• the game pros and cons from my point of view.

    this game is not all bad. but its not all good either. like anything in life there is always a but. the exos while useful can also be heavily abused. maybe if exos are to be in future games use a refillable meter, thi...
  • Defensive Coms Troops

    1 vote
    Defensive coms troops should be like hangar troops. They should stay in coms until they are destroyed on defense or deployed on offense.
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  • What Are You Watching At The Moment?

    Premium channel series, major network series, History miniseries, Netflix originals, etc...?  Feel free to share what show you like to binge watch or must tune in every Sunday night to watch. I'm also hooked on t...
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  • Quickscoping

    Does it bother you? Do you think they should try and completely nerf it?   Do you quickscope? Do you think it takes skill or none at all? What are you opinions on quickscoping?   Thank you all
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  • Looking for mlg clan

    I am looking for an mlg clan that plays on the xbox one. Reply if you want me to apply
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  • XB1 Community Looking for active members

    DoAxGaming is recruiting for its growing community we are branched into other games like Gears of war and BO3 just to name a few in CoD AW we are Red Clan tags, we are sponcered and have a GB team to join our CoD bran...
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  • I'm afraid I have been hacked and banned from matchmaking in Call of Duty, Please help me Activision.

    I've logged about 30 minutes or less into Advanced Warfare and I'm afraid I got hacked and banned. I reported another player on Black Ops a few days ago for cheating because he was completely invisible and dominating ...
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  • Where can I go to report a player for threatening my life?

    I have a problem with a player from Call of Duty Advanced Warfare and need to know how to report him
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  • How many Skylanders are on non Nintendo systems.

    Lu said sevral times that there are 20 vehicles and Superchargers but never clarified if the 2 gest stars that are Nintendo only and not true skylanders are counted it that number or not. so are there 22 supercarhers ...
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  • Looking for PS4 AW players to start serious competitive team.

    1 vote
    You need to know call outs and have good map knowledge. You need at least a 1.0 K/D. You need to be able to work together with your teammates and complement their play syles. You need a mic.   Right now I'm loo...
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  • Problèmes pour trouver une partie cod aw

    Bonjour, depuis que j'ai installé le dlc ascendance j'ai des problèmes de matchmaking, je ne peux rejoindre que des parties en classement ou grappin. Je n'ai aucun problème sur les autres cod, est ce qu...
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  • Forum-telethon for teeth

    It has come to my attention that while many of us are complaining about having thousands of teeth that cannot be spent, there are still extinction brothers and sisters playing without the bare necessities such as crip...
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  • Teeth Count

    It was suggested in the other discussion I made, to see how many teeth everyone has. So lets post your count. Of course I will start, and if you're not sure exactly, just estimate but don't overly estimate.   NO...
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  • XB1 thumbs on a DS4

    Hey OT sorry for this crap post   How are the XB1 thumbsticks compared to the DS4's thumbsticks?   My 3rd controllers sticks are almost completely ripped off now and my 4th controller is getting there. I...
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  • Some concerns about the marketing of the BO3 Beta.

    I really have to question some of the blatent stupidity that both Activision and Trey Arch both did in setting up this beta.  Don't get me wrong, I am in favor of them hosting the beta. However, the way they appr...
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  • wie lange dauert die lieferung der verbesserten vorräte

    Hi an alle,   Ich wollte mal fragen wie lange die lieferung der bestellten vorräte bei call of duty advanced warfare dauert da ich mir von einigern std für 40€ welche gekauft habe und danach noch ...
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  • since we cant keep troops that survived an invasion

    5 votes
    Why not get a troop survival bonus equal to the survivng troops cost to train times a multiplier based on number of survivng troops, this could also instsad of being based of the cost of units,be transferred  int...
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  • Team VeLoCity Recruiting members (16+) Xbox one and 360

    Are you looking for a casual/clan wars team? Wanting to play at your own time and meet up with clan mates on certain days you have off? Come join Team VeLoCity! We have a variety of skill levels and play all modes of ...
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  • i am looking for a clan to join (PS4)

    I am looking for a clan that plays the objective and that are active in clan wars I am a team player and i am good at communicating in clan wars and in games i am a chilled out person that loves to have fun and win ...
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  • Bring back the COD Ghosts App

    Bring back the clan wars app I have created this Idea so all those that agree with me can vote to say that they feel the same way.   I know that AW is Beachhead's main focus point right now but that doesn't mean...
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