18+ ONLY , XBOX ONE GAMERS:::   ARE you tired of Playing Advanced Warfare and NOT having a Team? Are you tired of Having Teammates with NO MIC, and DONT communicate and DONT help YOU?? XGC is the place for Y...
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  • looking for a clan on Xbox 360

    I'm looking for a clan on Xbox 360 but i only play every other weekend message me for more details
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  • [XB1] Hybrid Theory is Recruiting!

    ═════════════════ A Little About Us ═════════════════ Hybrid Theory is devoted to bringing like-minded players together. We welcome players of all levels and play styles, from the casual player to the hardcore game...
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  • Help Veterans Find Jobs through the Call of Duty Endowment

    Help veterans find quality jobs today with a donation to the Call of Duty Endowment. Veteran unemployment is still a major problem, with young vets suffering an unemployment rate of over 17%, more than triple the nati...
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  • 정선바카라❆▶【  YOS7.COM  】◀❆정선바카라

    정선바카라❆▶【  YOS7.COM  】◀❆정선바카라❆정선바카라❆ ❆  ▶【 YOS7.COM  】◀❆ ❆정선바카라❆정선바카라태양성바카라정선바카라정선바카라정선바카라❆정선바카라태양성바카라정선바카라정선바카라정선바카라❆정선바카라태양성바카라정선바카라정선 바카라정선바카라❆정선바카라태양성바카라정선바카라정선바카라정선바카라❆정선바카라태양성바카라정선바카라정선바카라정선바카...
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  • Version 2.0/1.6 Game Improvements – Please comment!

    I noticed that V 1.6 is in development, so some of these could be implemented with that version, but others will have to wait due to the time it will take to program and the significance to which they improve the game...
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  • ps3

    I'm looking for a clan. my specialty would be support I guess. My name on the game is IMdatGUYthatRAN
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  • Help! I purchased advanced supply drops and I haven't received them.

    I purchased advanced supply drops on the Xbox 360 console. The transactions are complete and the money has been taken out of my bank account, yet I only received a fraction of what I paid for. Please could someone hel...
  • This is the worst COD to date

    JK. I'm a fan boy I like to play games with bad weapon balance and bad spawns horrible servers and such
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    Our clan Anarchy For Life (red clan tag) , is currently looking to get more people in the clan, (ideally in UK, but any country is fine!)   if your on PS3/PS4 and meet the following requirements : -0.90 KD -0....
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  • NEW CLAN---Jade Helm---

    Jade Helm (unclassified) Looking for active-Casual players to join CLAN. Strategically work together to win matches and climb CLAN Lvls. Adult only! Like minded individuals working together as a PACT! Age:31m K\D:...
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  • Looking for eastern europe players to play ranked PS4

    I have just gone though 3 attemps to go from silver to gold.   Last one was last night! Two consecutive unfavoured matches. I and three bronze Vs 4 master levels?!?!?!? Twice?!?! I simply do not get the balanci...
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  • Nobody Seems to Revive Lately

    I always love to play with randoms, as I have said many times before; it makes the game much more interesting/challenging etc. What I have been finding lately is, someone will get downed, and even if there are no enem...
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  • Red Boxes - Awakening

    I'm not one to play this map, but I am curious if anyone knows how many red boxes are on Awakening? I know there is always 9 in the first area. I am just trying 8 or 9 relics, and want to be able to (ideally) plan. &n...
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  • Looking for an eSports Team [Xbox One]

    I was just looking for people to play with competively I need 3 player so far. If intrested please msg ImJackRabbit on XBLive
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    We are looking for some active gamers currently. If your looking for a good group come and join our clan. We have been successful for majority of the clan wars. Almost half of our members are former/current military s...
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  • Clan War Rewards; Clan XP; Latest Update Bugs

    Clan rewards and CXP - I've been very critical of support since the AW release due to the numerous issues experienced.  Since my last interaction I have held back and been very patient while I awaited the Xbox 36...
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  • Random thoughts thread

    We all have them, so whats on your mind....     Was watching a re-run of NCIS and this just popped in.....
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  • So I was bored and played some MW3...

    After experiencing the nostalgia, I found a few interesting and bad things about the game.  Some were new, others I forgot about.   I now fully understand why everyone equipped Assassin.  At first, I t...
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  • Remove skill based matchmaking!

    All the games i join is full of people reverse boosting or if not the entire enemy team is sweating with bals camping in headglitch spots on roofs or in corners this is really butchering the fun of the game this is wh...
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