Just an Idea for a Future Title...

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Been bandying this about for a while in my head, wanted to see what the community thought.


I came into the Series in large part due to my fascination with WWII.  I had family who served, and sadly family who perished as a result of the Holocaust, and a great-uncle who survived Auschwitz. I have studied and read many books on the subject, and just am very interested in it. I think it was one of the most brutal, and yet most heroic wars in history.


So CoD naturally drew me in with the WWII storylines. I was off line for a few years but got back online when WaW was released. I had heard great things about COD4, but I purchased my 360 specifically to get WaW(and The Orange Box ). I soon bought COD4 as well and loved it, but the WWII games still hold a special place in my heart.


So, I got to thinking about a possible storyline for the next, or a future CoD. It would involve a Split Storyline... between WWII and Modern Day. While I haven't fleshed out a whole story, it would basically involve a Squadron of Soldiers during WWII tasked with discovering something Hitler has been working on that would change the course of the war, or something along the lines of a treasure (I am sure their writers could do better). The storyline would fluctuate back and forth between WWII and Modern Day. The WWII story would reflect that squads search for Hitler's secret, and the Modern Day Spec Ops Team would be learning of that quest and perhaps trying to complete it or unearth the secrets. You get my drift... think it would be an amazing tie in.


The MP would be a bit more complex, and I am not even sure if possible but perhaps with the Next Gen could be done. Basically, it would be a mix of Classic WWII and Modern Day. You would get 6 Soldiers for each era (perhaps start with less and earn more as you prestige them?). There would be two sets of Weaponry(WWII and Modern), two sets of Perks, two sets of killstreaks, etc. Half of the maps would be WWII themed, the other half Modern Day Settings.


You would play as normal, leveling up weapons and earning perks, etc using whatever perk system they come up with. The twist is, you would have two sets of soldiers to manage and different challenges for each era. Maps would rotate between the two eras, so one game you might be playing WII, the next Modern Day.


I think the mix of nostalgia and modernity would keep the game interesting and help prolong the game's life. It would give classic war game fans a nod while still fulfilling the desires of the Modern Warfare Crowd.


So would love to hear your comments. Regardless of whether you feel it would work or not technically (and please feel free to discuss that as well).. do you like the idea? Do you think it would be a success?


Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas.


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