Possible extra expansion for the dedicated COD players that are loyal and patient with our friends at Activision during the contraversy with Ghost !!

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Myself and team [PL4K] , as well as other teams and individual players have put alot of thought into the idea and request , thats about to unfold ..                                                                  It would be absolutely brilliant if you could and would incorporate a new weapons pack consisting of 3 to 4 new weapons for COD Black Ops 2 !!! A new sub-machine gun with a new special sight and reticles , a new pistol ; maybe a 6 shot .44 mag Blackhawk w/scope , a marksman rifle w/a belle and whistle to go along .. Lets not forget our standard machine gun class w/ a trick or two .. You get the idea , I mean after all , until Ghost gets tweaked and tuned a little better ; and i'm not complaining , simply pitching a comprimise , COD 2 is gonna be a HOME , to ALL COD players , ps3 , Gen 4 both .. I'm not even suggesting it be free , put a $6.99-$8.99 tag on it for your hard work and efforts , they are appreciated , but meet us in the middle guys , without eachother , nither one of our worlds forsee happiness and accomplishment !!


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