• I have a big problem of connexion in call of duty advanced warfare PS4

    Saturday morning i was disconnect of my game and since I can not log in anymore this is always written the call of duty service is not currently available. Try again subsequently . What should know that this is my boy...
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  • 13 Supply Drops missing? It charged my gift card as well.

    I purchased 20$ of Advanced Supply drops about 5-10 minutes ago and they still haven't come in. It also says money has been taken off my gift card balance.
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  • The Amazing Spiderman 2 doesnt work on my computer

    The Amazing Spiderman 2 doesn't work on my computer!! I cant get it to run I have done everything! But I got it off Steam and can not get a refund! What should I do?
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  • AccU Sniping is RECRUITING!

    What's up my fellow gamers is Social here telling you that my clan Accurate Gaming is recruiting on our sniping side! In order to join you must have the following; A mic Must be able to get 15 kills against our be...
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  • On windows game will not load keep saying Downloading 0.00%

    On windows game will mot load keep saying Downloading 0.00%     beuwolf78 Ok today when i start the game game start loading but then decided that it need downloading somthing and only load half way...
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  • Looking for someone to start a serious competitive team.

    So, currently im on Xbox 360. Im a slayer that primarily uses the ASM1 and the BAL , I also some times do OBJ. Im an all around player so im good at any game type. In a week or two, I will get an Xbox One so I will th...
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  • Call of Duty Heroes - July 2nd Update

    Commanders,   Short update for this week:   As you may have noticed, we pushed out the 1.7.2 patch to everyone yesterday. This was a client update so we didn’t have to take down the servers. The 1.7.2 ...
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  • PS3  Looking for a clan for a 14 year old

    I Am a .61 kd (not good) an objective person (prefer a no swearing clan) psn:HERSHEY_BEARS11
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  • Can't complete one match without getting network error

    I give up on this game. What is the use of playing it if I now literally get kicked from the server due to  "advanced warfare service not available at this time"....then afterwards I just end up sitting in the lo...
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  • The Orbits

    Hi Guys, i think/hope/know how to get the orbits to appear. it´s so easy that i dint believe it first, but i recreate it the third time in a row and hope the com will help confirm this. first time i notice t...
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  • Worst call of duty ever made..

    Im not really here to ask a question for say im just here to say some things i have noticed about activision and its games. I have played call of duty for many years always been a fan. Until recently i have been in th...
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  • xbox one/360 clan?

    xbox one and 360: eXcisioN division [XisN] is recruiting!   We are a level 16 gold tag clan of 5 members looking to expand. Finished in 1st place in both of our clan wars so far (one in bronze, one in platinum di...
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  • We the Jury

    COD BOIII   So know one here has not noticed the obvious gore theme MP reveal?   It was (apart from the Black ops feel and sound) that caught my attention. Clearly these games are violent, but hands / to...
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  • Bring the old Cod back.

    Teryarch you by far has been the best developing team from activison. YoU guys are honestly messing up the CoD franchise, all the future crap SUCKS(and many true CoD fans can agree), and i was hoping you guys would be...
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  • Making sure Specialist Abilities don't "break" BO3

    First of all I'd like to say that this is a great idea and will make BO3 more fun...if done correctly. My concerns with this idea come from Destiny PvP, if you've played Destiny PvP or visited their forums you'll be w...
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  • So how about server browser? Ping/latency visible as well?

    I understand a server browser more than likely WILL not happen.  However, how about we stop hiding players pings and latency? Will this be visible in this game? Or are we going to hide it for obvious reasons like...
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  • Which CoD bought you the best experience and the worst one?

    Just kinda curious, which game on the CoD franchise you had more fun playing?   And which one you had more issues/bugs/glitches etc?     The one I had most fun was BO2/BO1   The one I had more...
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  • WTF advanced  supplydrops

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    I Recently bought an advanced supply drop on Xbox 360 and opened it up all I got was 3 WHITES!? I'm very mad because in the description of the advanced supply drop it says at Least one item WILL be a professional item...
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  • Is COD being DESTINY ????

       destiny got supers bo3 got it too Bo3:one shot electric gun = fusion rifle on destiny bo3 one shot hand cannon specialist abilitie=hunter gunslinger super on destiny the self revive on bo3 = warlock ...
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  • [xbox 1] looking for a clan

    19 year old male looking for a clan K/d: 1.13 W/L: 0.69 Score per minute: 366.99   Looking for a relaxed clan to play with. Message me my gamertag is I Am An AC130
    I AM AN AC130
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