DLC Maps should be mandatory

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Tomorrow, the first DLC drops for Ghosts. With COD, unlike other games... DLC maps have never been mandatory.


But it's time they are mandatory.


I can hear the cries of BS... but hear me out. It's really simple why and obvious when you really think about it beyond money.

They need to be mandatory because of matchmaking.


With the first DLC, all playlists will have two streams of matchmaking. When the second DLC drops, we will have 6 matchmaking streams in each playlist. By the time all 4 have been dropped... there will be 120 streams.


120 streams... and we think matchmaking has issues now?


This idea has nothing to do with the price of DLC but how it should be mandatory.


This has nothing to do with the business model.

This has nothing to do with having to pay for DLC.




This has to do with matchmaking and how DLC fractures a playlist.


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