• Need a Clan ??  XGC WANTS YOU !!

    RECRUITING 18+ ONLY ,  UK and USA  XBOX ONE GAMERS:::   ARE you tired of Playing advanced Warfare and NOT having a Team? Are you tired of Having Teammates with NO MIC, and DONT communicate and DONT...
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  • Nightfall 9 Relics

    So, recently I took the #1 spot on Nightfall regular for the xbox one. I used 9 relics and had no downs and a completionist. I had a 568,983 before going outside, but then I went head to head with the breeder... I had...
    RiLe Sniping
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  • Grief: Hunk of meat for a weapon

    I just played grief for the first time and I thought I was picking up what was a max ammo.  So I grab it and its this big hunk ofs meat and suddenly I have no fricken weapon.  It wouldn't let me buy another ...
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  • Why is SBMM still a thing?

    We're almost halfway through Advanced Warfare's life cycle now, and I'm still wondering: Why is SBMM still in effect? Now, I know every CoD (with the exception of the original, which didn't have multiplayer) has had S...
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  • Paid for game and season pass. Can someone help me get my money back for a game that does not work anymore since the last patch?

    Paid for game and season pass. Can someone help me get my money back for a game that does not work anymore since the last patch? I also seriously doubt the moderators of this forum will even allow this post to make to...
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  • You log in one evening...

    ... and are welcomed by a message informing you that you may select any one weapon variant to permanently unlock for the rest of your time on the game.  Any weapon, any variant, be it enlisted, pro, or elite. &nb...
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  • Looking for ps4 clan cod: AW

    Im a cod veteran but im on a new account I recently made and looking for a clan that has occasional players daily players preferred so please invite or message me here or in game.
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  • Currently Being Moderated

    OT   I have always joked at the crazy stuff that happens in the CODHQ, remember when our names was 13f7e3a3385bf2e3f4d2003b910293dc, had to start a thread on that Re: Hi I am 13f7e3a3385bf2e3f4d2003b910293dc, wh...
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  • i typed in the code for exo zombies but it did not download and when i type the code in again it says it has been used

    I bought a dlc pack. Typed in the code said code was excepted but did not download
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  • Starting a new clan!

    Alright guys,  creating a new clan called 'Sassy' If you want to be in then simply follow these steps! No. 1 You must have a k/d over 1.00 No. 2 You must not be a squeaker No. 3 Love the game, dont rage N...
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  • Is this speed enough ?

    So after discussing with members here , I got a decent connection but some are saying its not good enough for AW. I need above 10 mbps for online. http://prntscr.com/6wip1c Thats what I upgraded to. Should I consid...
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  • L3 button sprinting issues only with COD:AW

    So I thought the left analog stick on my PS4 controller was broken.   Many times while playing COD:AW, I'll press L3 to start sprinting and half a second later it will cancel and make me run again.  I have ...
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  • erro de dados.0, cmd:0, code:401

    Boa tarde, nao consigo logar no meu android no CAL OF DUTY HEROES, da o erro : ERRO DE DADOS.0, CMD:0, CODE:401 eu recebo notificações quando sou atacado e quando a aliança solicita ajuda.   O...
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  • PS4 Clan Looking For Solid Gamers

    Grim_Slayers is a platinum division clan with a diamond division invite but needs more solid and competitive gamers, like you. We are level 25 and shooting for red tag by next clan wars. We are a great group of people...
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  • Core Objective Players!

    If you are on PS4 and are core objective players, especially DOM, or if you are a small clan and are struggling to keep good players, maybe we can help each other out.  SKAR is a max level Diamond Division Clan w...
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  • LF Groups

    Just looking for some good people to play with, just zoom around in pubs and play reckless. All my clan and friends stopped playing until black ops 3. Tired of running alone and losing games while trying my best to ca...
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  • Looking for a clan

    Prestige 1 level 40s. Looking for a clan that not only plays hard and communicates well,  but also has fun.
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  • Orbital Care Package with Better Odds: Aerial Recon Drone spam. Please adjust your numbers SHG

    It suits my playstyle to run Orbital Care Package. It's the only score streak I run so to make it better I mod it with Better Odds.  Now better odds should mean just that; over the course of many care package dro...
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  • looking to join clan (ps3)

    Hi i would like to join a clan mostly a sniping clan Only thing is I don't want to make a new gamertag. I am a descent quickscoper and I mostly play on the weekends.(I have diamond snipers if that's a requirement.) If...
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  • Xbox One | Entitled Gaming [EGx] | Level 25 | Diamond Division

      I am looking for more members so we can compete in a higher bucket for clan wars. We try to switch around time slots for Diamond Division to give everyone the opportunity to help out. We don't have many require...
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