• Well you asked for it. So here it is, but how will you deal with the reaction?

    So snipers have been nerfed. I saw almost zero snipers in the beta, so now here comes the sniper community complaining about ARs and subs and how they are able to shoot across the map and kill. It will happen it is al...
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  • I have 182 KD but no Shotguns.

    I have 182 KD and Skull With Knife, When i open Shotguns rank (how much KD i need) pls help me.
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    Exterior Esports is happy to announce itself to the world today, and we are very much looking forward to bringing you some of great content along with some amazing players. Here at Exterior we will be working hard on ...
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  • Host Migration Does Exist....

    Literally not even a minute, maybe two minutes into the KC game.  
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  • Alliance Wars Discrepancies

    Commanders, It is listed in the known issues but I wanted to make this special post to let you know that we're aware of an occasional glitch in Alliance Wars that will reward only 2 stars for a 3 star win (with 99...
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  • Stun (Concussion) Overpowered

    I simply think they they slow down your turning sensitivity way too much. It was never this bad if I can remember.
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  • boost glitch??

    Ok, so everytime i boost my mech or training yards my coms support gets messed up, right no im only getting 14 outta 20 jugs, or 5 dfs from allis, i hold 40 units, i request empty and only get a half tank, id 3836602,...
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  • [PS4] Looking for a 2v2 partner!

    Hey i'm looking for a 2v2 GB partner that have at least some GB knowledge. Im looking for someone who can be online in the afternoon and evening times in europe. I'm 16 my self and would either like to play with someo...
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  • Newbie/Cheating

    Hello everyone. This is my first time posting on the forums, and I must say I'm rather... disappointed. I came to the forums really to vent about the cheating/hacking going on, but I used the search filter to look up ...
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  • Sniping in black ops 3. What I have learned so far.

    So I have been sniping a lot during the beta on the xbox. I find that I miss a lot of shots close range, which makes me feel like snipers really don't stand a chance in close combat any more. Due to no aim assist, I g...
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  • i am trying to play call of duty ghosts with my friends, but none of my friends are able to join me online, it says unable to join server

    i am trying to play call of duty ghosts with my friends, but none of my friends are able to join me online, it says unable to join server, can someone please help me out sort this problem, i just bought this game down...
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  • I got VAC banned

    I share my account with my cousin Felix and he is a Great guy we used to play codbo2 but one day he got a computer him self so we could play both of us on diffrent computers a week later I got banned this is his accou...
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  • Call me stupid...

    I had noticed over the past 6-8 weeks, I've been struggling.  Flat-out missing, getting hitmarkers instead of kills, etc.  My K/D would range from about .7 on a bad match to 1.2 or so on a good one, and my o...
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  • why?

    why is it when u use celerium  to request troops, it doesnt affect your request timer. But when celerium is used to call an airdrop your timer resets? Woulda savedthe cel when i was only a couple hrs away
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  • Lets talk about match making.

    I think the matchmaking system is terrible, it is absurd, in fact it doesn't even exist. We had so many great and many games from COD yet we cant get a simple task as match making in action, i can understand if the ga...
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  • why when i purchase an advaned supply drop do i not get the new guns

    when I purchase an advanced supply drop to aquire the new guns it always only give my stuff I already have or don't need how do I get the new guns
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  • Destitutione - same ol' NT

    Bo3   WHY!   What is the dumb obsession with re-skinned maps being resold to us? WHY   seriously, who asks for this.   They already did it with Bo2, and they are repeating it with Bo3   ...
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  • Is there going to be parental control on black ops 3?

    Someone mentioned you can turn of the swearing?
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  • Help Help

    I have pre-ordered the taken king console, but the seller does not want to give me the code of Suros, despite having sent an email in whichI showed him the link of bungie saying the code is up to everyone including me...
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  • I asked a question yesterday and can no longer find it

    Can support advise as to how to view historic questions   Regards Silverski
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