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Here are a few suggestions I have for future DLC in Call of Duty Ghosts. I will break them down by category.


  1. A PAUSE FEATURE! Being able to pause your extinction game is a must. It takes so long to complete one game that if you have to go to the bathroom, go to work, or something else that is a pressing matter, you should be able to pause the game and come back where you left off. In solo or split screen, this would be easy. However, online there should be a vote pause feature. When one person elects to pause, a pop up should show on all players screens, asking yes or no if they would allow the pause. If all players elect yes, then the game pauses, but if one person selects no, then the game continues. This sounds fair and would allow players the ability to do something like...use the restroom while playing.
  2. Ammo Type Additions! Tracer and poison rounds are my suggestion. Tracer rounds would act in the manner that when an alien is hit with them but not killed, their bodies should have a glowing outline and should be able to be seen through walls until they are dead. The outline should be similar to how your team mates appear through walls or even like an alien who has been hit with a Hypno knife appears but in a different color of course. Most likely the yellow orange color that happens in multiplayer when there is an Oracle active. Poison rounds would work so that when an alien is hit with them, their movement and attack speed is cut in half. They would then only be able to run half as fast and attacks like a Hunter’s swipe would move slower allowing for less attacks and the ability to dodge more easily.
  3. K.E.M. Strike! A K.E.M. strike option should be added to the strike package load out. When selected, in game it should cost a full 6000 dollars and should call in some sort of barrage that kills all aliens currently on the map once upgraded fully. When called in, it would take 5 full seconds for the barrage to hit the map and hurt or kill the aliens. upgrades would go as follows;
  • No upgrade: Cuts all enemies on the map health in half
  • First upgrade: Cost 1 skill point: Kills all Scouts on the map and cuts all other aliens health in half.
  • Second upgrade: Cost 1 skill point: Kills all Scouts, Seekers, and Scorpions on the map, and cuts all other alien’s health in half.
  • Third upgrade: Cost 2 skill points: Kills all Scouts, Seekers, Scorpions, Hunters, and Phantoms on the map, and cuts all other alien’s health in half.
  • Fourth upgrade: Cost 3 skill points: Kills all aliens on the map (including Rhinos), and cuts breeder’s health and barrier hive’s health in half.

It would replace the ability to have a sentry gun or other strike package and once the current screen of enemies are gone, new ones would continue to spawn just as if all of the current enemies had not died. I would not impose any restrictions such as amount of times able to use as it would cost 6000 dollars and would already be fair.

  1. Non-Lethal Explosives Addition! Just like the explosives team support selection, this would be nonlethal explosives option and would cost 800 dollars. All upgrades would cost one skill point and would go as follows;
  • No upgrade: Provides 2 flash grenades (These would blind any alien within close proximity to the explosion. The aliens would then attack wildly but randomly as they cannot see)
  • First upgrade: Provides 4 flash grenades
  • Second upgrade: Provides 2 concussion grenades (These would disorient aliens in a slightly larger radius than flash grenades and would make them act in half speed, both in movement and attack)
  • Third upgrade: Provides 4 concussion grenades
  • Fourth upgrade: Provides 2 motion detectors (These would be placed on the ground and would act like they do in multiplayer but with a couple changes. The blast radius would be much larger than a concussion grenade and would both disorient and blind the aliens in the blast radius making them randomly attack as they can’t see and at half speed. The motion detector will also mark the aliens and make them have a glowing outline through walls and buildings just as they do in multiplayer.)



  1. Gun Downloads: A lot of people are really excited about the addition of gun downloads and would like to see many more than one or two per quarter. Here is my list of guns that I would like to see put into multiplayer, ranked in order from most important at the top to least important at the bottom.
  • Ranger Shotguns from MW2
  • Tar 21 from MW2
  • P90 MW3
  • UMP 45 MW2
  • F2000 MW2
  • Dragunov MW3
  • Spas-12 MW3
  • Model 1887 MW2


  1. Camo Downloads: Once again, same rules apply as the guns in the list above.
  • Lightning
  • Bubble
  • Leaf
  • Rainbow
  • Fog



  1. Map Downloads: Same rules.
  • Estate MW2
  • Favela MW2
  • Carnival MW2
  • Underground MW3
  • Wasteland MW2
  • Highrise MW2
  • Hardhat MW3
  • Overgrowm CoD4
  • Bailout MW2



  These are just some of my suggestions, they could mean nothing, or they could mean a lot. That is for you to decide. If you have any questions by any chance or if you want any more suggestions I can be reached at Infinityward @InfinityWard


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