• Anyone Decent wanna play league? GT: Vxdka

    Looking for atleast decent players to play league play which by decent i mean can hold theyre own in master division so no irons with 0.5 kd's that doesnt cut it. if so message if u wanna play  Gt: Vxdka   ...
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  • Need info please

    hello Activision. We are looking to get info on what happened to Maximum and Cool pool, We understand you shut down servers in 20007. We have been able to keep a room open by a player hosting one. We have heard you so...
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  • Advanced Warfare worst COD ever! Reasons why

    I have played every COD game and this is by far the worst COD i have ever played. Here are my reasons why and feel free to add your comments. I waited till i tried everything in the game and got to my first prestige b...
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  • I am looking for a clan (ps4)

    my last clan fell apart for other games, but I have been active and willing to be a team player, I'm not a fan of huge clans
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  • Wii MW3 "impossible to connect to MW3 servers"

    Impossibile connettersi ai server MW3 dalla Wii Profilo di gioco resettato!   Dal 18 giugno 2015, molti utenti non riescono più a collegarsi ai server per il gioco in multiplayer e chi è riuscito a c...
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  • People to play with

    I want people to play with. I created a new account so i may be low ranked, and i wanted some people to play with me (mostly zombies) so yeah my PSN: HelloImDavid99
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  • LF 2 teams members for a serious team must have been masters and ps4 =)

    LF 2 team members for a serious pro cod team must have ps4 and be masters ty =)
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  • Exo Zombies 2nd Easter egg theory

    So if there is a 2nd easter egg here are some theories on what the steps maybe. First lets look back on the first two maps easter eggs and see what they had in commen first they had item in the spawn room.  2nd i...
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  • Not getting ANY Advanced Supply Drops!!!!

    So i bought advanced warfare the other day (again) and i have got to level 20,30,40 ect 3 times (3 prestiges) And its been 3 days and I have yet to get ANY advanced supply drops! Please help!
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  • (PS4) (NORTH AMERICA) Join AllHype NoSkill

    About Us  Our clan has 10 members and counting WE have a 1.19 clan kd and a 0.8 win loss Looking for new members Clan level 19   Requirements  1.2 KD OR HIGHER 0.7 WIN LOSS OR HIGHER 13+ Years o...
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  • GXD3 clan on ps3 looking and recruiting

    We are a newer clan that's looking for trickshotters and quickscopers put your play type at the comments meaning quick scoper or  trick shotter
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  • how can I change my email I used for my account?

    How can I change my email I used to set up my account?
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  • Looking for good zombie players, who have all the DLC maps.

    Hey guys. I'm just a guy on ps4 who plays a lot of zombies, played it ever since WaW came out. I have done outbreak, and infection easter egg. I have tried thousands of times solo on carrier, but I always fail on the ...
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  • exo zombie players needed

    I'm looking to do the easter eggs & need some team players that know what they're doing. headset is a must. i have carrier but need outbreak & infection. also going for trophies
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  • Outbreak easter egg

    Anyone willing to help out with outbreak easter egg on ps4?
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  • I Need Good Campers For Camping Clan :D

    looking for campers for my camping clan so if you want to join add me ABlackLeprechaun For PS3 Thank You.   See Ya soon. I am on a lot.
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  • Black ops 1

    Whenever I try to play black ops 1 multiplayer it says servers are not available at this time. Yet my friends and brother can play the game. Why can't I? I have done literally nothing wrong in fact I haven't played th...
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  • COD Ghost App not working anymore??

    everytime I try to get on it always says its being worked on.. and its been like 3 or 4 days.. am I the only one who noticed and if not, are they fixing bugs etc or what..
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  • The Rude Awakening to come very soon to the Black Ops II Faithful

    Here is how I look at Call of Duty as a whole. It is like a Movie. The first one is great! Then they come out with a sequel, sometimes the sequel is terrible, sometimes the sequel is incredibly better.  Then they...
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  • Problèmes pour trouver une partie cod aw

    Bonjour, depuis que j'ai installé le dlc ascendance j'ai des problèmes de matchmaking, je ne peux rejoindre que des parties en classement ou grappin. Je n'ai aucun problème sur les autres cod, est ce qu...
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