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    fdfr스타바카라✙❝【 WO823.COM 】❞스타바카라게임✙스타바카라✙스타바카라✙JAM스타바카라게임✙스타바카라✙스타바카라게임✙스타바카 라✙스타바카라게임✙스타바카라✙스타바카라게임✙스타바카라✙스타바카라게임✙스타바카라✙스타바카라게임✙ 스타바카라✙스타바카라게임✙스타바카라✙스타바카라게임✙스타바카라✙스타바카라게임✙스타바카라✙스타 바카라게임✙스타바카라✙스타바카라게임✙스타바카라✙스타바카라게임✙스타바카...
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    szdaw나인바카라✘⇔【 WO823.COM 】⇔나인바카라✘나인바카라✘나인바카라✘ JAM나인바카라✘나인바카라✘나인바카라✘나인바카라✘나인바카라✘나인바카라✘나인바카라✘나인바 카라✘나인바카라✘나인바카라✘나인바카라✘나인바카라✘나인바카라✘나인바카라✘나인바카라✘나인바 카라✘나인바카라✘나인바카라✘나인바카라✘나인바카라✘나인바카라✘나인바카라✘나인바카라✘나인바 카라✘나인바카라✘나인바카...
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  • Looking for a active clan for CoD Ghosts? [PS3]

    Hello there, im looking to join a active clan on the PS3's version of Call Of Duty Ghosts, i just got the game last Tuesday, and i've been trying to join a clan. Creating one is useless now since the Call Of Duty app ...
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  • So...They are going to penalize us for leaving midgame on public matches

    If you go to michael condrey's twiter you will see a message were a user ask's him to penalize people who leave a public match for 2 to minutes without playing, and he answered ''longer'' without specifying the time. ...
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  • Best TV or Monitor for AW

    So I know this is not totally related to AW but since I mostly Play AW thought I would post here.   I am wanting to buy a new TV or Monitor for Gaming, I have a dedicated setup for PS4 so TV or Monitor not an is...
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  • casual player looking for xbox 360 clan

    my gamertag is duckonquack711. i'm just looking for a casual clan to play in nothing too serious. my kdr is around a 1.2
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  • Make Supply Drops Better

    The supply drops in this game need fixed. Make it so people can obtain new things instead of getting the same items over and over. I'm 11th prestige and I have yet to get any elite bals, exos or anything like that. I ...
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  • Why does SHG feel the need to be so shady?

    They have already said they are going to buff 15+ weapons. We all know it is going to happen...why can't they just say when they are going to do it?   I just don't understand why you would publicly state on twi...
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  • Anyone have suggestions for weapons adjustments to the current outclassed weapons?

    Weapons (considering base variants only) that need a serious buff because they are statistically and factually outclassed.   MK14 SN6 EMP3 S12 AMR9   There are others, but these definitely need a signi...
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  • New clan looking for you! PS3

    Hey,   We've started a new clan and are looking for active players! No requirements, apart from that you are an active player.   Here comes the best part... Our name is:   AWESOME HIPPOS!   (b...
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  • 온라인카지노사이트★★ぢCHD54¸СOΜ¸★온라인카지노사이트★

    ohnz온라인카지노사이트★「CHD54¸СOΜ」온라인카지노사이트★온라인카지노사이트★온라인카지노사이트★온라인카지노사이트★온라인카지노사이트★온라인카 지노사이트★온라인카지노사이트★온라인카지노사이트★온라인카지노사이트★온라인카지노사이트★온라인카지노사이트★온라인카지노사이트★온라인카지노사이트★온라인카 지노사이트★온라인카지노사이트★온라인카지노사이트★온라인카지노사이트★온라인카지노사이트★온라...
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  • Need a Clan?  (PS3)

    You still looking for clan but can't find one to join or no one will let you Well you can join mine I have 90+ members so far and we are level 21 (Gold) we are named....   THEWALKINGDEADZ       &nb...
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  • 라이브슬롯머신★★ぢCHD54¸СOΜ¸★라이브슬롯머신★

    ohnz라이브슬롯머신★「CHD54¸СOΜ」라이브슬롯머신★라이브슬롯머신★라이브슬롯머신★라이브슬롯머신★라이브슬롯머신★라이브슬롯머신★라이브슬롯머신★ 라이브슬롯머신★라이브슬롯머신★라이브슬롯머신★라이브슬롯머신★라이브슬롯머신★라이브슬롯머신★라이브슬롯머신★라이브슬롯머신★라이브슬롯머신★라이브슬롯머신★ 라이브슬롯머신★라이브슬롯머신★라이브슬롯머신★라이브슬롯머신★라이브슬롯머신★라이브슬롯머신★...
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  • Why 30 Prestige Levels? Because you didn't eat your Spinach.

    Upon first impressions, I felt like the new Grand Master Prestige was another idiotic move by Activision studios (yes, plural because lately they've all been thinking more and more alike).     However. &nbs...
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  • Additional prestige levels

    Link to the announcement: Sledgehammer: INTRODUCING GRAND MASTER PRESTIGE... | Community   According to the above announcement from Sledgehammer, the next update to AW will contain 15 master prestige levels and ...
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  • Hidden Truths: Preferred game modes

    CODAW   Because the removal of stats has made things some what hard to determine who is who in a game or their preferred game mode.   I wanted to share with you mine, feel free to add yours and why.  ...
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  • Quick scoping needs to go away

    That pretty much sums it up.   It's an in game exploit that the developers, I'm assuming because they lack skill as well and need the advantage, have chosen to keep in the games.   It's getting rid...
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  • Havoc map pack delayed for PC... details within

    Created this thread/title to stop multiple question threads popping up   Sorry to be the messenger of bad news ..........     Sledgehammer Games @SHGames    20m20 minutes ago    ...
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  • EM1 is better than most people believe it to be.

    My favorite guns in this game are the Speakeasy, thundertusk, and now just the plain old em1. I don't know what it is about this gun, but I just go ham with. And not more than an hour ago got my first DNA bomb with it...
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  • How do I fix the inversion of my controller?

    I went to options & controller settings but nothing stops the right stick from being inverted. I replaced the batteries and the vibrate came back on so thats good but still the right stick is inverted. up is down ...
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