• Ligsspiel

    Es gibt bei manchen im spielmodus Ligaspiel Probleme. Manche können Platzierungsspiele machen und manche nicht.   Und meine frage ist warum ist das so?
    Aveey cZ
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  • Acabo de descargar dlc reckoning y no me aparece cuando estoy dentro el juego, pagado, descargado, instalado, un mes esperando,...Alguna solucion?

    Acabo de descargar dlc reckoning y no me aparece cuando estoy dentro el juego, pagado, descargado, instalado, un mes esperando,...Alguna solucion?
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  • Banni pour rien

    Bonjour, Apres avoir récupérer mon compte sony suite a un piratage j'ai été banni de Black ops 2 avec ce message:   Ce profil (ARMIN-1010_) n'est plus autorisé à jouer à C...
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  • Problème Black Ops II ne se lance pas correctement .

    le jeu a telecharger 4.8Gb du multi donc normalement il est complet et quand je le lance rien ne saffiche le jeu disparait des processus il apparait dans mes processus et boom il disparait 3 secondes plus tards les ...
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  • Modified stats in modded Lobby Black Ops 2

    Hi,   so i bought black ops 2 on steam and played a little bit. i know this game from the console. i got in a modded lobby where my stats got modified. i got 243,58 kills on my msmc for example, million kills on...
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  • Divine Artistry Beginning Level 3 Clan

    Clan Name - Divine Artistry Anyone is welcome to join. If we gain enough members then we can participate in clan wars. We are now up to 8 and I want around 20 or more members, we will be a casual clan so there will...
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  • serious lag comp issues

    Hi Guys, I downloaded the beta on the XB1 yesterday and have been giving it a go through today. For me in the UK I'm really struggling with what feels like ridiculous lag comp! It feels similar to when AW first came...
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  • Destitutione - same ol' NT

    Bo3   WHY!   What is the dumb obsession with re-skinned maps being resold to us? WHY   seriously, who asks for this.   They already did it with Bo2, and they are repeating it with Bo3   ...
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  • Has anybody pre ordered a digital copy for PS4?

    I noticed that both copies are selected in the PSN store... the standard edition and the deluxe. Can anybody check if it is the same for them? please.
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    I purchased dlc supremacy, but after i played online with a friend i can't  see my playlist supremacy (team DM for example) and i 'can't see the exo zombie pack. The only that i have is playlist grapple. HELP ME!
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  • compatibilty pack 3 download

    ive downloaded the above over and over ot comes up as 100% but when i go to play the game it says i need to download it ive even tried uninstalling the whole game but after i reinstall it the same problem occurs but o...
  • Nuketown unfortunately returns

    Looks like we will never be rid of this sh*tty map from Treyarch. I literally just saw an advertisement on this site saying to preorder now and get the Nuketown bonus map.   Looks like the kill whores get their ...
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  • Exodus Hardcore Score question

    I have a question about score calculation in HC Exodus, specifically solo.   In Regular mode, the base scores are 10,000, 15,000, and 20,000 for corresponding region on map, and adding multipliers for relics (ex...
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  • Small PS4 clan looking to expand

    Mayhem Storms (MYST) seeking active fun members. no k/d requirements, only requirement is that you get along well with other members and have a mic. Prefer 18 yrs. and up would consider younger if mature.  Add or...
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    At the moment, it feels like 98% of games I play are extremely laggy, with very poor connections. Nothing has changed networking wise my end, so it must be related to the rubbish connections that AW has been dogged wi...
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  • Call of Duty, Call of Duty : United Offensive, Call of Duty 2 !!Problem!!

    Hello!   I'm having problems with the first three Call of Duty games (CoD,CoD:UO and CoD2). I decided to play these old CoD games again that were my favorite games when growing up and I played thousands of hour...
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  • I pre-ordered the digital edition of black ops 3 do I still get nuk3town? It says in box redemption so I was just curious

    DO I still get Nuk3town if I pre ordered the digital edition of the game?
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  • Black ops2 notice sign-status chage

    Hello I'm having issues with COD blacops2. This issue I'm having is a two part issue. First issue started two weeks ago. I start playing a match and within a couple second to a min or so I would get disconnected from ...
    sir jeffers 2
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  • BO3 BETA Final Analysis Pro's Con's Neutral's. Can you provide your experience/feedback?

    Pro's: 1. Weapon Balance - The weapons are very different and play well for different people's game style. Some people love the super rapid fire burst SMG's, some love the high damage low firing Assault Rifles, Some ...
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  • All Zombie Maps on Bo3?

    I think they should.... at least for the ps4 and Xbox One because if i want to play any zombie maps from previous Treyarch games I would have to buy another console Ps3, Xbox 360...... so mathematically $250 + 50 + 50...
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