Changing the standards; remove small maps and increase lobby size

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Not so much an idea as it is a survey. I'd like for you all to ponder this thoroughly before voting. I'm just asking if you would prefer it to be this way.


Maps like Strikezone, Nuketown, Rust, Shipment, and any other map that's spawns are no more than a stone throw away, are far too small to play on. My idea would be to favor larger maps with more players than have smaller maps with less.


Note: I understand that there are physical server limitations that need to be met before this can happen.


After playing Ground War I've noticed larger maps with more players flow better than smaller maps with less players. Small maps don't offer the distance between spawn points, objectives, and there's really not enough options for lanes because the maps are not big enough.


If a Octane or Warhawk were to be considered small with 18 players instead of Strikezone with 12 players I think the games would flow better. One or two of those sized maps mixed with Siege, Stonehaven, or Whiteout considered medium to large.


Larger maps with more players allow for more zones or areas between key positions like spawns and objectives. Choke points can exist outside far enough away from spawns and objectives can be far enough way from spawns as well without attracting attention to them.


Another interesting trend with larger maps featuring more players is that it gives more variations in playstyle. Rushers can do there thing with other rushers and snipers can have at it with each other. With more players on the map Rushers and snipers/campers both can be satisfied. From experience, I've found that the amount of action is same. A Ground War match on Siege is just as fast paced and action packed as 6 on 6 match on Strikezone.


Trends that I've noticed are more stalemates in the middle of my. In fact, there's actually shootouts instead of 2 second gun fights followed by 10 seconds of sprinting around until you find someone. The entire maps are utilized which is great because these larger maps cater to all sorts of playstyles. There are dozens of different scenarios going on at the same time rather than smaller maps which tend to be one dimensional. There's less BS, more dynamic pointstreak packages used. Basically there's more of more.


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