• [XB 360][US][18+] Clan Recruiting Casual Gamers

    Hello!   Are you shaken not stired? Prefer chilled mugs or wide mouths? Do the shots start flowing before any shots are fired? Then cheers to you come join our crew because we are your kind of people.  ...
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  • The TTK debate

    I am one of those that feels in hc I have walked around more with a red screen that I should , meaning I should've died. In core it when connection is good it feels fine. I read how some say lowering TTK has simplifi...
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    Hey my name is TehQloo  or Dylan and Defying Logic is recruiting TOP TIER players for our clan. Defying Logic has been a clan since MW3. We like to think of our clan more as a family because of the laid back chil...
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  • PS3 Bundle - Guitar

    Hello guys.   I have a question.   If I get the Guitar Bundle for PS3, can I use the guitar for PS4 too?
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  • Clan recruiting !!!

    ~GodZ oF \/\/-/\-R~ is recruiting , we are currently 5 PREMIUM members, level 1. We are recruting every one, dont need a special ratio or nothing. Just here for Fun. Send me an PSN friend request on PSN if you wanna j...
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  • Testing/Getting Paid to Play

    I don't play very many video games but I was very good at Guitar Hero back in the day. I used to always go to youtube to watch videos people put up of different songs and I now know how to use all those editing progra...
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    Regiment Ex [REGT] is recruiting for the PS4! We have 60+ people spread out all over the globe. We were a Red Clan Tag clan in Ghosts, and won 7 Diamond Division Clan Wars, so we know about success.  We are curre...
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  • AW: almost no lobbies

    I don't know if anyone else has this problem but since around 2 month I can't really find lobby, most game modes have no players what so ever and the ones like tdm only have 3 or 4 lobbies, I know not to many play pla...
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  • want a refund

    due to the constant freezing during a game or creat mode this game is really hard to enjoy.  fullmoon says a fix will be released first week in june. we wont be getting the new guns nor the royalty guns and the n...
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  • I am such a noob!

    I saw that the supply drop challenge was to get 25 AR kills in ranked play. I thought, what the hell?! and gave it a try. After a good 5 minutes of trying to get a game I went back to HCKC, and then tried Ranked again...
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  • Supremacy Trailer

    So the next dlc will be coming June 2nd for Xbox. More maps to try and Zombie achievement to earn.   ............... thoughts, questions, complaints, excitement to share?? ....do it here.
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  • Finished all the camo challenges for sniper rifles, but the mask is not showing up in my inventory

    i completed the camo challenges for all the sniper rifles in COD advanced warfare, but the golden mask is not showing up in my inventory. I even have the royalty camo for the weapons. I also finished the brain surgeon...
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  • Drone Missile, Gunner, and Gunship attacks on resources

    Please consider making resource depots immune to attacks from gunship, Gunner, and Drone Missile. Too many low level players with a ton put up in loot drop in just to use these skills on higher bases then retreat. Sin...
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  • Call of Duty Heroes: Future Update Ideas and bugs/glitches

    Here are a few things the developers (Activison) could add in future updates to keep the game alive and running with more interesting things to do. 1. Private Chats & Inboxes. Add these in to make people connecte...
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  • Why so much negativity regarding Supremacy DLC?

    I just watched the trailer in its entirety.  I was not blown away, but I did not expect to be.  We already know AW at this point, so unless they are releasing something completely new (like the grapple hook)...
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  • Lack of available multiplayer games xbox 360

    Has anyone else encountered a lack of available multiplayer games? Is there something I'm missing or not doing correctly.  Everytime I play online no matter what game type it is: team death match, capture the f...
  • Why is SBMM still a thing?

    We're almost halfway through Advanced Warfare's life cycle now, and I'm still wondering: Why is SBMM still in effect? Now, I know every CoD (with the exception of the original, which didn't have multiplayer) has had S...
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  • Lan party question.

    My friend is about buy a ps4 and i was wondering if spitscreen during a lan party is possible so we can play 4 people at once like BO2
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  • Xbox one Esports team

    HI guys I'm looking to start my own cod team on xbox one, we will be doing ladder matches on UMG,MLG, gfinity etc and tournaments almost every week, practice will be 5 times a fort night so every two weeks, trials beg...
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  • Looking for people to join clan

    Age requirements: 12 - 16 if possible Beat clan member one v one to be on the team (any weapon) Mic is a must GT is LILBAsoccer if you want to try out No Hacks or Mods   Message was edited by: LILBA
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