• {Xbox Aus/NZ} Recruiting For Clan Raids and Wars

    REAPERS CREED is looking for active Australian  and New Zealand Players for join the ranks. Clan Raids have just become available and we are looking to boost numbers..  Currently in Platinum Division  i...
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  • Please treyarch nothing like system hacks. Please. Pretty please.

    seriously I've had to stop playing advanced warfare now. all the fun has gone for me. I know I've moaned about system hacks on here before but I swear to god people are spamming them relentlessly now. And before one o...
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  • Project Caliber is recruiting

    Ready to take the next step in gaming? We have you covered Project Caliber is a Multi-Gaming Competitive Clan with a focus on strong clan leadership. Spanning two distinct Gaming Divisions (PC and XBOX1 Divisions). We...
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    Hello! Dissension Gaming is now recruiting! We are forum based with game nights, tourneys, giveaways, contests all in a friendly, fun atmosphere with someone always to team up with but we break our community into Batt...
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  • Black Ops 2 Server

    Okay for the last few days I have not been able to join anything on mulitplayer for Black Ops2. Ive checked online and it says everything is fine but however I still can not join. Also I switched to playing Zombies an...
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  • Cant Join Online lobbies on Black ops 2 multiplayer

    I recently started playing black ops 2 again after a while and once i loaded up to multiplayer and looked for a lobby to play in i was unable to join any type of certain lobby. i observed what was going on for 20 minu...
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  • AW is more of a boxing match than mayweather vs pacquio

    This panic knifing BS needs to stop its ridiculous. It takes no skill to push a button and it's absurd panic knifing even still exists in COD. Nerf the melee range and make it so the game doesn't aim the punch for you
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  • Why is SBMM still a thing?

    We're almost halfway through Advanced Warfare's life cycle now, and I'm still wondering: Why is SBMM still in effect? Now, I know every CoD (with the exception of the original, which didn't have multiplayer) has had S...
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  • what determines line up

    Hi wondering what determines the line up of your alliance for the alliance war.  I understand that the CC level is used, but what else is used ?  Is it the level of your entire base?  The level of your ...
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  • The Case for (and against) Weapon Variants

    Every year, developers bring something new to the table, and the question then becomes "Will the next developer continue that trend?". With that in mind, one has to wonder if Treyarch will follow Sledgehammer's lead a...
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  • Ps4 ImmortalReaperz is Recruiting

    2 votes
    About us: ImmortalReaperz is a PSN CoD Clan currently recruiting for PS4. We are currently tied in 10th place in the diamond division bracket for middle weight. We were placed 101st in the world in all brackets previ...
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  • Game has been freezing on PS3 since last update

    This has happened to me 4 times today. During game play and while tinkering with my classes. Getting tired of these issues.
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  • AE4 Shocker

    sorry in advance if this is something that's already been discussed.  that said:   is it not absurd that the alleged fire rate increase amounts to nothing more than a free heat sink?!  to me it seems a...
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  • Stupid things you believed when you were a kid

    When I was five years-old or so I though one could be a ninja simply by purchasing a plastic ninja star from any local store. Boy was I wrong.......I mostly blame this on the following: + At about the same ...
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    Hola buenas tardes al parecer hayer estaba jugando a call of duty advanced ps3 i me saco y me puso que fui excluido como puede ser aver si me dais una respuesta lo antes posible lla que me e gastado muchisimo dinero e...
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  • Active Xbox one Clan!

    CoD Nation RIP is still Recruiting We have five members now Looking for more! We are working hard to lvl up the clan if you wanna join a fun hard working clan message me on xbox one for inv but you will have to 1...
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  • PS4 Active Clan [US Only]

    Hey there. I'll make this easy for you. We're currently a new clan so we're only level 16. Our members all currently came from a level 25 clan that became inactive and so us active members decided to make our own clan...
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  • will it be on xbox 360 and ps3 ??

    I think the game should be on xbox 360 and ps3 because the xbox 360 and ps3 have sold more than the xbox one and ps4 they would make more money on it but there is an down side the xbox and ps3 cant hold all that power...
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  • Am I the only one?

    Am I the only one who thinks AW is the worst COD yet in terms of spawns and gun balancing? Before everyone roasts me......   I'm not just hating the game, I think the campaign was awesome, exos are a great addit...
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  • Can i Active new Call of Duty Black Ops 2 on my old account ? I have on it old CoD BO2 but its banned .

    Can anybody help me with it ? I have permanetly banned on my acc , but today i bought new cd key . I must create new acc or active on old ? Or can steam delete old cd key from it ?
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