Developer information videos for the community.

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     I quite enjoy the Cod promotional videos such as Codnapped and DLC trailers. A lot of effort, time, and money goes into them.

     However, I would love to see some informative videos that would benefit the community as a whole. Videos that give behind the scenes "know how" on certain issues, and would create better understanding on how decisions are made.

      For example....... A security team video - explaining how 'reports' are collected and investigated. As well as outlining possible outcomes of breaching the Coc. Why? Because I believe strong messages given to the community can be preventative in relation to bad behaviour. Perception is 9 /10ths of the law - at the moment too many believe " they'll get away with it".

    Other examples could be - how IW gather information in devising nerfs / buffs. Or how about a vid on how IW go about updates/hot fixes. Some info videos could be put across humorously, while others need respect.

     Of course, it is not just IW. I want to see more from all companies that deliver the games we love. I believe it would be to the betterment of community understanding and morale. These videos should also be directly linked from in-game and/or platforms.


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