Well well well, I know advanced warfare is nearly the end, but we gamers still need to play, pc gamers also need to play. After my complain last time on the patches and hackers, it seems that you guys isn't listening ...
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  • Stat Inaccuracies

    I have noticed that my personal stats and the achievement stats don't line up for a couple of things. Alliance War wins - I had 23 wins in personl personal stats, 29 in achievements Advanced Gear purchased for Allia...
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  • worried about being banned from the emblem editor.

    I'm a fan of supergirl and I wanted to make this emblem but I'm worried about being banned from the emblem editor. Would I be banned for making this? http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=DMJtkcRdB9Y I won't be making it exact...
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  • Question?????

    Right know I have a xbox360 but I fixing to buy a Xbox 1. Does my armory and what prestige I am at in Xbox 360 goes with me to Xbox 1.
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  • Game is going to the dogs

    First they give us the WORTHLESS atlas units, then they have a event where we have to build 50 of these WORTHLESS units to claim the prize, then to add MORE insult, the prize is a STUPID dog that is only needed for a ...
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  • help me

    hi ther i have call of duty ghost on PS3 when open the online multiplayer have the code 2080, in same solution try delete the date and try download again when do this the date cant download and give me the error code ...
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  • Will bo3 go 4 player splitscreen local

    Obviously not a major factor. Just wanna know if ill be able to play local with friends.
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  • Cant play MP or ZM online

    everytime i try to enter a online game i get a "disconnected from server"   i have minimal graphics set i have win8 outside of black ops my internet is amazing....im getting annoyed that i spent $50 to play onl...
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  • post not showing up in clan recruitment nssg

    clan post is not showing up in list, but you can search for it, and find it, but thats pointless for a recruitment post.   clan is nssg last post in it was today 4/10/2015 should of poped up on top of the list, ...
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  • Can any1 help me i trying to find out how to get a skylanders mystery box i can find anything plz help

    Can any1 help me i trying to find out how to get a skylanders mystery box i can find anything plz help
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  • Banned again for a hacker?..

    Ffs at the start of this month I clicked find match in public play completed around a minute of the match before leaving due to lag then I exit advanced warfare to play a different game for a while then I log in to ad...
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  • SplitScreen Glitch

    Hello, i have a split screen problem. So i am first player player but whenever i try to join my second player brother is always on the top screen. I always sign in first and he signs in second he is always on the top....
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  • Expired Skylanders Battlegrounds download code

    I have just bought battlegrounds for my nephew and the download code has expired. Can you please supply me with a valid download code for the game, as promised on the box.   How can I raise this as a support cas...
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  • how do i remove DLC from Advanced Warfare?

    how do i remove DLC from Advanced Warfare, so I go go back to playing classic team deathmatch?
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  • BO3 v. Del Taco.

    Del Taco - Buck & Under Mobile V3      For the uptight, it's not meant to be selling Del Taco.  Just trying to make the point that I'm starting to find super simple games just as fun. &#...
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  • For the next update

    Hey 3arc, for the next update can you please allow ps3 users to be able to change FOVs because it would change the game in a good way, take this in consideration.  
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  • Reasonable player looking to find other players.

    hi, my name is leroy (skerrick-) im 24 and have been playing a fair amount of bo2 recently. in TD I have roughly a 0.9 kid ratio and slightly better on FFA   honestly I'm not the greatest, and my Current KD r...
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  • Why is Clan Tag "P0N3" prohibited? Answers??? (Apologies if this is in the wrong forum section)

    I've tried using the clan tag listed above. "P0N3" but it denies my action saying "Clan name denied due to prohibited text." Is Treyarch and Activision Anti-Brony, or is there something else I'm not seeing in this cla...
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  • Why dit i get banned

    I Havend played cod in 3 monds yesterday a friend asked me to join a private mach so i started advanced warfer on me ps4 pressed mutiplayer an it sad instatly your account is been permantely banned
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  • getting built up for Black Ops 3.

    so I recently bought black ops 2 in advance to help "train" me for when black ops 3 releases Nov 5, I'm just now a prestige level 1 lvl 20, I need PSN friends possibly for a clan or just to run some TDM with my buddie...
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