Pick your spawn point (Revised)

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I am suggesting this idea because of one major flaw I've been seeing in Ghosts. Constantly spawning on one side of the map despite knowing that it's unsafe is annoying. I bring this up all the time, but Whiteout, even though it's truly a large map, consistently spawns players near the lumber mill even though it's not safe. You can pretty much predict you spawns on that map and if I can predict them so can the enemy. I don't have a choice and I don't want to spawn there.


One solution to the spawn issues that this game has is to be able to pick your spawn. While many games do this I'm not quite sure why Call of Duty has not added this option.


For DOM this would be easy. You can choose any flag you own to spawn in on, or you can choose designated parts of the map. Say on Whiteout you could choose the Sawmill, Lodges, or Helicopter.


For more advanced option the game could also allow you to choose to spawn near a teammate. While having 5 teammates to choose from could be tedious the game could allow this option if your team is concentrated enough in one area. This would help with gamemodes that don't have many, if any, fixed objectives.


*** I see a lot of you are thinking this would help boosting. Not to make things complicated but boosting should be an easy solution. Killing person X repeatidly in a small amount of time should automatically kick both parties involved. Second, you often times can't join a friends match so this wouldn't even be a problem to begin with.


What I would also like to point out is that there's a tactical reason picking your spawn. If you've played any BF game you know that you can cut down on travel time spawning at certain points. Though a small advantage because the maps aren't terribly big CoD does move at a much faster pace and 10 seconds in any other game is equal to 20 seconds in CoDs world. So every little bit counts. Just ask anyone experiencing 100ms of lag.


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