• I use the ARX-160 and it will only let me use five attachments. Why?

    I use the ARX-160 a lot and as I prestige with the gun it only unlocks five attachments. I will get the notification in my recent stuff of getting that attachments for my ARX-160, but I can't attach them. My game says...
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  • 1.4 KD and Above Looking for clan??? Or Looking to Builed Rank Team??

    About US ————— Clan name: ->STR33T KINGZ<- Motto: R3ST IN PIECEZ *___* CLAN TAG:KNGZ Clan level :20 Division: Platinum Division Also Looking starting a ranked play team For More...
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    About us ————— Clan name: ->STR33T KINGZ<- Motto: R3ST IN PIECEZ *___* CLAN TAG:KNGZ Clan level :20 Division: Platinum Division Hit us up on gamertags for XBOX ONE @ Head Commander:...
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  • Silver Bullet Hit Markers!!!

    Why?? I used to get one shot kills all the time with the Mors 'Ransacker'. After these updates, the Ransacker started giving me hit markers with no kills every other shot. Now I've gotten the Silver Bullet with more d...
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  • Sledgehammer rip off

    As someone who made a good living from helping develop games I can honestly say SH are rippng customers off and activision are turning a blind eye ( but probably won't use SH again ( if they got good lawyers)). SBMM s...
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  • Exploiting the maps.

    Well Im done with AW. Going back to titanfall. I was playing TDM on a map and 2 guys kept killing me. They were in a wall and the whole map looked like blue sky. They would use their pistol and kill you in one shot th...
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  • oh no! another useless rant!

    well i am a call of duty vet been playing since call of duty modern warfare but see i just dont play call of duty like mostly everyone here ive been since the 94 when i was gifted the game boy (block) i own a ps4 wii ...
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  • Zombie Ranking System Explained

         In this thread I will be explaining of what I believe how the ranking system in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 works.        First off, I would like to say thank you in ad...
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  • goliath/god mode hack patch... when???

    How long till something is done about all the hackers playing COD AW. The worst hack is this goliath hack where you can't kill the person. I've been reporting the same people for a week now. Yet, nothing. Within a wee...
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  • Should I get Borderlands HJC or Bloodborne?

    I don't want to get 2 games in 1 day, I can't decide which to get.   Please, give me some details of Bloodborne. I already know how Borderlands works (I've played BL2, no DLCs). What are its ups and downs? What ...
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  • 모바일사설사이트★⌒°⌒★AS1588,cOm★⌒°⌒★해외배당 인터넷배팅사이트

    모바일사설사이트★⌒°⌒★AS1588,cOm★⌒°⌒★해외배당 인터넷배팅사이트모바일사설사이트★⌒°⌒★AS1588,cOm★⌒°⌒★해외배당 인터넷배팅사이트모바일사설사이트★⌒°⌒★AS1588,cOm★⌒°⌒★해외배당 인터넷배팅사이트모바일사설사이트★⌒°⌒★AS1588,cOm★⌒°⌒★해외배당 인터넷배팅사이트모바일사설사이트★⌒°⌒★AS15...
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  • PS4 CAN player looking for semi serious clan

    Hi I am a semi competitive cod player looking for a Canadian or american clan who plays often enough. I don't want a crazy commitment just a good clan with good people who like to play together. I am looking for a cla...
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  • 안전사설놀이터★⌒°⌒★AS1588,cOm★⌒°⌒★해외축구프로토 해외배당보는곳

    안전사설놀이터★⌒°⌒★AS1588,cOm★⌒안전사설놀이터★⌒°⌒★AS1588,cOm★⌒°⌒★해외축구프로토 해외배당보는곳안전사설놀이터★⌒°⌒★AS1588,cOm★⌒°⌒★해외축구프로토 해외배당보는곳안전사설놀이터★⌒°⌒★AS1588,cOm★⌒°⌒★해외축구프로토 해외배당보는곳안전사설놀이터★⌒°⌒★AS1588,cOm★⌒°⌒★해외축구...
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    Here is the cross console leaderboard for solo then co op. 24/3/15.   POC; SOLO; REG 1st place- XrylanxscottX 9 relics 752480 (X Box 360) 2nd place- quick_925 9 relics 751711 (PS3) 3rd place-  JOHNNYMAN...
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  • Join this Xbox One clan

    hey everyone I just started a clan and I would love to play with people who can just plain have fun. While we have fun we gotta be competitive and try and join clan wars and things like that. My clan is the DemonArmie...
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  • Guitar Hero PS2 / PS3 adapter no power on PS2

    Hi there. I have a ps2 / ps3 wireless adapter for Guitar Hero that I'm trying to get to work with my ps2 and Guitar Hero 3. The problem that I am having is that the adapter light doesn't come on when you plug it into ...
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  • 1st Battle Royale announced

    The first DD Battle Royale has been announced, scheduled for April, along with a reset of the leaderboards and an early announcement of changes to clan wars scoring.   Battle Royale Coming to Call of Duty®:...
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  • [xbox 360] join RoA clan

    we do quick quickscope and coop games we have clan events to test are skills requirements gamertag age: timezone: active time: and what u do for the clan:   what the clan have - 11-16 per team - Active Forums - ...
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  • RECRUITMENT. XBOX1. CORE, HC, AND looking for squad leaders. G22 Gaming

    G22 Gaming was est during Cod 4. We have traditionally been a HC team only, however, we have created a core division. We are recruiting for both divisions.  I am also looking for someone who would like to be...
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  • Söker svenska klaner??

    Söker en svensk klan att spela ranked med. Eller bara bra spelare som vi kan bilda en klan tillsammans. Bara ranked helst. Det är jag och en till som söker. Vi vill ha en seriös klan/spelare. Som h...
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