• This Place Is A Real Dead Zone....

    This place is a real dead zone lately.
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  • New Royalty v2 Weapons Reload Faster?

    Okay, so today I got my first of the new wave of Royalty Elite guns. Actually I was lucky enough to get my first three out of the 15 new variants. And one thing that is boasted about these guns is that they have a fas...
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  • Are we buying XP?

    What is your guys and gals take on the following? I have been buying a lot of advanced supply drops with money that had been burning a hole in my pocket, hoping to get elite guns just for the heck of it. Well, I did g...
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    Bought COD AW along with Dlc's Personlization Pack and Advanced Arsenal (which includes inter Ak-12 G, Crossbow, IN, golden exoskeleton), downloaded the game normally, and two files of 1.1 MB (both dlc's), but upon en...
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  • Hey my name is Daniel Sosa, I have a problem with a purchase I made in advanced warfare, I just bought the supply drop bundle, the 39.99 but as soon as the purchase was confirm I got kicked out from the store and now I have no supply drops, I just finishe

    Hey my name is Daniel Sosa, I have a problem with a purchase I made in advanced warfare, I just bought the supply drop bundle, the 39.99 but as soon as the purchase was confirm I got kicked out from the store and now ...
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  • Ps4 Clan Recruiting

    We are looking for casual players to add to our clan.   We dont have any requirements! No Mic is needed!   We play CLASSIC TEAM DEATH MATCH!!!   We are a Lvl 10 clan!   If you are interested c...
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  • [PS4 Startup Clan] Looking for Active Players

    Clan: SubZero Location: US/ Canada   I have been an active member of clans on both PS4 and XB1. I am now looking to build my own clan from the bottom. I also intend for this clan to continue into the Black Ops ...
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    We are looking for a few more members for our GB team. We are a 4 man team right now, but we are accepting recruits with very high talent as subs if one of us are off. Our age ranges all the way from 15-31 yrs old, so...
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  • Zombies : Gun-Ur Nade Machine IDEA

    5 votes
    Summary : You exchange bullets for powerful Grenades ( and maybe with special effects). The more ammo you give ... the more powerful the grenade becomes   Gun-ur-Nade (GUN yoUR GreNADE) or else Grenadier or Gun...
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  • The start of something great @ free4allgaming

    Free4allgaming is an up and coming clan, currently recruiting. We believe in constantly learning to improve your general gameplay. If, however you're already good then we look forward to conquering with you! ...
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  • NO games found Again!'

    oover two hours of trying to find a game and all I keep getting is no games found! so far I have reset my netwirk both on the Xbox and my modem, no change does anyone know what is going on? It finds one game in cor...
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  • Can't find a match besides TDM

    Hello everyone!   I recently returned to COD: AW, but im having a hard time finding a match besides TDM. I have the Atlas Gorge DLC map downloaded but nothing else. My question is wether it would be any easier or...
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  • Purchased supply drops not showing up?

    I purchased 5 supply drops, waited 30 minutes and opened them. I purchased another 5 supply drops and have not yet received them, I have been waiting over four hours now. Any suggestions on how I can get them?
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  • modern warfare 2 multiplayer pc wont work

    my game from steam called modern warfare 2 multiplayer and so when i click on it it shows a black screen and a loading circle but when i move the loading circle around it then shows a arrow and then nothing happens so...
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  • Is COD being DESTINY ????

       destiny got supers bo3 got it too Bo3:one shot electric gun = fusion rifle on destiny bo3 one shot hand cannon specialist abilitie=hunter gunslinger super on destiny the self revive on bo3 = warlock ...
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  • Ayuda en advance warefare

    ?Que puedo hacer si me sale un mensaje que dice he sido denunciado por emblema?. que puedo hacer porque perdí todos lo que había ganado en advance warefare. Por.favor necesito ayuda urgente.
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  • Making sure Specialist Abilities don't "break" BO3

    First of all I'd like to say that this is a great idea and will make BO3 more fun...if done correctly. My concerns with this idea come from Destiny PvP, if you've played Destiny PvP or visited their forums you'll be w...
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  • NEW! XB1 Competetive clan

    My competitive clan ApocalypsEsports is recruiting. We are a newer clan but are now in platinum division clan wars. We now have 8 members. Any competive cod player with a 1.0kd or better and is respectul to other play...
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  • A Community Apology

    Hello Call of Duty players,   Recently my account has been banned from playing CoD:BO2 online. I have proudly played on Steam for over 10 years and now it is forever scarred with a "game ban" on record and foreve...
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  • Join the Revolution!

    Hello all, I would like to tell you about Revolution of Gaming. Revolution of Gaming has been around since 2008 is an online gaming clan made by gamers for gamers. We are a multi-platform gaming community, with differ...
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