• Zombie Group (Xbox360)

    So guys.. I wanted to find some people who I can play Zombies with, and yes I record.. so record with as well. If your up for this. Let me know, write your Xbox live name and I'll add you if your up for it :3 17, M. ...
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  • SHG Why do yo troll?

    This is just a straight out rant. SHG or Activision feel free to comment.   In the beginning of micro transactions it was totally fair. Example - COD Ghosts, the Ripper was one of the best guns ever to be intro...
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    About us ————— Clan name: ->STR33T KINGZ<- Motto: R3ST IN PIECEZ *___* CLAN TAG:KNGZ Clan level :MAXED Division: Diamond Division Hit us up on gamertags for XBOX ONE @ Head Commande...
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  • Let's Bring Some Rock 'n Roll to BO3

    Let's just say that I'm a huge classic rock and heavy metal person. In some of the older COD games, there was actually some music in the background. It was very soft during the game and could usually only be heard in ...
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  • ARX HolePuncher

    I have searched this forum over and over and even used goggle to search the internet and have had no luck other than find youtube videos of guys talking about it   Can any of you guys or gals tell me how to get ...
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    Thanks for deleting my recent thread.  I guess I have to tone down my complaint to the level of a 5 year old for it to stay on here.    Golly gee wiligers guys, I cant seem to get my rewards or get my...
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    We are a new community btw we are not a clan we are a community and we need new recruits so if you want join hmu on xbox my gamertag is DMG TWIZTID Requirements 1.Must Have Mic 2.Must Be 15 Years Of Age Or Older 3.Mus...
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  • Stuck timer on Exodus Last Door

    So I'm playing this 3-man exodus CoOp game.  We are doing the last door (rhino alley). We've already did all the other doors and generators. And the timer stops at zero seconds, but the rhinos keep coming. And co...
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  • Forum-telethon for teeth

    It has come to my attention that while many of us are complaining about having thousands of teeth that cannot be spent, there are still extinction brothers and sisters playing without the bare necessities such as crip...
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  • Server down?

    Xbox 360 call of duty ghost. When wanting to play on line, it states that the server for call of duty is down but I know for a fact that other people are playing. Is there some kind of filtered system that will preven...
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  • How Can i tell if I've signed up for the Black ops 3  beta ?

    Ive enterd my code and it said i signed up but i got no email . Help . P.S im in the UK and on PS4 .
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  • Support case question.

    I was asked a question from the support team on a case i reported (the case's status is "on-hold") and I can't reply to the support teams question. What do i do?
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  • Where are the yawn traps

    I Live in Europe and I am still waiting in the netherlands for the three different yawn traps (I have all the other traps). When will they be released? I am waiting for gnarley barkley and Eons elite eruptor and Eon...
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  • Clankriege

    Hallo ich spiele mit meinem Clan in der Damant Division. Jetzt haben wir am Wochenende keine Zeit an den Clankriegen in Detroid teilzunehmen. Jetzt meine Frage, steigen wir bei nicht Teilnahme ab in die Platin Divisio...
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  • Will there be another shipment of the black ops 3 juggernog edition

    im a little upset I didn't get my hands on one like most people even more that i couldn't  go into my local eb games and pre order one by the time they told me it's only online I just missed the last one ...
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  • 1.8.1 does not load from the windows store

    The windows store STILL loads 1.8.0, SO can not play as the game NOW calls for a "update" upon logging in. WTF
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  • [XB1] Reaper Krue Clan submission

    First let me say that we are a clan that is dedicated to playing Advanced Warfare. We are striving to grow our clan with members that enjoy playing the game as much as the founding members have. There are times when w...
  • help

    Hi, can anybody help me? i am looking for a game-developer in usa, to talk 1v1, i'm from belarus and i'd like to ask some questions about work/education, what is the best way to find the person, who can help me?
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  • Retro clan recruiting

    Retro Clan     To B02 gamers I am currently starting my own B02 clan called Retro. For those who don't know what retro means it stands for " OLD SCHOOL ".     I am looking for pro gamers that ha...
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  • Clankriege

    Hallo,   ich bin mit meinem Clan in der Diamant Division, wir haben dieses Wochenende keine Zeit um am Clankrieg Detroid teilzunehmen. Meine Frage: Steigen wir bei nicht Teilnahme in die Platin Division ab ?? We...
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