• An Idea: Infinite Prestiges

    I am currently on level 48 of my last prestige and I will likely finish it today with the double XP weekend.  However, I am both happy and sad at this. I am happy, that I ground all the way through and I feel a s...
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    About us ————— Clan name: ->STR33T KINGZ<- Motto: R3ST IN PIECEZ *___* CLAN TAG:KNGZ Clan level :MAXED Division: Diamond Division Hit us up on gamertags for XBOX ONE @ Head Commande...
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  • The Safe House

    QUESTION: Does the Safe House span Campaign, Multiplayer and Zombies? BLUNDELL: No, the Safe House is only found in the Campaign. Think of it as a ready-room where you can select your kit prior to each mission. You ...
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  • Looking for a team to play with

    My GT is Qehn ill play any game mode i dont buy DLC. Just looking for a team to run with playing solo blows
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  • Need people to play with Mainly SnD

    My GT is Qehn looking for 3-4 people to play with sick of playing solo @
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  • Recruiting

    Open  gaming is recruiting and we are lvl 11 clan we are looking for players who know what there doing. The next clan war is next week July the 10 Call of Duty Clan Wars and we need active players who can slay an...
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  • DLC

    Olá, comprei a dlc HAVOC e ASCENDANCE do Call of Duty Advanced Warfare console PS3. Funcionou tudo certo, todo o conteúdo prometido na compra. Comprei um PS4, e gostaria de baixar de novo a dlc para o novo...
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  • Please, for the love of God, drop the futuristic theme

       Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm ''Just some other old stupid hater.'' No. Not the case. I'm a big COD fan. Been that way since COD number two. BO1 was an excellent game, and everything before it, and Modern Warfare...
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  • Harder to find lobbies now? Please do something about it.

    Well everyone probably knows this already but lately, it's been sort of a struggle finding lobbies for a lot of the game modes, team death match sometimes hard to find.   Obviously it's because people stopped pl...
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  • [PS4] The Admirals now recruiting active players

    [ADM] The Admirals Clan K/D: 1.27 Clan Level: 20 Division: Platinum Region: North America   ~Requirements~ • Must be active during clan wars • Use of a microphone • K/D of 1.0 or higher...
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  • Launch Maps -- More Content or Just Content?  :)

    So something that I've always wanted to see as a CoD multiplayer fanatic is more maps from launch. We usually get around 15 and since I play a lot....... they seem to get a bit stale after a couple months. One thing t...
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  • Ps4 Clan Recruiting

    We are a LvL 10 clan looking for new active members. No KDR Requirements!! You do not need a MIC!! All we ask is that you get on a few times a week.   WE PLAY CLASSIC TEAM DEATH MATCH ONLY!!!!   If you ...
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  • Loot Recovery Tool is not working

    Hi. I've found this issue mentioned time and time again and I have never seen anyone respond saying that someone helped them successfully. Well now it's my turn. My account is linked. It's been linked for years. But ...
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  • exo zombies outfits in mutiplayer in asd or sd.

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    youll be albe to get LILTHS,OZ,LENNOX,KHAIN and DECKERS outfit in mutiplayer from sd or asd oh and vote for no gloves casue they are over rated. Advanced Warfare Forums
  • xbox one/360 clan?

    xbox one and 360: eXcisioN division [XisN] is recruiting!   We are a level 16 gold tag clan of 5 members looking to expand. Finished in 1st place in both of our clan wars so far (one in bronze, one in platinum di...
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  • Anarchy for Life Max Level Clan Looking for Active Players (PS3) (PS4)

    Welcome to Anarchy for Life [HAIL] We are recruiting! Looking for dedicated, active players. We are looking for team players as we are an objective based clan, and always aim to win and play for the task at hand. We...
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  • Supply drop AE4 weapons are getting locked out.

    Not sure why but lately the supply drop AE4 variants keep getting locked out.  I end up having to restore the licence on the PS4 to get access to the weapons again.  This has happened many times. 
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  • Question #2 on Pre-order

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    hello again! I have one last question about my pre-order of Black ops 3 I made today. When I purchasked the game at a retailer near me, I got a code and entered it in the website for the beta. So I entered it and it...
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  • HBR shoots faster..modded controller?

    So we were doing a two v two on AW and all of us used HBR's which its a main gun of course yet these other two which is one a friend of ours and another that's a friend of our friend..The HBR has NO rapid fire FACT an...
  • Ground War Game Modes

    Looking to add some variety to your 9 v 9 lives. Let us know which game mode you want to play the most in an 18 player lobby and we'll have it added for limited amounts of time.   Depending on feedback we may or...
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