Squads mode needs attention.

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Okay, so I love these new maps, and I think Free Fall is pretty cool too. But what the heck? I enjoy playing the multiplayer from time to time, but sometimes I don't feel like getting all tensed up, and want to play some Squads with my, well, squad. I've spent a lot of time preparing each of my squad members with load outs that work together to make my squad work the way I want it to in squads. Even took the time to rank them up evenly. Now I find out that I spent $50 on a season pass to the DLC's, only to be able to play them strictly in Multiplayer? There's a problem with that. I'm sure there's hardcore COD gamers out there that this is not a problem for, because they're all about the multiplayer. But there are people out there like me who enjoy playing Squads, and not being able to play the new DLC maps is the biggest middle finger to people who actually bought the season pass expecting to be able to play them in Squads.


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