I want spark an idea into the creators of zombies heads, about wonder weapon mystery boxes ,maps, and little zombie talk - At least read it please or put in your opinions.

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The wonder weapons from black ops one were so fun, and we all miss them.

Now image if there was a mystery box that only sold you wonder weapons, every single on of them.

That would be insane just the cost would be like ten thousand alone, then most likely teleport every time.


If you get wonder weapons from the box just imagine the map

That would be the most epic map in the history of zombies.

The difficulty would be locked on F*#@%ing impossable!

Remember what you guys did with Shangri-la, like the spike traps and the puzzle room, the creative traps on a level like that would be mind-boggling.


But what about the zombies, well think of how stronger they would have to be.

like a police officer with a bullet proof vest, or a juggernaught that impervious to grenades, tough but destructable.


But the thing I would love the most would be the Boss/Bosses.........Huh Bosses?.Yeah it would be facemelting, different bosses on different rounds

the higher the level the harder the boss, each with a different weakness.


It would be the most challenging map, totaly badass zombies, an extreme Boss/Bosses, and the funnest weapons ever in zombies all in one place.

Absolute insanity, and perfection at its finest.


Guys I want opinions on this, the mystery box idea, and what kind of map

it would be if super weapons where abundant. Your takes on the zombies/boss.


Just think of the possibilities!  -ExaltedEli



Send feed back please


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