• Been stuck at Level 21 for months now.. what is wrong with the clan xp? and why havn't it been fixed yet?

    I know you don't really care about ghost anymore or us who play it but why can't you fix it AW sucks and I read online that the COD series is in a decline.. I didn't buy AW and all 98 of my friends didn't either so an...
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  • If you get banned in one game say ghosts does that mean your account is banned in all activision games like advanced warfare?

    Meaning do you get banned across all multiplayer games or just the one you got banned from?
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  • 에이플러스카지노び【 VUM9.COM 】び에이플러스카지노

    에이플러스카지노び【 VUM9.COM 】び에이플러스카지노에이플러스카지노び【 VUM9.COM 】び에이플러스카지노에이플러스카지노び【 VUM9.COM 】び에이플러스카지노에이플러스카지노び【 VUM9.COM 】び에이플러스카지노에이플러스카지노び【 VUM9.COM 】び에이플러스카지노에이플러스카지노び【 VUM9.COM 】び에이플러스카지노에이플러스카지노び【 VUM9.COM 】び에이플러스카지노에이플러스카지...
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  • Im having a problem

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    I have everything downloaded, but everytime i get to round 2 on exo zombies and the game crashes returns to main menu and the says the messege "disc error imagefile5" has anyone got a fix for this. Please its really a...
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  • Looking for a clan PS4

    I'm from the U.S. and I actively play. I have the Havoc DLC so, I'm looking for a clan that plays Zombies. I do have a mic
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  • Anyone else have trouble seeing the power ups in EZ ?

    So i cant see the power ups in Exo Zombies green see through that are hard to see anyone think the old icons worked better?
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  • I Download HAVOC DLC But Its Showing Me 'Waiting To Install' Please I Need A Fix On PS4

    I Download HAVOC DLC But Its Showing Me 'Waiting To Install' Please I Need A Fix. I Even ReDownloaded And Restarted My PS4 Nothing Worked.
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  • Freezing su cod aw

    dopo aver aperto cod aw sulla ps4 normalmente, il gioco chiede di premere X ma anche se lo faccio non succede nulla e resta bloccato alla schermata iniziale.. Che devo fare?
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  • bought season pass but can't play new maps on hardcore team deathmatch

    Hi,   A few weeks ago I bought the season pass so i can play the upcoming new extra DLC maps. I only play hardcore team deathmatch but so far I can't play the new maps on hardcore team deathmatch...Why???? That'...
  • help

    I downloaded the chaos map add on in mw3 and it wont play i downloaded it several times and still nothing the play button will stay gray it wont turn black for me to push play when i go to spec ops to try n play it it...
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  • Season pass not working

    I bought Ghosts Hardened Edition (Ps3) and the Season Pass is not working. I've already contacted both Activision and Playstation Support but I've got no answers except that since I'm in Italy and my copy is italian t...
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  • skylanders freez

    My son's trap team keeps freezing on Chapter 8, can this be resolved? He play on WII U! Do I need to sendo you disc and wait for new one ? If so, please tell me what is RMA number and where to get !
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  • This gifs for you V2

    Upon gambits request   now where is that ban thread
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  • Get a grip!

    I'm noticing more & more players equipping a quickdraw grip and a regular grip on the same gun.   Apart from the fact that it's wildly unrealistic and the game shouldn't allow it as an option – is ther...
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  • Where are the extra armoury slots for the PS4?

    Is it just me or have these not been released for the PS4 yet?   I've searched the PSN store but no luck   Do we have a date for this yet?   Thanks
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  • Looking For PS3 Team [EU/UK]

    PSN: Dunczah K/D Ratio: 1.19 Score Per Minute: 601.14 Preferred Game Type: Hardpoint   I'm not looking for anything terribly serious although I am up for that aswell, just a clan that communicates well and w...
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  • looking for clan

    i am level 15 with a k/d of 1.77 im an smg and ar user im low level due to switching playstations cause mines broke n i forget what my log in was i also have cod aw add me up my psn is KnightOfDoom2 oh n also i have a...
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  • Clan is recruiting new Members! (xBox 360)

    (english below)   Der Clan "Maniacs of Gaming" sucht noch aktive Member für den AW-Bereich. Wir sind eine kleine Familie die Nachwuchs in der deutschen, europäischen und der südafrikanischen Sekt...
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  • I need to get RMA number.

    I need to get RMA number. I can't get support and I can't log in. I need to send disk for replacement, Skylanders Trap Team (freeze on WII U at lvl8 with some high tone). It's possible someone to contact me ? I have...
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  • So...They are going to penalize us for leaving midgame on public matches

    If you go to michael condrey's twiter you will see a message were a user ask's him to penalize people who leave a public match for 2 to minutes without playing, and he answered ''longer'' without specifying the time. ...
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