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I've been playing with the idea of a a completely linear map. One without flanks and multiple lanes to exploit your enemies weak side. This idea is mostly to find a way to incorporate a new flow to Call of Duty. I've discovered through my own elenctic thought as well as from discussing with fellow forum members that a 100% linear map wouldn't work well in any gamemode. It might work in TDM but with player tendencies it would cause for slow matches. So instead I decided that maybe it would work better if there was a gamemode built around the map instead of the other way around.


Behold, Tug-o-War


Tug o War


Above is beautifully diagrammed map of how the gamemode works. "1" and "2" represent the two opposing spawns. the green represents explorable buidings and the blue represent obstacles and cover. Notice the orange color link certain areas, these are tunnels. The red circles are the objective.


The purpose of this mode is to occupy the red circle. Players battle to control the enemy base. The first team to 100 or whoever has the most points after the time expires wins.


The map winds ensuring that snipers cannot cover the whole map. The buildings are fair dispersed and the cover is placed allowing for fast flow and doesn't allow for one team to set up an impenetrable defense. Note however that this is tug-o-war. The battle for map control is the most important element.


Spawns are set up to make sure that map control doesn't allow for exploitation of the enemy spawn. Each end of the map is set up to safely re-enter the game after death. However, cover and planning makes it so you can easily score if the other team hasn't set up their defense.


I would like to bring up the game's pacing again. This gamemode, though designed to be constant struggle for territory, can also be a constant engagement. It might play slow in terms of scoring points, it will no doubt accumulate a high body count. There is little room to hide and anyone who knows how to use lines of sights will definitely come out ahead.


I have thought over adding some interesting rules such as limited lives, special weapon stashes, and various dynamic map elements such as falling water towers, and collapsible bridges, If you don't particularly like a part of this idea feel free to share your own suggestions or what you would like to see changed.


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