• Learn More About Premium Content in Guitar Hero Live

    One of the most exciting features in Guitar Hero Live is the ability for developer FreeStyleGames to continually add new songs and Premium Content through GHTV—the world’s first 24-hour playable music vide...
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  • CALL OF DUTY®: ADVANCED WARFARE Retweet-to-Win Advanced Supply Drop 5 Pack for PlayStation 4

      HOW TO ENTER: Retweet @SHGames daily entry tweets in addition to a link to this blog post, for a chance to win.  10 Total Winners (10) PlayStation 4 code for an Advanced Supply Drop 5 (+1) Bundle ...
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  • computer help

    i want to go into pc gaming and want to start pc gaming.Games only cod, bf,and minecraft,and steam games,but im not a computer specialist.but i want to be able to play and record various pc games,so i went online and ...
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  • Why isnt my black ops 3 beta code not working i put the code exactly and still wont work.

    Why isnt my black ops 3 beta code not working? I put the code exactly how it is and still wont work.
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  • Unspoken Rules of the Community Forum and Etiquette Guidelines?

    After reviewing the Community Forum Etiquette and Guidelines I didn't see a couple of items that I have been accused of.  I would like to know if this will be updated to reflect these unspoken rules?   1. I...
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  • What are you listening to at the moment?

    Yes.... we all know most of the time nobody wants to hear what has caught your fancy at the moment. This is just here for you to share what has.... and possibly enlighten us with something we haven't heard before. &n...
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  • Zombie Group (Xbox360)

    So guys.. I wanted to find some people who I can play Zombies with, and yes I record.. so record with as well. If your up for this. Let me know, write your Xbox live name and I'll add you if your up for it :3 17, M. ...
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  • ViiZe Clan Recruitment!

    1 vote
    Welcome to ViiZe! We are a quick-scoping/all-around clan. We are very strong. We hope to become stronger, obviously. With your help, we can make it happen.   Requirements: - No Squeakers - Skilled - Exper...
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  • SHG Why do yo troll?

    This is just a straight out rant. SHG or Activision feel free to comment.   In the beginning of micro transactions it was totally fair. Example - COD Ghosts, the Ripper was one of the best guns ever to be intro...
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  • Forum-telethon for teeth

    It has come to my attention that while many of us are complaining about having thousands of teeth that cannot be spent, there are still extinction brothers and sisters playing without the bare necessities such as crip...
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  • what can be done for Xbox live having issues during a clan raid?

    Xbox live is kicking people and unable to sign back in,,, We were in the middle of a three hour timed clan raid and we were rocking it until Xbox live messed up.... It cost tokens to enlist in a clan raid and since t...
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  • Some dlc maps wont work and re-downloaded them plz gelp me

    PLZ help me i need help to play mob of the dead.It loads a little and then it frezze
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  • Zombie Ranking System (COD BO II) Easter Egg REALLY cracked!

    There exists 1000's of these threads already.  None of them definitely tell you exactly HOW and exactly WHAT you must do for each ranking in the Call of Duty, Black Ops II (2) Zombie system.  You've read vag...
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  • Rankology - Zombie Ranking System (Updated!)

    Zombie Ranking System Post your stats any time you get to a new rank or if you are new to the thread.  Thanks!  Nom nom nomm... [Most Recent Updates] Lost new calculator in server crash, need to start over.....
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  • Test blog

    Test blog Article.
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  • Be Careful with Your Locker Keys!

    I didn't realize this...I used my first lockey key and got a gun I didn't really want to use.  After the First Breeder went down in NightFall and I cleared the 2nd Area I found an Ark Attachment and put it on my ...
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  • Getting fired at from blank areas of terrain. v1.8.1 bug?

    During 3 PVP offensive matches today, I have seen my units fired at from blank areas of terrain (within the active tiles, but outside the base I am attacking). There was a previous thread concerning fire coming from o...
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  • Bring back the clan wars app

    2 votes
    call of duty ghosts just isn't the same without the clan wars app, Don't get me wrong I still enjoy and good bit of gaming but after coming back to playing ghosts only to find that I can no longer play clan wars prope...
  • Ganzer spielfortschritt wurde gelöscht was tun

    Hallo Kann mir jemand helfen? Spiele mw3 im Prestige 4 Level 75 wie es plötzlich im Display Nachricht auftauch "Ihre Spieldaten wurden gelöscht" und im nächsten Moment stand ich schon auf Level 1 kein...
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  • cod avdvance warfare

    why do i have a restriced message in the upper right hand of the conner in every match! is that the reson for my lagg?
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