Domination flag capture,,, scorestreak points for all

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At present: Only the first teammate onto a domination flag will earn a scorestreak point. Unless, the first teammate dies, passing it on to the next in line.


The amendment: any player that captures a flag in domination receives a scorestreak point. Obviously this is to further promote objective gameplay.


Let me say that overall I'm very pleased with the way the scorestreak system works in Ghosts. I think there is a good balance of scorestreaks vs gunplay. However, encouragement should always be given to play the objective. It's just not domination that could be tweaked. For example: In KC I believe that confirming kills should be seen as important as making the kills -- but for the sake of this poll lets concentrate on Dom.


Going back to domination - the downside of the amendment is that it lends itself to increasing the amount of scorestreaks in play during a match (point system could be tweaked accordingly perhaps). 


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