team wouldn't go after them and felt they were not helping the team win.   Wel...
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  • [Ps3][German] Apollo sucht gechillte Spieler

    Hey Jungs, Im moment sind wir in unserem Clan lediglich 2 Leute, haben aber immerhin schon das 5te Level erreicht. Unser erstes Ziel ist es erstmal nur diesen badass goldenen Clantag zu erreichen (Lvl 10). Wenn ihr e...
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  • Call of Duty on PC is sad

    It is sad that Activision, Infinity Ward, Treyarch, and Sledgehammer Games are still not adding support for FULLY Rentable Dedicated Servers with a Server Browser List and support for FULL mod tools of the PC version ...
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  • How do I make my Retail version of CoD 2 compatible with Win 8.1 ?

    Hi All How do I make my Retail version of CoD 2 compatible with Win 8.1 ?
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  • Massive FPS spikes when in game, however when tabbed out it seems to be back to 60FPS stable, any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Hello all,   This is my first time posting on this forum and if i cross any rules please do tell me.   I have recently began playing Black Ops 2 with a friend, and my game seems to run only at 15-16-17 fps...
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  • NEW!! Human Trooper to be added

    NEW!! Idea for Human Trooper compound   As we all know , the use of Hero's depends on skill points. An if you are like me , you ration your Celerium ,SP, Gold, etc.. The Point Is  You Grow Tired Of Having ...
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  • how to start fresh with the same device? pls help..

    Hey guys, how can we start a new base in heroes with the same device or account? Thanks
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  • Tips for base development

    HI all just made a video with some hints and tips fof cc5-6 players. Where to focus, what to build first and many more!   Hope begginers will learn something new   enjoy   Call of Duty Heroes - T...
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  • increase frame rate

    Even after he last update which tinkered with graphics and resolution the game has a lot of lag on android devices .I dont know for others if there is please comment.Even on normal settings there is lot of stutter whi...
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  • A game cheat using an exploit to win PvP match.

    A lot of exploiting and hacking due to the vulnerabilities has been going on lately. I just saw one cheater winning a PvP against my base. He is going by a name cesar with player ID  5485297. Below is a video of ...
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  • Let's talk about alliance war

    Since the sneak peek post opens the gate of alliance war, we can talk more features you guess it will have and you want it have. Re: Alliance Wars Sneak Peek 1 If you've played some build n battle games before, then...
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  • Looking for PS4 Clan

    Hi, I am looking for a clan. I play a wide Varity of Game modes, not a fan of Hardcore though. I have a good quality mic. I don't mind playing in Clan wars! I am sick and tired of playing with people who don't know wh...
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  • Heroes Heal Time

    As you promote heroes the wait time gets ridiculously long. Waiting 2 or more hours for a downed hero. Maybe provide a boost to heal like the training compounds or reduce time. No one wants to wait hours for a fully u...
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  • attack notifications

    3 votes
    Think maybe a notification when a battle against your base is needed...u could get a notification when u lose/win. Necessary for a loss so player can replace support troops. Or maybe have a auto request feature for l...
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  • HeroHQ Survivors

    So, who else is here after the forums flatlined on the operating table?  There's gotta be a few that lasted the long winter.
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  • Searching For PS4 Clan!

    I'm looking to join a PS4 Call of Duty clan with mature players. So far I have only managed to hold a 1.1 KD ratio, but it is slowly rising as I play. I was a big Destiny fanboy, and I managed to hold a 1.94 KD ratio ...
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  • supporting from request post

    8 votes
    Not sure if it has been suggested or not..but The ability to support from the alliance chat request post. Would make so much easier/faster.
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