• Alliance match ups of teams

    I understand that the alliance war matches are somewhat new, yet it seems a new algorithm is warranted to provide better match ups. Still seems like matches can be really off balance. We enjoy semi fair match ups, but...
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  • ps3/4 scores?

    SLAK808(killer), NativeSlayer420(gturret guy) & Thunder tKO(myself the relic runner) just got a 608.250 9 relics hc awakening on the one. i know 360 has 607.301, i just want to know if this is X Console WR?
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  • Tool Recovery

    Hello @ Dear Activision   Your tool recovery is complete useless it does not work at all. Please can someone help me i have accidentally deleted my BAL-27 inferno when trying to get rid of stuff. Yes i know i'...
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  • An Idea: Infinite Prestiges

    I am currently on level 48 of my last prestige and I will likely finish it today with the double XP weekend.  However, I am both happy and sad at this. I am happy, that I ground all the way through and I feel a s...
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  • I cant find my Black ops 3 beta code? Xbox One

    I pre-ordered black ops 3 for my Xbox One on the xbox store but i did not get a beta code in my email can someone help me.
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  • Mastery Pants Missing After Completing "Attachment Mastery"

    After I completed all of the attachment challenges I unfortunately did not receive the Mastery Pants that was the reward for completing the "Attachment Mastery" Challenge.  I have devoted several weeks to grindin...
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  • Hi! Can You help me redeem my code for Ghosts Insignia Pack from my Hardened Edition ??

    When I enter my 13 digit code it says that code is invalid. Moreover I can't see my Pack Leader content in game while playing local ( must be only for multiplayer ? )
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  • Mastery pants did not unlock

    Hello,   I just recently finished going through all the Attachment challenges to get the Mastery Pants.  However after completing the last challenge the pants did not unlock.  How can I get this fixed?...
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  • I just got the game and i downloaded the first disc and it said everything is successfully installed then i put in the game disc and i hop on multiplayer and it say downloadable content required to play and this content is free. Then i go to my download h

    I nees help guys i have downloaded the install disc then i put the game disc in and i hop on multiplayer but when i click on it. It says downloadable content required to play this content is free u need to be connecte...
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  • Can we bring back Guitar Hero's classic hardest song ever from GH3?

    1 vote
    Can we have Dragon Force's - Through the Fire and Flames in this upcoming game. Reliving the classics wouldn't hurt though
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  • MSC - Recruiting xbox 360

    Clan: MSC PF: 360 / adding xbox 1 in September but will keep 360 open.   Hi Guys, We are a level 20 gold tag clan of 27 members looking to expand. Finished in 1st place in last 2 clan wars- we are platinum divis...
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  • What's wrong with this generation of COD games?

    Well, there has been a lot of complaining the last 3 COD games. BO2 was the worst COD ever made when it first came out and now it's the gold standard.   I recently played about 3 hours of it and got bored pr...
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  • Celerium

    Hello, Today I bought celerium (1200) and the account has not been updated - no added celerium
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  • Issues Redeeming Ghosts Bonus Digital Content

    I have two copies of Call of Duty Ghost a Hardened and Prestige edition. I keep trying to redeem the codes for my and my wife's account and I keep getting this at the redeem page is "The code you entered is not valid....
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  • missing skill points

    SKILL POINTS DISAPPEAR chadbukl 03-Jul-2015 13:13 about an hour ago I bought 9970 skill points,  to give me 10,000  I upgraded Prices chopper gun to 6 and grenade launcher to 5.  I come back to the gam...
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  • Ground War Game Modes

    Looking to add some variety to your 9 v 9 lives. Let us know which game mode you want to play the most in an 18 player lobby and we'll have it added for limited amounts of time.   Depending on feedback we may or...
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  • RPG's in bunker aren't anti-air?

    Has anybody else noticed that the RPG's in the bunker aren't able to hit air units? At least, I think I have noticed this in Survival. Do you think this is intentional, since a bunker is more of a ground defense?
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  • Primary Weapons Issue?

    Hello! I think I've posted this already although I can't find my original post (I'm a little new to this site). Basically I'm seeing the star/asterisk that implies that there's new equipment available against my prima...
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    About us ————— Clan name: ->STR33T KINGZ<- Motto: R3ST IN PIECEZ *___* CLAN TAG:KNGZ Clan level :MAXED Division: Diamond Division Hit us up on gamertags for XBOX ONE @ Head Commande...
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  • xbox one/360 clan?

    xbox one and 360: eXcisioN division [XisN] is recruiting!   We are a level 16 gold tag clan of 5 members looking to expand. Finished in 1st place in both of our clan wars so far (one in bronze, one in platinum di...
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