• DwAi clan recruiting

    DwAi clan recruiting new members. All people interested will go thru tryouts. Looking for good dedicated active players. We are a Hardcore mode clan, but we do play Core during Clan wars. If your interested message me...
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  • Clan recruiting

    DwAi clan recruiting new members. All people interested will go thru tryouts. Looking for good dedicated active players. We are a Hardcore mode clan, but we do play Core during Clan Wars, we are in diamond division..
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  • Clan Recruiting *Please Read*

    Me and my buddy just started up a new clan today. We were in a clan that was maxed out with alot of members. They booted us during this current clan war for no reason so there is bad blood between us. We want to get e...
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  • Recruiting people for a new clan! (Xbox360)

    I am making a new clan and hope that anyone wanna join?? now at first will i recruit anyone who wants to join, but later if i get more people in my clan will it be some requirements, and admins. so if you wanna join ...
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  • [360] looking for SnD clan members for TSB

    Looking for competitive clan members. We have commander spots open if you qualify. You must also try out, sense this will be playing other clans and we won't loose. Must have a 1.0 KD or higher. Must be active. ...
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  • One second behind :(

    Hi Folks,   in Multiplayer im one second behind. In BF4 it runs smoothly, but AW is frustrating me a lot. Most of my friends have this issues. Ping switch from one bar to three, two.....   Im ADS cuz i kno...
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  • yo

    looks good
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  • Quick scoping needs to go away

    That pretty much sums it up.   It's an in game exploit that the developers, I'm assuming because they lack skill as well and need the advantage, have chosen to keep in the games.   It's getting rid...
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  • Let's talk about new prestiges

    _ The xp is too slow in this game ! I hope they'll give x2 or x3 XP permanently for Master Prestiges   _ And if we already have the elite weapons ? What happen ?   _ Will this reset our customized classes ...
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    This is one of the biggest issues of all time with COD, if you've been playing it for years like myself. It's very simple, other than the "check internet connection, check router BS", we all know it's who you're conne...
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  • Ps4 Havoc DLC zombie problem

    I baught the Havoc DLC for my ps4 on my psn. I downloaded it and it says installed. When I go to play zombies it says I need additional dlc. And when I go to the store it shows I purchased and downloaded the dlc. But ...
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  • Xbox One - UK

    Looking to party up with some casual gamers in public lobbies. Mainly play Dom.   Drop me a message, GT: SockyClown
  • Will there be an extinction 2?

    I think this is a great game but wonder, will there be another?  When looking at the amount of people who actually play the game, it seems like a bit of a fail.
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  • Looking for Active Clan (PS4)

    I'm looking for an active, good clan (gold division or higher), that utilizes teamwork and communication. If you can't communicate and use call outs, then don't bother me. K/D is only a 1.08, but that's due to going f...
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  • So...They are going to penalize us for leaving midgame on public matches

    If you go to michael condrey's twiter you will see a message were a user ask's him to penalize people who leave a public match for 2 to minutes without playing, and he answered ''longer'' without specifying the time. ...
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  • can somebody do something about this spam

    As many of you have noticed, every time I log into this forum there is a ton of spam messages advertising internet gambling in Korean.  Could someone at activision do something about this.
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  • Looking for 3 players for ranked play (ps4)

    So im looking for 3 players for atleast ranked play i follow competitive and i like it alot and i wanna have fun with ranked play and get the cool gear and have fun not deal with pubs and the bullshit so my GT is DC-S...
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  • More Score Please

    I wish they would make it easier for me to review my scores after each hive.  I am getting better the more I play, but the 5 or so seconds they leave your score up is just not enough time.  There should be s...
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  • Exo Zombies Strategy

    hi guys- i was at first struggling to do well in zombies then i realized a great strategy and now i can get to very high rounds. i have made a video on it but dont want to spam links so, would anyone be interested in ...
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  • Tired of being behind in gun fights!!

    I am so frustrated with these bs servers.  Seems since 4 days before the update till now I have been victim to poor servers.  Yet I see these master load out high K/d guys still plugging along like nothing h...
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