• Level 25 US PS4 Clan Actively Recruiting Players..

    North American PS4 Players only please!! This is strictly because of the issue with time zone play...   We are KhaotiK Gaming (KkG), a level 25 PS4 clan that has been around since MW3..   Here is the b...
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  • What does everyone think of the new guns?

    I haven't played one round of AW since the Supremacy DLC release, but the new guns have me a little intrigued.  Are they that great? Are they only available in Supply Drops? What are your opinions? Hopefully only...
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  • relics in extinction

    hello everyone. what exactly is the point of them? I just prestiged and i dont get it. also what is the best class. ive used all 4 and i cant decide.
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  • Is the troll gone?

    I haven't seen him post in awhile. Its been nice and quiet
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  • Some concerns about the marketing of the BO3 Beta.

    I really have to question some of the blatent stupidity that both Activision and Trey Arch both did in setting up this beta.  Don't get me wrong, I am in favor of them hosting the beta. However, the way they appr...
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  • Banned when i wasn't even playing please help

    Hi..I have been gone on a summer skate trip for about 2 weeks to a place called woodward and i haven't played my xbox since..i come back to my home to see that my account has been banned permanently from advanced warf...
  • je n arrive plus a lancer call of duty heroes depuis la mise a jour

    Depuis le mise a jour de call of duty termes je ne peux plus jouer et j ai du perdre gros (celerium,or,pétrole,pénalité de non PvP etc etc) commen t remédié a ce problème???????
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  • mise a jour de call of duty heroes

    Depuis les mise a jour je ne peux plus lancer le jeu et j ai du perdre beaucoup en recette
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  • ARX HolePuncher

    I have searched this forum over and over and even used goggle to search the internet and have had no luck other than find youtube videos of guys talking about it   Can any of you guys or gals tell me how to get ...
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  • I thought I found a tooth limit - I didn't *sadface*

    So for the past 2 or 3 days my teeth have not been increasing, they were stuck on 30,563. It's not that I was LOSING teeth, I simply wasn't getting NAY for anything what so ever for those 2-3 days. I don't know why. ...
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    If this game had the thruster capability like AW does but on a different scale,then for the love of god we NEED BIGGER MAPS!!!   I have gotten so sick of how small these maps have becoming over the years and qui...
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  • my dlc code is unvalid

    4 days ago I bought a black ops 2 dlc and the code is unvalid
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  • advanced warfare season pass

    j'ai recement acheter le season pass de call of duty Advanced warafre mais je n'ai pas recu les carte de jeu ainsi que l'exo-zombie que devrais-je faire ???     i bought recently the season pass of Advanced...
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  • My game keeps crashing in the menu on my ps4..

    It just freezes and then i can´t get any further, no error codes or anything, it is just stuck there.. I have tried deleting and reinstalling all game data, and i have even tried getting my disc changed at the s...
  • Clan sucht Mebembers(Ps3)

    Kurz zum Clan: Ich bin seit kurzem dabei und suche euch Habe diesen clan erst neu eröffnet wenn ihr lust habt meldet euch bei mir habt keine pflichten wann ihr online sein müsst,müsst kein headset bes...
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  • PS4 Carrier Easter Egg

    Anyone want to help me do the carrier easter egg I know what to do just need to do it psn MHL_16 reply rather than add
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  • looking for players who can help me out 360, zombies achievements

    I'm achievement hunting n trying to get my last 3 on diner turned its the only ones I don't have.  If I could find 3 ppl willing to help me get those 3 achievements I'd be willing to help with any easter eggs or ...
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  • Zombie Group (Xbox360)

    So guys.. I wanted to find some people who I can play Zombies with, and yes I record.. so record with as well. If your up for this. Let me know, write your Xbox live name and I'll add you if your up for it :3 17, M. ...
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  • Did i just loose my beta code?

    I redeemed my code on the call of duty website. The only problem is that when I woke up I realised I used the code on my old cod website account. I may even have my old psn account linked to this. Will this matter? Wi...
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  • Call Of Duty Modern Warfare problem help!

    I have recently purchased Modern Warfare on Steam. I tried playing multiplayer and every time I tried joining a server it told me I need a cd key. I tried right clicking on the game to see if it would give me the key ...
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