New Game Mode: Knife And Go

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Basic idea for Knife And Go:


Game mode is for 10 people maximum, 5 people minimum. Game mode is FFA, every man for themselves.

A player starts with a Combat Knife, and a Pistol with a Tac Knife w/ no bullets.

Lethal is only a throwing knife. No tactical grenade.

Perks are Agility, Marathon, Strong Arm, Resilience, Extra Lethal, Hardline.

Classes have Specialist Streaks. Consists of Reflex (1st), Scavenger (2nd), and Takedown (3rd).

Scavenger only gives Throwing Knife.


This game mode is all about rushing, killing, and rushing.

If you think this is a good idea, let IW know! I honestly think this game mode will give a combat knife a good purpose for being in the game!


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