• More changes coming to Supply Drops

    As of the 9th June there will be another update to Supply Drops and ASD, the introduction of Legendary variants and we will also be seeing the decomission of some variants which will show as Retired, as usual they wil...
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  • Drone Missile, Gunner, and Gunship attacks on resources

    Please consider making resource depots immune to attacks from gunship, Gunner, and Drone Missile. Too many low level players with a ton put up in loot drop in just to use these skills on higher bases then retreat. Sin...
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  • Will we see update 1.7 by the end of this week?

    Will we see update 1.7 by the end of this week? And may we hear more about features of this update or it is gona to be a complete surprise?
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  • Is Lag a part of your skills?

    Lag has been a point of complains for a decade. Most people complain that they lag and if they didn't have it they would have been better etc. But if they lag , how can they not lag? So there is no way they could hav...
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  • Skylanders Collection Vault - move account

    My son has Skylanders on Wii, and got the Collection Vault app on my iPhone and added all his characters. Now that he has his own iPhone he wants to move the characters to his phone. He tried but you can only enter a ...
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  • Improve hero control

    Hero move and attack commands are rather difficult and frustrating mid-battle when surrounded by a lot of units. (Especially for those of us on smaller screen sizes)   What I propose is a simple solution: Whe...
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  • Constant Freezing when entering "Create a Class"

    hey so my advanced warfare has been freezing my xbox as soon as i enter the "Create a Class" function. i was wondering if im the only one or is this happening to everyone       PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF G...
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  • What could have made Call of Duty: Ghosts' Multiplayer better?

    I'm not saying Ghosts was the worst MP game--far from it.  To me, it definitely beats MW2 and MW3 in terms of overall balance and I enjoyed Ghosts.  However, there are a few things that still gnawed at me wh...
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  • Gameplay Suggestions

    This is a list of highly desired additions from myself and others I have talked with:   SHORT TERM / EASIER TO IMPLEMENT:   1) Specific Alliance Requests - When a player hits the Request Support button, a...
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  • Why is SBMM still a thing?

    We're almost halfway through Advanced Warfare's life cycle now, and I'm still wondering: Why is SBMM still in effect? Now, I know every CoD (with the exception of the original, which didn't have multiplayer) has had S...
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  • xbox 360 and one clan recruiting clansolow

    Clan solow Is recruiting for loyal and active members. We are based on xbox 360 and xbox one we have members all across the world. We are level 25 red clan tag clan and we do clan wars all the time. We are built on a...
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  • hola por favor me ayudan

    me compre el juego cod advanced warfare pero al descargar la actualizacion  tengo problemas se me queda colgada la actualizacion  solo me descarga 853 megas y  sale un error solo me ocurre con la actual...
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  • still having problems trying to find a decent game not being forced to lose

    I just played or tried to play 4 straight games and lost due to Players quitting early I was jumped into a match to where that player rage quit and I took his spot and lost without even playing a full game which it pa...
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  • Team VeLoCity Recruiting members (16+) Xbox one and 360

    Are you looking for a casual/clan wars team? Wanting to play at your own time and meet up with clan mates on certain days you have off? Come join Team VeLoCity! We have a variety of skill levels and play all modes of ...
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    Casual Gam3rs ( CASG) is a brand new clan looking for loyal and dedicated team players. We can be causal yet competitive, we will be competing in Clan Wars Once we get some solid,active and loyal members.   Requ...
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  • [PS4] RuF Green Competitive Clan Recruiting

    RuF Green will be the RuF's competitive division for the PS4. It can simply be referred to as "Green". Name's aren't the most important thing to me, so I went with my favorite color. You can find all of the recommende...
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  • Airstrip/Air Command - Idea

    So,we currently have only one offensive air unit,Dragon fires.This makes the game a bit boring if you only want to use air attacks or something.Now,i also play another game like COD Heroes,but with with a Star Wars st...
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  • my leader board isnt updating new kills or score per minute

    my stats aren't updating it stays at 109964 kills or something like that no matter what I play it never changes busted a 99 kill game in nukeTown 13000 + points not a single one counted I tried playing a different gam...
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  • L3 button sprinting issues only with COD:AW

    So I thought the left analog stick on my PS4 controller was broken.   Many times while playing COD:AW, I'll press L3 to start sprinting and half a second later it will cancel and make me run again.  I have ...
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  • Schlechtes Matchmaking

    Seit dem vorletzten update bekomm ich kein gutes Spiel mehr hin. Meine K/D sinkt immer weiter. Mir vergeht echt der Spielspaß so langsam. Bitte um Eure Hilfe. An der Internetverbindung liegt es nicht.
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