Loki rebalancing

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I've recently changed up my streaks and am trying for the Loki kills patch.  Like a number of comments I've read, I'm pretty underwhelmed by this streak and consistently get more kills with the helo pilot which seems a little daft.


The reason it does not kill is overhead cover.  Sensibly, most opponents when they hear a loki is online head to a building and sit it out.  Unlike the helo pilot, you can't get angles into rooms with the Loki, meaning you just have to fire beside buildings and hope.


So I have an idea.  Make it so that firing directly down on buildings gives some splash damage to anyone sitting in there.  I'm not suggesting it is a one hit kill, but it should weaken considerably.  To balance the game, if the guy calling in the Loki is killed, then the streak is immediately ended.


I think this would encourage more dynamic play.  In a team facing a Loki, do you try and stick it out in buildings, or do you hunt down the person controlling it?  At the moment, a Loki tends to equal a minute (or however long it lasts) of sedentary gameplay with teams just sitting there waiting for the streak timer to run down.  I think this might add more of a strategic element, plus slightly buff the highest assault streak in the game.


Let me know your thoughts or indeed if you have any other suggestions.


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