• survival mode checkpoint shouldn't use base integrity

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    Survival Mode checkpoints should be based on something other than base integrity. Otherwise it discourages people from adding non-defensive buildings, because every one makes it harder to maintain the 75% threshold. &...
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  • Bo3 Beta What your pros and cons

    Bo3 Beta What your pros and cons   Pro: Exo suits movement feels really smooth Maps are amazing Sound quality really good Displaying winning team top 3   Cons: Flinch please take this out of game Guns ki...
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  • Bring Back Mercenary Mode

    I really am hoping Black Ops 3 gets Mercenary Mode. It was absent in Advanced Warfare, but it'd be good to see this mode return.
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  • serious lag comp issues

    Hi Guys, I downloaded the beta on the XB1 yesterday and have been giving it a go through today. For me in the UK I'm really struggling with what feels like ridiculous lag comp! It feels similar to when AW first came...
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  • Dedicated Servers?

    I hear that dedicated servers are being put into the Black Ops 3 PC version. I think that is amazing and beautiful, but there needs to be some kinda of light region lock. Not a full East, West, Europe, ect., but Ameri...
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  • PS3 call of duty advanced multiplayer no lobbys????

    Issue matter of help lobby not found if I find one 3/4 chance of timing out or lost connection help please
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  • Will COD Black Ops 1 servers be the same as 360 when backwards compatibility comes out?

    Will COD Black Ops 1 servers be the same as 360 when backwards compatibility comes out?
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  • Suggestion on how to fix the whole head glitching situation. (bo3)He

    Hello call of duty community, I am here today to present you my take on head glitching and why it should be fixed, along with how to fix it. Before you leave thinking this is a complaint, let me assure you that this i...
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  • Make Black Ops 3 better in one very simple way...

    Get rid of Kill/Death ratio stat tracking.  Everybody seems to use this as their defining stat and it is very damaging to objective based games.  Think about it, getting rid of K/D would mean fewer people ki...
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  • For a super ability, Kinetic Armor is freaking trash.

    Why is it that a super ability that gives you on-demand armor only protects you from maybe two extra shots? That's assuming those aren't heashots, cause it doesn't protect you from those. Explosions? Nope. Lasts rough...
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    I played BO3 last night, and in 3 of them games a player got 147 kills to 2 deaths then 142 kills to 5 deaths then 139 kills to 3 deaths.... already the hackers are here. You are proberly thinking sore looser or this ...
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  • small problems, possible fixes?

    pc is more than capable but i have had manny frame rate drops and game crashes(game freezes, task manager says not responding).   also i would like to put in a request to better fix the spawn points. constant spa...
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  • Extra texture setting unplayable on 290x 4gb?

    how much vram is needed to run extra textures ?
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  • Zombies Easter Egg player

    I've done all the zombie easter eggs and would like to do them all again (BO1 and BO2)! Which means I'm going to need 3 other players. You don't need to have a mic or even know how the easter eggs are done; just be wi...
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  • About the PC paint shop

    I don't know why but why can the ps4 players accesses the paint shop but the PC players can't, is it because the exclusivity? Or the update is coming soon ?
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  • Problems, that need to be fixed

    Dear Treyarch,   first of all I want to thank you for the beta, which is overall very good. Just a few things need to be fixed   My completely watercooled rig: i7-5930k 2x980s Evga 1281Mhz Asus Rampage VI...
    Hokus Pokus
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  • Unspoken issues of the BO3 Beta

    I am not thrashing COD BO3 I love it, not as much as original BO, but its still great. A few issues that are really an issue and maybe a few fixes for them or you can suggest your own.   Issue   &...
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  • Trouble logging on to COD account - reset password not working

    Hi, I can't log into my original COD account. I tried resetting the password, which says it worked, but when I try to login with new password it still fails. I need help.
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  • Do you want the juggernog edition to get a restock?

    There is still hope to get it restocked. I found a petition that you can sign to get this juggernog edition back. if you are like me and didn't get enough time to buy this edition, then you know how disappointing it i...
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  • Descent Easter Egg discussion and theories

    I'm surprised that there isn't a thread about the Descent easter egg yet so I decided to create this thread where we can discuss the easter egg for the Exo Zombies map Descent and any theories and leads that we should...
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