• All areas contaminated strategy?

    Ouuu wise ones, could anyone please shed some light on it? Around 30's there comes a time when all areas are polluted with this fog/gas/green BS mist. Has anybody found a good fast tactic around this? sewers? spawn ...
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  • Constant freezing after update.

    The game has done nothing but constantly freeze for me. Every other game it freezes.   Anyone have a solution on how to fix it?
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  • matchmaking nonsense

    I just checked my router logs for the time frame 7pm-8:30pm eastern time.  I live in Seattle Washington where the same time was 4-5:30 pm.  The kids were home...   Here are the room host locations for ...
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  • people to play with ps3

    Hi   Im tired of playing on my own I mostly play Team Deathmatch, Domination and Kill Confirmed. LOOKING FOR PEOPLE WHO PLAY THE OBJECTIVE My psn username is obbymobby IlI add anyone!  Lvl 74 Prest...
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  • M1 Irons!!

    Who else is ready for the m1 Irons to drop tomorrow?! The weapon and its varients look sick! I origanally thought it would fire shotgun shells.The description says that it has good range and power, so it can not be a ...
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  • M1 Iron game Corruption

    this gun I have noticed when used leads to game crashing my console locks up ruling out a server related issue, I understand not alot of people are presenting the issue but trust me i am not alone please respond to me...
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  • Dur de trouver une partie coD AW sur PC

    Bonjour, Voilà depuis environ une semaine il devient très difficile de trouver une partie que ce soit en MME ou en Domi  Et je ne suis pas le seul dance cas là de plus lorsque l'on arrive en...
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  • Beta

    I Entered my beta code I was wondering, are they gonna email us when we are able to download and play the beta?
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  • Looking for people to play with

    Looking for people too play with online and on zombies. gt is xNinjaCeceX
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  • Looking for some people for regular 6man(s)

    Hey just looking for some people to play with really. Thanks! Have a good day
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  • Anarchy for Life Max Clan Looking for Active Players! PS3 and PS4

    We are currently recruiting again! Looking for dedicated, active players. We are looking for team players as we are objective based clan, and always aim to win and play for the task. We are an organized clan and treat...
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    Treyarch have stated lately that they are taking our team zombie ideas into consideration so everybody get posting!!!!!
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  • Ghost Gunship

    6 votes
    Firstly, after using up all the ammo in gunship, we need to press the cancel button. It would be better if the gunship would exit on its own once all the rounds are fired.     Secondly, it would be much ap...
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  • Update 1.6 - Windows Players Important Message

    To all of our commanders who currently play on Windows:   Unfortunately, we are experiencing some issues with the Windows Store in regards to releasing the latest 1.6 update. We are working with them to resolve...
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  • Tired of being put on teams with a bunch of newbs most of the time

    Im just tired of this happening the majority of the time, I keep being put on teams and most of the time when the match ends I look at the bottom of the scoreboard to see someone on my team went 2/20 or 3/40 or someth...
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  • Kino Der Toten: BO I Players

    Any of you out there that like to play that map?  It and Five is all I currently have.  I'm no expert at it at all but right currently every time I die, the game ends so I'm looking for some people that can ...
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  • Momentum Updates

    I myself play a lot of momentum. In fact, I'm ranked 4th over all on Xbox One. A few things really bug me about this though. I think that their should be an update that adds in "flag assists". I'm tired of doing all t...
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  • F/A looking for Clan

    Hey everyone, I am looking for a clan to join. I am a pretty good player, looking for a competitive team, that likes to win. My K/D is right around 1.25 I am good with all types of weapons, can play any role. If ...
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  • F/A Looking for active clan

    Hey Everyone, I am looking for a fun and active clan to join, I am competitive when it comes to call of duty. I run subs or Ar, whatever need be. I have a K/d around 1.25 If interested gamer-tag is xXdEaThCoAchXx
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  • I am looking for a clan to join

    Hey everyone I am looking for a clan to join for Xbox one I love Advance Warfare, I am a pretty good player. I am a team player, would love a group of people to play with K/d is 1.25
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