Making Your Own Perk Buffs/Nerfs Attribute Style

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Who like customability?


Being in more control of the game?


Some people wanting the devs to buff and nerf things in the game because people find it unfair.


But what if we could change that on our own?


Like the idea of an RPG game, you level up, you have the ability to +1 strength/magic/agility...etc.


Maybe more along the lines of customization in Extiniction.


In Ghosts, depending on how you do your setup, you have the ability to use 8-11pts to customize what perks you want.  Some perks are worth more than the other, ranging from 1-5 points.


So as we have been seeing in this game, some perks are rendered useless, when someone else uses another perk.  (IE)  Danger Close cancels Blast Shield, Amplify > Dead Silence.


We can usually switch classes that we have, to counter such things, or do other things to reduce the effects of another perks.


To The Point

Using how much effectiveness we want in a perk by using points.  1-5pt(s) min - max




Danger Close (4pts) - 1pt weakest explosion (more damage/explosive radius than not using Danger Close) - 5pts strongest explosion


Blast Shield (2pts) - 1pt Resistance to explosions (more resistance than not using Blast Shield) - 5pts strongest resistance to explosions.


Amplify (2pts in respects to the game, this should be more points if it can still hear DS) - 1pt Increased enemy footsteps - 5pts Max volume on enemy footsteps


Dead Silence (2pts) - 1pt decreased volume - 5pts Totally silent


Now in respect to certain perks, we cannot do complete cancels.  So Amplify vs Dead Silence, both using 5pts, when in close proximity DS sounds like Team Footsteps from a daistance.    No danger close IED hit, on a 5pt Blast Shield you'd virtually take no damage.  5pt Danger Close IED on a 5pt Blast Shield, Damage Taken 50-75% but you do not die.


So technically, basing it on the structure of this game (Ghosts) and not future games, essentially you could walk around with 11 weak perks, or 2 strong perks (dependent on the structuring of your class).


IMO (The mindset of this game)


It is practically a plug and play game.  Veteran, Core, and, Hardcore gamers, turn this game on and practically go to MP.  They have a basic concept, and technically end up modifying their TryHard class from prior COD and using it in future titles.  Not much is really changing, a couple new perks (some unused), a couple of new streaks (some unused).  But we have a general grasp and unless you change game modes, the game pretty much plays the same.  The dynamics changing in the game are dependent on your team.  Rarer than most COD games, have I seen an equally balanced game.


However, for the Veteran, Core, and Hardcore gamers, we know what things are technically unfair and shouldn't be dying from based on the perks we used and what they used, when in essence they should cancel each other out.


Incorporating the idead of attributing perks would completely change the dynamics of the game, no more complaint of over powered perks or underpowered perks, because you the user takes control of that.


There will no longer be that, one go to Class, that one go to Streak, That one go to Gun (Well maybe the gun needs its own attributing style).


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