Sanctuary on Tranzit

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My idea is to do something called sanctuary on tranzit but it would be called a shelter.Its sometimes very frustrating whan you play zombies for an hour or 2 and you have to do something for couple a minutes someone has to take last zombie and run with him sometimes for long time of course if you play with a friand if not you have to leave game. My idea is to do a sanctuary called a shelter or whatever you want you walk in and no zombies can kill you and you can leave whan you want but the trick is that game still happens and if all guys got killed when youre in the shelter game is over in my opinion its a great idea and would help lots of people that have to quite game every time thay have to take a brake i hope someone from treyarch read this idea and think about it and sorry for my English but its not my mature language PS zombies are great!!!


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