K.E.M Patch + Background Idea

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My friends and I were talking after a game in which I and my friend Color dropped a K.E.M in the same game, and we thought of the idea of a K.E.M Patch coupled with a background. The design would be simple, it could look something like this: http://gyazo.com/f8d7afa776fd9027934794ba21713e56.png

A slight modification to the design would be a diamond-shape border, with a bronze/silver/gold trim, indicative of the 3 levels of completion (as it would be gained through operation completion). The phrasing that could be placed on the background for the playercard could be:



[Invisible (Like a ghost)]


You get the idea, something that defines power, strength, etc. The levels of completion would be simple:

Bronze = 1 K.E.M Strike called in

Silver = 3 K.E.M Strikes called in

Gold = 5 K.E.M Strikes called in

The background would be obtainable along with the patch, unlocked along with the first operation level completion. It could have a hazy background, matching the one seen in-game. An idea I had for the background would be a K.E.M'd Warhawk, with a closeup on the left hand front panel of the tank where it says 'Welcome to the Boneyard', with added haze. Or a simple birds-eye-view of a destroyed Strikezone.

A few other details I was thinking to complete the idea are:

I don't think you should be able to use the care package version from Strikezone solely because you can get multiple in 1 game in certain game modes. I know for a fact you can get 1 in a first round of blitz and another in the second. Not too sure about SnD since once the map is K.E.M'd at the start it stays that way. It also takes away the challenge of receiving the patch/emblem. I understand some people will say:

" Wah I don't want to camp for a 25 killstreak "

" Wah we should be able to use the care package version "

" Wah the hackers will all be using god mode and hax for the patch "

" It's hard to get a K.E.M "

Either way, it's meant to be a a challenge and shouldn't be given out doing something that takes no effort like 'Get 1 prone kill'.

The xp granted from the operation should be:

Bronze = 1 K.E.M Strike called in = 3000 xp 1 Squad Point

Silver = 3 K.E.M Strikes called in = 5000 xp 1 Squad Point

Gold = 5 K.E.M Strikes called in = 8000 xp 1 Squad Point


This pretty much sums up my idea of a K.E.M Strike operation patch/background. I wish I could have actually designed a model along with the background, but I don't know how. Hopefully this threads gives someone at Infinity Ward some inspiration to create a new challenge for the players. I would appreciate constructive feedback on this idea, I'd rather not see a bunch of "this idea is dumb you're stupid" replies, but rather any ideas people have to make the general idea better, and I will tweet the thread link to Infinity Ward, clairejeepchick, teanah, etc. If you read this far, thanks




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