• Name the movie gif

    Tell me what movie the gif is from and leave your own. Easy? We'll see.
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  • Advanced Supply Drop

    I am having an issue with advaned supply drops I purchased supply drops 5 for $13.45 and two supply drops 1 for $2.65. I recieved the two supply drops 1 with in 20 minutes but still haven't received the supply drops 5...
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  • [PC] [SCRG] Sacred Rangers Recruiting

    My clan The sacred rangers, or Sacred rangers officially, are recruiting new members we encourage 3 things 1. please have a mic. 2. be 18 or older YOU CAN HOWEVER be younger as long as you arn't mean or disrespectful ...
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  • Looking for diamond division clan

    im leaving the clan im in at the moment and im looking for a new clan with active members for clan wars looking for a clan specifically in the diamond division im a core player with a 1.10 kdr and rising i got a mic a...
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  • Perk Creator

    List your perk ideas something origanal and that sounds like something 3arc would put in zombies have fun oh and here are some ideas i have heard of and i think should be in there LightaWeight Cost: 1000 Radiati...
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  • Zombies

    Hey guys, I'm sick of searching for hours to find a match. I have origins, green run, mob of the dead, nuketown. My PSN is NZbrothers
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  • Clowns Gone Bad {CGB}

    Recruiting active players must show up every clan wars. Take all kinds of players from campers to rushers and everything in between. Have a facebook to chat about up coming content and random stuff. Dont be scared com...
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  • Temporarily  Banned. Not My Fault.

    I was in the middle of a game and I was suddenly kicked and was banned from playing online. WTF! wont tell me when I can play again. I was so excited to play      Any help on what happened?
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  • Official NHL Hopes, Dreams, and Broken Hearts Thread

    Just wanted to make a hockey lovers sanctuary within the CoD Forums........ so I don't derail too many threads this playoff season.   So what team do you die hard for and then be realistic with who you think will...
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  • game engine?

    I haven't spent anytime trying to figure out how this game will play. But, after watching the BO3 trailer and "the interview" it kinda looked like it's using TitanFall physics. Not a discussion about what is the best,...
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  • Alliance Wars

        Guys I just want to start out by saying that it's really great to be a part of Forums.Now getting to the exciting part.....Alliance Wars....I think it's the best thing that could ever have happened ...
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  • Terra Sniping Clan Recruiting (Ps3)

    Terra is a Sniping Clan & were looking for active guys that are good quickscopers n feeders. Our members are: Terra_Orbie Terra_Ice Terra_Karnn Terra_MidNight Terra_Turf Terra_Insanity Terra_Snipezz Terra_...
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  • Why is SBMM still a thing?

    We're almost halfway through Advanced Warfare's life cycle now, and I'm still wondering: Why is SBMM still in effect? Now, I know every CoD (with the exception of the original, which didn't have multiplayer) has had S...
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  • [X1] [US] [AW] Tired of playing with randoms? Become part of a TEAM.

    It has happened many times. You are flying solo and teamed up with people who do not have a mic and are not working together as a team to achieve your goal. That is where I was myself until I joined DGC where I became...
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  • Will Exo Survival get the Ascendance or Supremacy Maps?

    I hope that they add in the Ascendance maps and they add in the Supremacy Maps. That's be sick. I flipped every map already at least once. I'd like to do the same for the other maps that have yet to release for Exo Su...
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  • Hardcore clan holding tryouts   ***XBOX1***

    Platinum Clan Wants You!!!     G22 Nation is looking to expand its HARDCORE operations.  We are a highly active Platinum division clan that communicates, wins and most importantly, has fun doing it.&nbs...
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  • Is SBMM affecting the way i connect to friends?

    for the past couple of weeks, my buddy and i have been having increased difficulty connecting and playing with each other. before this point, i could join his games and he could join mine and we could both send each ...
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  • L3 button sprinting issues only with COD:AW

    So I thought the left analog stick on my PS4 controller was broken.   Many times while playing COD:AW, I'll press L3 to start sprinting and half a second later it will cancel and make me run again.  I have ...
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  • Would it be cool if...

    In Ghosts II they brought back the 5 maps from the first one and had in the new one. I wouldn't even mind that I bought and paid for all the dlc's and that when new people bought Ghost II that they would have them for...
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  • IM FED UP WITH AW anyone else !!!!!!

    i know other people have complained about the lack of lobbies it didn't really affect me until recently i've been playing tonight & i've waited more time in a lobby than i've ever done i like classic tdm & ive...
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