Your Best Friend (Death Streaks) But In A Whole New Light

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We have Kill Streaks

We have Assault Streaks

We have Specialist


But what happened to Death Streaks, we complained,"IT'S UNFAIR!"  We demanded it be expelled from the game.


But the functionality of the Death Streak could still be implemented in a Streak Format:


Every 3rd, 4th, and 5th kill produces a former Death Streak ability.  So you actually have to kill to get these.


^Just an example...I know 3,4,5 would produce godlike abilities.


Any acquired streak produces an effect of selecting.


The following are just examples.  If you don't like my examples that is fine, but consider the premise of the idea.


Juiced:  Increased Speed for 15 seconds.  Remember how insanely fast you were with this?


Pain Killer:  Increased Bullet Damage for 15 seconds.  You can die while you have pain killer, it essentially just like a Ballistic Vest, without the vest.  I don't know how stacking would/could/or should be implemented with having Pain Killer and a Ballistic Vest.


Martydom:  If you die, after achieving this,  you drop a grenade.  Simple enough.


Last Stand:  You have the ability to get back up, after being shot down.  With such high damage from guns in this game.  It wouldn't be such a bad idea here.


Hollow Points:  Increased bullet damage for 15 seconds.


Dead Man's Hand:  Explode with a C4 in Final Stand Position.  Probably the most hated Death Streak in history, but if you earned it with skill......why not?


I realize some are stronger than others, and maybe be tiered or have the kill streak cost higher but it would be fun.   Kind of like a Specialist Feel, but you gain BeastMode status for a limited time on some kills.


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