• how do you guys like ghost?

    created by pat5457
  • Modded Controllers/Semi-Auto Guns

    they need to do something about the mods being used im sick of being over powered by a guy using a marksman rifle and killing with 2 shot perfect acuracy and they used the entire clip in 1sec
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  • Moving Up to Diamond Division

    after putting in quite a few hours this CW i find my clan currently in 2nd but it's safe to say that is where we will finish.  i'm ok with that knowing the level of my clan and seeing the stats of the clan in 1st...
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  • Cod Ghost XONE: unofficial customer satisfaction feedback

    Overall, how satisfied are you with this Call of Duty Ghosts?   After taking the poll explain the reasoning behind your choice with a reply. Please keep this civil and pertaining to the Xbox One version of Ghost...
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  • Which Game mode would you like to see back in ghosts?

    The implementing of new Game mode has been the best selling point of 3 titles of CoD but which game mode would u like to see back as for me i would like to see hardpoint, hq, war, sabotage, etc. probably the nuke game...
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  • Should Body Count be awarded to 1st and 2nd place due to app problems

    Due to the many complaints surrounding the Antarctica Clan war and the problems with the app not counting wins, changing placement status, delaying results, and connectivity issues I figured why not make a poll. Simpl...
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  • Sound perks

    How do you feel about sound perks? Should things stay the same? Should DS and Amplify cancel each other out so players meet perkless?
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  • Ammo Type?

    Just curious what type of ammo you like to use.   I'd love to hear some opinions on this.
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  • DLC

    How many people have lost their dlc ( ghost mask, wolf skin, etc.) since the last update and think activision should fix the problem?
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  • Unranked on Call of Duty Ghost lobby leadersboard! Why is that?

    I was playing Call of duty ghost search & Rescue and cod ghost server was act up! And kick me off, I sign back in and on the leaderboard I was unranked on everything from score, win, kill,accracy, and search &...
    last modified by LoGKdaKnowledge
  • The Infinity ward Allstar DLC Pack

    I would like to see Infinity Ward take all the greatest maps from all of the call of duty's and put them into a allstar map pack for us gamers to enjoy all maps which we all had a blast playing, but since most of the ...
    last modified by greenwayboyz
  • Do Extinction Leaderboards need a Reset ?

    All you know leaderboards are messed up: hackers with billions escapes , people exploiting map glitch , money glitch, medals inverted... So would you like to have a complete reset?   EDIT: LAST CHOICE ADDED
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    What is your favorite Submachine Gun
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  • clan wars cheating

    people cheat in clan wars plain and simple . one clan will have friends on other team and purposely throw/lose the game . they will also have them back out so game is forfeited and they win the match in mere seconds ....
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  • who wants the new maps integrated ASAP to all playlists

    just want to see and show activision and IW how many people are disappointed that they have not done this yet . feel free to comment.
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  • Ripper First-Impression Poll

    What is your opinion on the new weapon the Ripper so far?
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  • How accurate are you?

    Just wondering how accurate you guys are. I'd like to see what's considered average. Also, any tips for improving accuracy would be appreciated.   My accuracy is 21%. I use AR's and SMG's. The accuracy related i...
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  • Diamond armour reward

    Do you think the new diamond armour rewards are ugly? I'll never win a diamond war but still.
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  • Diamond Clan Wars

    created by MJC318
  • Who has problems after 3/4/14 update?

    After 3/4/14 update I am not able to connect to dedicated server, my NAT become moderate only on Ghost (instead is open on Xbox One), I get matched with USA players even if I am in Europe. The game now is really unpla...
    last modified by Demultanocte