• Supply drop help

    When I reached level 40 I didn't receive my supply drop even though it popped up and said I did but when the game ended it wasn't there??
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  • Ich wurde grundlos Gebannt

    Hallo liebe Community und Hallo Activision (sofern sich der Support dies durchlesen tut). Ich bin relativ neu in der CoD-Welt unterwegs und habe mir erst vor kurzem Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 gekauft. Nun spiele ich es...
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  • Want a refund

    i recently purchased 13 supply drops but I didn't receive it upon purchase, so I quit the game and restarted my Xbox, only to find it still wasn't there so I purchased it again (still didn't work) so did it again. It ...
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  • hi! why cant i play online on black ops 1 on my xbox 360? i have wifi and gold!

    Helle! I have a xbox 360 with gold and wifi! I cant play zombie and multiplayer online! its just loading and then it get stuck a moment, then nothing hapends! this problem started after xbox live hade some issues ye...
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  • What happened to finding out more about the new Hero last Monday?

    Call of Duty: Heroes - July 24th Update  created by beuwolf78 on 24-Jul-2015 9:06 PM, last modified by beuwolf78 on 24-Jul-2015 9:06 PM Version 1         Commanders,   Short up...
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  • I purchased advanced supply drops but they are not showing up anywhere on my ps4 and i cant open them?

    Help me plz, Psn xHezzzo if u want to tell me in person over party chat
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  • Version 1.8.1 problems... Help?

    So I downloaded the new content for version 1.8.1, and it was working perfectly. The next morning when I went to go on COD Heroes the game wouldn't let me on. Kept crashing before my base popped up. Also, every 5-15 s...
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  • Ive had it.

    You know, I was fine with the glitches upon glitches. But now, the game doesnt even load on iPad without crashing after a few seconds. This is after completely uninstalling and reinstalling the game. So, Ive had it. &...
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  • how long is too long?

    This is a question for the players...how long is too long for our resources to be returned. I feel like I have already waited too long but I'm curious about what other players think. 1 week? 2? A month? I don't think ...
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  • 7 relic Solo POC Escape help

    I was able to get my 6 relic escape in and I have done it now a few times. Now its time to go for 7. My thought was to add Small Wallet.   I currently run:   Fragile Take more damage Inflict less damage ...
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  • Officially licensed ps4 keyboard and mouse

    Just read that there's an officially licensed mouse and keyboard designed for ps4 coming out in October, just curious if anyone else that plays on consoles are in any way concerned by this? The fact that its licensed ...
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  • It is difficult to know yourself if you do not know others

    COD AW   I have yet to write about how to approach AW. Its not an easy subject because this game is not easy. Its quiet tricky and unforgiving.   And this is one thing I can provide to you without explaini...
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  • hallo

    hallo ich  hab ein problem mit dem spiel cod aw wenn ich da eine kiste kaufe da sind keione neuen waffen drin die neuen waffen stg 44 warum
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  • Soooo Close to a Solo 5 Relic Escape on POC. What should I change in my loadout?

    Here were the relics I ran and my loadout:   Relics:   1. Fragile 2. Smaller Wallet 3. Inflict Less Damage 4. Pistols Only - Magnum .44 5. No Class   Loadout:   1. Incendiary Ammo 2. Body ...
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    If this game had the thruster capability like AW does but on a different scale,then for the love of god we NEED BIGGER MAPS!!!   I have gotten so sick of how small these maps have becoming over the years and qui...
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  • Team VeLoCity Recruiting members (16+) Xbox one and 360

    Are you looking for a casual/clan wars team? Wanting to play at your own time and meet up with clan mates on certain days you have off? Come join Team VeLoCity! We have a variety of skill levels and play all modes of ...
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  • [PS4] Splash Gaming - Recruiting!

    About :: Splash Gaming Splash Gaming founded in 2012 with a couple of friends gaming with one another. We found that having our own group was truly amazing and the experience of playing games together was simply excit...
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  • I just bought 1200 celerium for Call of Duty: Heroes for $9.99 and didn't recieve any of it.

    I bought 1200 celerium for Cally of Duty: Heroes for $9.99 cents through googleplay and it billed my phone bill but I DID NOT recieve any of it. My e-mail is (removed by moderator) My account number is 18086752
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  • Exodus solo score help

    so I'm working on my 7 relic hardcore solo exodus (Not running EYK, Mortal, Do less daMage) on the garage ancestor, I'm getting the marked alien challenge EVERY time (last 7 games). 1) activate generator closest to ...
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  • Looking for a clan.

    I'm looking for a clan. I'm 17 years old. My GT is Statiic Kingpin, I have a 1.08 K/D and my W/L is .42 message me on Xbox 1. Thank you for your time and consideration.