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I strongly believe that in black ops and black ops 2 we should have the liberty to buy a weapon DLC each of a diffrent class ( sub-machine guns, LMG's, sniper rifles, launchers, assault rifles, and even shotguns) which were portraied in recent call of duty franchise games like the L9A16 from black ops, the Intervention from modern warfare 2 and such other weapons which would allow us to not be tied down by the deffault weapons within the game itself. I am only sharing a little on my thoughts that would make your fans really happy and raise your profit even more since launch date, camo packs and DLC's. I can already tell you that i am a huge fan of your company and i bought the uprising DLC to show my support for making a remake of the map firing range ( studio ) as well as the new zombie map " Mob of The Dead" i have alot of fun in the new map. I hope you take this into consideration as a new type of DLC farewell


sincerley - KYDRO_ZHOOT3R


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