• The unofficially official lag-thread

    So I stumbled upon this forum trying to figure out why I was experiencing so much lag issues online, and found many topics on the subject. The thing is, if we put our complaints in one thread I do believe we'll get mo...
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  • Aiuto

    Salve, io ho un problema il biglietto da visita del accessorio doppia arma non mi conta le uccisioni ne ho fatte un macello ma si è bloccato a 42/75 ho già provato con la prima pistola e l'ultima ma con ...
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  • Moderate and Strict NAT following the update

    Prior to the update my friends and I often experienced a Moderate or Strict NAT. If it was Moderate chances are we could still join each others lobby and head in to a game together. Sometimes it wouldn't allow us to a...
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  • Nuk3town in Pub Matches?

    Hey, I'm just a bit confused. I thought that by pre-ordering BO3, that would mean Nuk3town would come up in the public matches as any other map does. It is only reserved for special events, or is there a setting I'm m...
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  • No respawn delay in hardcore, why?

    Dear Activision,   why is there no respawn delay in hardcore tdm anymore? At the release of BO i was happy to see it but after a patch it has gone. At least five seconds would really help. It quite frustrating a...
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  • NAT-type moderate

    My NAT-type is moderate, how to get it to open?
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  • Black ops 3 loyalty reticles and calling card

    Hi i am missing loyalty reticles and calling card on black ops 3 but i got the camo. I've linked my cod account prestiged on all 3 games but i only got the camo. I was wondering what happend and how to fix it??
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  • Pvp app crash

    tthe app crashes immediately after a hero is killed in pvp. No error msg, just app crashes and closes. Battle log shows loss result, but replay is not viewable. Has happened each time 2 seconds after a hero is lost in...
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  • Local LAN with BOTs?

    Forgive me if this has already been asked, but does the PS3 version of Black Ops 3 allow you to play multiplayer in LAN as a single player and using only AI BOTs as your allies and enemies?
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  • Top 3 changes you'd want to see soon?

    Hey everyone!  Now that Black Ops 3 has released and everyone's (mostly everyone?) is enjoying it I was beginning to think of changes I'd like to see made to the game.  After a few days of playing solo and w...
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  • BO3 for PS3 freezing

    Hello, i bought BO3 for my PS3 about 2 weeks ago. The first day, it froze once or twice. The second day had me download an update. Since then, I have not been able to get into a game. It's constantly freezing at diffe...
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  • Skylanders : Trap team sur ipad avec ios 9 et 9.1

    Bonjour,   Suite à la mise à jour de des ipad en ios 9 et 9.1 le jeu skylanders trap team n'a plus de musique et de voix.   Mais le plus grave est que le jeu est instable et plante tous les 5...
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  • No code for nuketown

    Good morning, I have a problem with the Black Ops 3 Ps4 booked in the GAME store of Spain is that I can not think any code inside the box to download the free DLC Nuk3town. Can you solve my problem? I have the ticket ...
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  • [PS4] [Aus/NZ] EnVyUs Clan is recruiting!

    Are you sick of losing because of teammates? then look no further then EnVyUs Clan (nV). We are a beastly competitive clan with a few members that can all destroy opponents easily.   You must have a kdr of above ...
    created by ZytoxHD
  • SOE Easter Egg split screen.? and wonder weapon question

    Has anyone tried the easter egg on split screen ? or just 2 player ?   I was at the step filling up the flags yesterday. Then we have filled up all the flag spots, and we got a Max Ammo, which means as far as I ...
    created by boombokilla
  • The Giant - BIG BUG

    Treyarch, please fix this bug. You can be undercround in The Giant Map and Zombies can't touch you. Place is very near TELEPORT C.
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  • GHTV Appreciation Thread

    There's way too much negativity on these forums, but I have a feeling that it's just a vocal minority.   GHTV is basically what guitar hero had been missing this whole time. When you turn on the radio in your ca...
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  • nuketown night mode map

    it would be cool to see  the new nuketown in night mode, the map has great glowing lighting effects and making it night time would look epic, especially around christmas time.   Anyways just a though to you...
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  • SMG's are absolutely ridiculous.

    Hasn't been a Call of Duty yet since Modern Warfare 2 that understands that SMG's should not be mid-to-long range weapons. Every single game, you can bet that 80% of the players are going to be using the Kuda, the VMP...
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  • [XB1] Come Join ICE Gaming!

    Hello there!   ICE Gaming is actively recruiting new members for our Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 branch! We are a forum based community broken into Brigades by game. Our community activities include game nights, ...
    Actual Sanity
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