I have a problem with my cod 3 nightmares not working or showing up at all anymore. I beat campain on recruit and got the nightmares unlock. Now today when i tried to play it was not listed as an option to play. Its l...
  • Black Ops III Load Screen

    Anyone else notice that little repeating emblem kinda looks like the Shazam app logo?
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  • how to use cybercore abilities in campaign

    hello. Maybe this question ist stupid, but I play the campaign mode of CoD BO3. I am already at 60% of the campaign mode and have all the abilities unlocked in the cybercore "dashboard". When I try to use the abiliti...
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  • Cannot find The Giant map PS4

    I have a PS4 that i am playing on and i have a season pass but i cant seem to find the giant map, what am i supposed to do? My friends says that the map is out but i am the only one with a season pass so I am not sure...
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  • [BO3] Why can't  find any games on PC since the last today's patch ? [BO3]

    Since the patch on 19th November, i can't find any games on PC online on any mode... It scans and verifies some games but doesn't connect for now 4 hours from searching. Please help me.
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  • No

    Purchased armory slots on my 360 and now can't not access them in my xbox one. My xbox one shows in game management that the slots were downloaded but I still can't access them in the actual game.
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  • Can't access armory slot on my xbox one.

    Purchased armory slots one my 360 and now can't access them on my xbox one in the acute game. In game management it shows it was downloaded.
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  • Black ops 3 can't find matchmaking -PC-

    Need help please   I can't find matchmaking It'll search for games (50 matches), then it'll check the quality of the match and analyze the match then it'll stop searching.   platform : PC My Nat is Open....
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  • Can i play Scarface: The world is yours on win 7?

    I try anything to play this game. When i run the game i have graphic glich, no mansion no Tony no nothing. Ripper DX, One core enabled, compatibility mode doesn't work.
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  • NukeTown Personalization pack code

    I have a code for the Black Ops III NukeTown personalization pack that came with my Playstation4 preorder.  Where do I go to put this in?
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  • Song Requests

    Hey Guys.   Set this up as song requests will be closely listened to by Activison. Pop any requests in down below and have some discussions   Thanks Gang
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    i am signed in into psn and i had ps plus for 2 days and after it was over i had made high progress in campaign then when i came back on after my ps plus was over everything got restarted. pleasseeeee someone help??? ...
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  • Can't find a lobby (any mode) on PC

    Started happening after the Nov 19th Patch. Was perfect before it. Since then haven't found a single lobby even after searching for half an hour. All i want to know is if they are even aware of the issue and are worki...
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  • Personalization pack issue

    Hello I just bought some personalization packs on steam to cod:aw, but they arent working. It just says that they are unavailable but it says purchased and installed on steam. I and i tried to install buy them in th...
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  • Brief controller disconnects specific to Black Ops 3

    Since the double weapon xp started (25/11/15), I've had an issue where my right analog stick on my official wired xbox 360 controller will stop responding for a few seconds, or the sensitivity will greatly increase, a...
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  • South Africans can't find international lobbies on black ops 3

    Hi guys, the South African black op3 players are in desperate need of help, ever since one of the recent patches, none of us have been able to find International lobbies, all we can find is TDM, Free for all and domin...
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  • Schermo condiviso ridotto

    Ciao a tutti, volevo chiedere un informazione sullo schermo condiviso quando si utilizza la stessa console, é normale che in qualsiasi modalità giochiamo, lo schermo condiviso sia "ridotto" nel senso che...
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  • Bo3 Loyalty Reward on PC - after Release

    I am MaxPrestige in Black Ops 2 and I love Black Ops 3, still I didnt receive my Loyalty Reward on PC. I have not specifically signed up for it, but I had a Steam profile linked. I first read about the Loyalty Program...
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  • Non riesco a vedere gli amici che giocano a call of duty black ops 3 dalla lista degli amici della stessa applicazione. Console ps4. Perché?

    Non riesco a vedere gli amici che giocano a call of duty black ops 3 dalla lista degli amici della stessa applicazione. Console ps4. Perché?
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  • Launchers

    Why can't we use more launchers like the panzerschreck, strela-3, rpg or any from older cods to come back
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